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    • vince noir rock n roll star
    • FarmerPalmersNT
      The net below and a good bit of recovery going on. I'm going run this setup on the scrog nets and keep to a single 315w cmh at least for the next couple of grows. I'm happy with the previous yield. I am going to run the light a lot higher throughout as feedback from the states is that this is getting higher quality results with the cmh.      Went out seed gathering in a nice remote spot, got plenty of meadow vetchling and birds foot trefoil, but also some soil plugs from some ancient woodland leaf litter. I'll use these to inoculate the top few inches to make sure there's plenty of fungi and microbes to break down the stems, leaves and rootballs.     Meadow vetchling:     Birds foot trefoil           
    • chocolatecookies
      no problem farmer g sorry if it came across the wrong way was going out today so didn't want to miss postage and end up back in town at rush hour!i have heard nothing but good things about ugorg
    • Muppet