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The place to post about everything green: Spliffs, bongs, Vapes, pics & more.

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    • MicroDoser
      They do make a good foundation.
    • MicroDoser
      I think you might have been pressing the 'start new topic' button instead of the 'reply to topic' button, which is the one you should have been pressing.   They are next to each other, it is an easy mistake.
    • cumbriangreen
      @MicroDoser Yeah I agree with what you say about potential, But I'd argue genetics are more a corner stone than link in the chain. 
    • FarmerPalmersNT
      Had a test run - more of a stress test for the press, PID and teflon envelopes than anything, so not meant as a showy run. I'm using a 10000PSI pump from evilbay, with gauge. Measures in PSI. I cranked it up and decided that a reading of 8000PSI on the pump would be max, as it required a fair bit of welly to get it over that. I could get about 10000, which caused no problems or leaks. Obviously all these gauges read in PSI at the ram, not the puck you are pressing so its not a measure of the force on the puck as such.   This is the PTFE envelope I made. Its 0.5 mm, high strength, with a supposed working temperature of -200c to 280c. Bought this on the bay - nothing to do with the press. More on that later.     I use a cut out bit to line the top and bottom of the pre-press and make it easier to remove pucks:     I was absolutely NOT going to waste my decent bud on a high temperature, high pressure run. I have a 2 year old jar of seeded critical kush that's been sat in my shed, so very very very cured and doesn't look its best, certainly not one of my finest offerings:     If it can get rosin from that, it'll manage anything. It was surprisingly still quite spongy so guessing about 50-60RH. Couldn't be arsed to measure or boveda it at this stage in the game.   Anyway I made up about 7g of it in the puck and pressed with about half of my body weight, so not too tight. Cranked it shut with no bag at 220F. Wouldn't normally press at this temperature but thought this stuff would need coaxing. As soon as I felt it was moving along I nipped it up - not even registering on the gauge and laid it over a silicon sheet. Progressed until it started to drip at about maybe 800PSI. This happened very suddenly and didn't catch the start. Then upped to about 1200, held for 50 sec or so, then 1700, 2000, 2500, 4000. This is where flow pretty much slowed to a stop. Then I took away the rosin and cranked it right up as a tester. It blew out of the front and the force had also blown the teflon sheet out of the back! This certainly delivers enough pressure, The puck was utterly destroyed.      Tiny bit of residual, but negligible. You can however see damage to the softened teflon:     Properly fucked teflon:     The sheets get quite soft when hot and I'm not convinced that they are the best solution at all. They have been marked and holed. Although I'd obviously never get anywhere near that pressure normally I'm not convinced it'd deal with too many rounds even at a lower temp/pressure. I will experiment before I decide though. I don't really want to go bare plates if I can help it. Parchment may be an option as the recovery was exceptionally easy. The flow was faster and the rosin really does leave the heat source MUCH faster and as its produced. You don't get a pretty waterfall, but I am convinced that this has retained more terps - I did an identical run on my regular 6 ton just before for reference.   The bits of plant matter were dropped on the mat by me not being particularly careful, nothing to do with the pressing:     Here's a quick video, not very interesting and I will do a decent one once I've got a nice Devil Cookies or hash press set up:     Yield appears significantly higher although its hard to be sure as I didn't weigh anything. I think this is because less is lost on the paper and in the puck, it was far less sticky than the one done on the regular press. This could be in part the teflon, but I am absolutely 100% sold on the driptech method for presses of this scale. Its a big step for recovery and also I'm sure - quality. It seems higher temperatures are also possible as the rosin spends less time on the plates. The Rosin was obviously quite dark - its very old bud and high temperature, but it was good quality, very spicey/piney - like vaping a christmas tree! I ran the same stuff at 220 on the regular press and it was not as flavoursome, I'm sure of it.   Next I think I'll try some nicer bud on a lower temp with the same method and see how the teflon holds out. I also have some lovely ice hash from fresh frozen devil cookies drying nicely