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    • jadenugs
      Hi mate After we spoke about it before, I was thinking of topping the Purps#1 just before flowering to see if the side branches would take most of the stretch. However I don't think this pheno will stretch much  so I decided to lst to slow her down less but still give her the chance to branch out. I might try a comparison sometime in the fture doing like you say Cheers for the input dude
    • Boomslang
      Here's a couple of pics of the Mango.          The buds are covered with trichomes however they are not the biggest or densest buds I was expecting having seen the dried buds a couple of season ago. But got to wait until the first ones harvested dry. Left a few buds to fend for themselves for another week, hoping they will fatten up.
    • Moobman
      Cheers pal that will probably do a good few oz then should be enough to keep him in bud for pain and i will let him know about the site sponsor thanks
    • vince noir rock n roll star