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    • Arthur Mix
      Potted up plant four the self trained one .. I have also gone 12/12 today so she will hopefully root over next few weeks as she was quite developed bellow.. All plants got fed at EC 1.5 ph 6. The Maxigrow plant is doing well , I may take a clone of her .. The GHE flora nova grown ones are also doing well .. The @diyledukis now set at 200w for the veg stage , if stretch is crazy I will turn it up ..   Orange Juice plant one maxigro fed.     Orange juice two to four , four being potted up today..     Thats it for now till next time take it easy......
    • ratdog
      and practically impossible to kill    seriously mate, people here have had them for years without being able to rid themselves.   I've still got them, albeit a few this grow but I'm still having to be vigilante after spraying down my tent before my current crop was installed 
    • diyleduk
      @Roman78 599.99 for now. It will go up in july.
    • Arthur Mix
      Today she was fed at EC 1.5 ph6 using roots excel, nitrozyme and GHE flora nova grow .. She has plenty of branches now and looks promising so far.. Today I switch to 12/12 .. The @diyleduk light is set at 200w for veg..   Blueberry Cheescake ..     Thats it for now till next time take it easy....