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    • FarmerPalmersNT
      Few tips to anyone wanting to do this:   - The key is preventing the molten rosin flowing past the folds and carrying the THCA/everything with it before you get the chance to separate it - The folds of the 25 micron parcel you wrap the rosin in need to be tight. On reflection I would have folded all of them upwards so it didn't flow past the folds. I can see why stainless would be an advantage here as it would stay put. - You need to press tight enough to close the parcel shut tight, but if you press too hard before any has moved out you will cause it to flow round the folds or push the parcel open and get a blowout - I don't think directional folded parchment is a good idea, as you want the terps to flow out freely in all directions.   Possibly this could work better pressing down just tight with cold plates, and switching them on to let a gradual temp rise occur. Not sure whether I'll do this again anytime soon though. Its fun to try and takes a great deal of thought. I wouldn't do it unless you are very well used to your press.    Question is - if rosin floats around 70% and this is around 90, then why bother having a flavourless dab when you can just have more rosin? On its own its just a novelty. I can however, see why its appealing to make your own flavours/sauces like a dopefiend willy wonka with this and a shelf full of isolated terps. 
    • zen-ken
      @Goonerjunglist   I have spent the weekend gathering my research together.....Im ready (I think).....Ill keep you posted    
    • the lone deranger
      @geo1 hi mate   I'm a tight fecker and refuse to pay for auto's!! Makes playing/experimanting with them tough though.   Just hacks, with limited numbers to start with to be honest.. 3 seeds i think . The original lemon haze auto's i got last year as freebies, from emerald triangle genetics. They were regs. I got a male and pollenated the better looking female (guess work really with an auto i'd never grown). Done mostly indoors i think, but i'd have to check. Ended up with plenty of seed. 50+ And the one that was put outside survived the wettest, coldest august i can remember, producing lovely lemoney, hazey weed.   I've put a few of those seeds out this year, and given a few out to friends. Everyone's happy with them. They seem mould resistant (my main breeding quest), they don't taste of rudderalis (equally desirable trait), some taste lemony, and even the odd non auto still flowered very early..   This year's pollenation was an accident. The two LHA's i had out at this plot were pollenated by two late, beasty whitey freeze (rgsc) males.   WFx(LHAxLHA) i guess. I've got about 50 viable seeds, maybe more.   Give me a week or so, and i'll have plenty more to choose from     WF x DedoVerde Haze Auto (maybe) WF x (ESxSK1) WF x Super 61 WF x DFG   If people want them, i'll happily send some in for sub's.       Is there an old outdoor beeding thread that could be bumped? Or maybe we could start a new one? @Amarillo slim
    • Punta Roja
      Happy birthday thread...     ATB   PR