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    • mrs beef
    • TheBigyin
      Alrighty mate, Thanks for the support bud. Ive been busy with work and a bit ill over the past couple months but all good now. The plants have been growing the whole time so ill be uploading the photos of them the night so you'll be able to see em.    Feels good to have people look out for you. Thanks again lads!    
    • JJJ
      They do the swab test at my work but, like a lot of organisations, they're only going to test you if they have a genuine reason to.  I keep my head down at work so I'm not really concerned about it.  The thing that worries me way more is being tested positive when driving to work.
    • decentcriminal
      a quick update, the plants are going all guns blazing. a lot of the plants are growing with a wispy hairy structure, maybe towards later flower they will fill out a bit. I prefer to grow plants with the hard triangle shape with stacked rock hard calyxs, some plants are growing like that but majority would be on the wispy side. the smell is maturing with some depth to the amnesia funk. I will try to get in before lights on during the week. here is some pics under the HPS