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    • Top Shotta
      Hi guys I have one of these feminised beans and was wondering if anybody has grown these out or tried any of TH Seeds stuff before?
      It is called French Macaron which is a Gelato 33 x French Cookies. 

      French Cookies is a gem of a Cookie by T.H.Seeds™ with all the goodness the Cookie plant can give. French Cookies brings crystal white resin with light orange hairs, a dense T.H.Seeds™ Cookies treat! After traveling to Cali doing some testing we found a seed in a bag of the Legendary Platinum Cookies.

      All sounded very nice, here is a picture I found of it.

    • bruvnic
      I had to do exactly the same thing when I got home this eve!  Cut the stem below the mold and saved the buds above the mold
        ive harvested the main buds on all 3 plants now because I was picking out bigger bits of mold every day so bit the bullet    Hopefully the lower bits mature a bit more but will probably take it all down this weekend or sooner if I see any more stem rot..   I didn’t take any pics as it was raining and I’ll was in a rush but will try get a few of what’s still growing and the final results once dry   ive frozen the leafiest killer skunk straight after harvesting and a rough trim and gonna try make some bubble with my washing machine set up and drying the buddier killer to see what it smokes like but it’s deffo very early so probably will bubble that too    the chemmy Jones is even earlier than the killers so will be bashing this too.. probably more bubble    got a load of sweet gelato auto trim getting super dry before I try out my home made dry sift machine so gonna be a hashy winter! 
    • Barry Quest
    • Barry Quest
      @Boojum You've got me on a Nilsson tip now, never knew the muppets did a version of Lime In The Coconut!