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    • 420Chimp
      Wagwan. Little visit down yesterday. They're coming along nicely. Changed the tension and direction of the LST on the majority. One is still just solo with a cane growing solidly too. The stamped on AK is pulling through, same progression just minature. Few light, bright white leaves on the bottom sets - assume it's lack of sun expose? Sick guide looks like nitrogen defiency possible but doubt that with what they've been fed. On one of these plants I've cut the leaves off to see if that makes much difference (plant redirection nutrients to healthy leaves being the logic).   Gave a water and dry feed on top of bonemeal/manure/fish blood ready for rain on thursday. Bug sprayed again.   One observation is that from the LST - the plants with 2 strings around, which gives less of a strain on the base of the plant seems to help the thickness of the stem overall. The ones pulled with a single string right down this have much thinner stems - pic 3 vs pic 6 for example although they are diff strains. Didn't get good view of lst from the bottom.    
    • 420Chimp
    • Hone Heke
      Extracting from a tent? No, just put the extraction pipe outside the tent. Why would you need an extra filter? It would be better to carry on extracting outside.
    • mr rhino
      I wouldn't worry, the weather's cooling down after tomorrow anyway