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    • FARMER G
      Hi mate    I dont think anyone did document or run them on the boards to my knowledge.   The V1 & V2 series where both excellent in there own right so can only guess these will follow suit    Farmer
    • Gojitangie
      @marcjuna   Was it Peter Hitchens? Usually doles out the same crap - it’s the lack of enforcement of prohibition that’s the issue..   Utter bullshit argument.   US prohibition of alcohol was rigidly enforced - didn’t work.   US cannabis prohibition could hardly have been more draconian in the not so distant past, people getting sent down for 10yrs+ for a single joint - clearly didn’t work, which is why they’re heading the way they are now.   Citing countries like Japan as positive examples of enforcement, given their low rates of cannabis use is useless.   You may as well suggest that bacon doesn’t sell well in Saudi Arabia because of the populations obsession with healthy eating...   Not sure which of the brothers was/is the bigger twat, difficult one that.
    • The Padawan
      @JamJar thanks man. Im an impatient fucker. That’ll teach me. I can’t stop checking on them. Up and down the ladder into the roof every hour  
    • PhatPanda
      @panik.I received my GG4's today much appreciated and me little freebies..    It would of been rude not to pop them straight away as wel   I must say when I popped the container it didnt half stink of goodness..