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    • stummer
      They won't lose though, they'll just invest in cannabis businesses. They've got enough money that they'll never lose.    I wish we could just see how fucking much longer we have too wait. 
    • Gumbo
      Just a small update on my Grasshopper which has been on a small holiday since December 2017.Apparently there is a problem with a whole batch of them and it takes a whole fucking year to fix.   So,I bought the titanium one because I was impatient ,the steel ones were out of stock and my Pinnacle pro had broken.First mistake,it comes with a nice stainless steel section where the pen clip is and the clip itself looks  cheap and nasty as if made in some Chinese sweatshop factory,thus ruining any aesthetics the titanium was supposed to impart.   The taste is no where near as good as the Pinnacle but this is probably a convection vs conduction issue or some such,but sad given the Pinnacle isn't even rated.   It has a ring of blue lights close  to the mouthpiece to indicate readiness and to ensure that just in case you are in a country where it's illegal,the police will be instantly drawn to you in stealth mode outside the pub with a face lit up like a police beacon,really well thought out stuff there Hopper labs you useless shower of shit.   Communication from them has been non existent unless you count an endless stream of advertising emails urging me to buy their new mouthpiece,which apparently is equally well designed according to others comments I've read.   In short,just in case I'm not conveying my unhappiness,don't buy this or anything from Hopper Labs ....ever.They are total and utter cunts and not fit  to continue trading.   Apologies to put such invective in your sub forum Vapefiend as your customer support is second to none and I won't hesitate to buy from you again,just perhaps not another Grasshopper.     Gumbo.
    • Boojum
      Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump    
    • Boojum
      Beastie Boys - Sound of Science