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    • G_lab
      Sunshine daydream by Bodhi seeds is my night time atm. It makes me fall asleep with the phone on my hands while reading through the forum.    Black dog from HSO/Biovortex also works great but I need to wait at least half an hour before to go to bed as it has that funny buzz at beginning. Such a good hybrid imo! 
    • Saddam
      And this?     What is your fretboard made of, rubber? Soft cheese?     Jebus, do you even play guitar?      It's a guitar, not a fucking sitar, if you think you can make a string go out of tune by pushing too hard on the fretboard  then you're a cunt.       
    • JJJ
      Possibly, but the fan is going to have to work harder to squeeze the air through a smaller hole.  Best to make the hole wider then you're sorted and won't need to buy or install a reducer.
    • FARMER G
      Cut/drill a larger hole if you can     Farmer G