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    • unity
      @lildaveham cheers bud, much appreciated   Will take a look at the ranges
    • Kipper420
      I managed to get some molasses and a small tube of aloe Vera gel. Bring on the teas
    • badbillybob
      that's sound advice. Ken
    • Pau176
      I think you need to do a number of things to kill the mites off. The first thing to do is make conditions bad for them.    I did a lot of research and I also used quite a few products trying to eradicate my infestation.     I’m not saying I’m 100% correct but this how I dealt with mine.   I was in flower so that kinda dictated what I could do. If you can, submerge your plants in the bath!   I removed the worst effected fan leaves and some healthy leaves to open the plant up so I could get complete access to the underside of the leaves.    Pointed 2 desk fans at the infected plant. (Apparently, lots of wind will slow the mites down)    Lowered my temps right down to about 20 degrees. (Apparantly, mites will slow down with cool temps)   I sprayed the whole of the plant with SMC. This stuff is organic and smells of oranges.    It says you should not spray on flowers. That’s an impossible task. I drowned my plants every 3 days. After one week I saw no further mites.    I was close to harvest so this method did the trick for me.    Once my tent was empty, I gutted it with bleach. Threw the pots and coco away. Bleached the whole of the tent, ducting and other equipment.    Most importantly, I put a filter on my intake fan to stop the little feckers being sucked in my tent again.   Even after that, 3 weeks later with a fresh grow, the mites showed up again.   Seen as I was waiting for them, one more treatment of smc killed them off.    I ain’t seen them for 2 months.