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    • Caly
      Thanks mate, I’ll defo get one, just need to sort my electrics out first
    • Sasquatch
      I can only echo  what Bpb and Dr Feelgood have said: back in the 60s and through the 70s , when cannabis culture was taking off, everyone smoked and wrote and wrote songs about sativa. Indica went in the hash. The last 100% sativa I grew was Indian Haze from Seedsman and I haven't had a smoke like it since, we miss out on a qualitatively different experience by smoking anything with indica in it.  I'm not sure I've got the patience for another 20 week crop and I'm reduced to a growdrobe nowadays but I'm going to give sativas another try anyway, maybe starting with the much faster Serious 6 from Serious Seeds.
    • twigs
      do you play around with light times@Dr feelgood to bring them on quicker or because it’s what they would receive naturally.?      
    • Dr feelgood
      Amen to that.