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    • Mekoz
      Im more worried about the courpt people who are involved and the fact that possible huge ammounts of money are beeing made in secret on something that IS STILL ILLEGAL.
    • Dodgee
      "noxious smell of freshly grown grass"   ???????   Huh? Come again??   Isnt that the exact same smell they been trying to bottle in washing liquid/powder/perfumes/deodorant since.. like... FOREVER??   But now it's noxious???   Aye I suppose it is if you got hay fever like!  
    • Smokebelch
      @Rick Grimes Cheers dude. They are going to be flowered in 6 litre pots and I will flower them once they have rooted out those final pots so probably 3 or 4 weeks once they are in the main tent.
    • Smokebelch
      @AKPOG There is a thread in the Dinafem forum called “Your best Dinafem pics”   All you have to do is upload those photos on there and then you are in the contest, bi monthly Mark chooses a winner and runner up, the prize is usually a load of merchandise and 2 packs of seeds.