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Free Seeds .....Indoor, Outdoor Competition

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    • Maisy
      Evening all,I'm going to try and fit my light,fan and the other bits at the weekend but the trouble is I don't know how to put it together. There is a hole on the top,another at the back and one on the left hand side at the bottom. Apparently the fan goes on the outside of the tent. Can someone help me please. 
    • Medicated
      Happy Growing chap - welcome!
    • Seasick Steve
      Another of the Three Blue Kings, the second tallest one was 55cm after potting up     More roots and a thumb for @vince noir rock n roll star         
    • kilgore trout
      After dissolving cannibinoids in ipa, adding enough phosphoric acid to get a ph of around 3, i heated for a few hours to isomerise cannabinoids. Any ideas how to extract the cannabinoids from the acidfied isopropanol solution? Could i add acetone and shake and let it settle into layers, then separate the acetone layer? eta: I see that acetone does not produce a separate in water, so would i use diethyl ether instead?