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    • buddy13
      only 1 way to find out
    • lightningshredder
      @cumbriangreen yes amazing but a bit scary too, big forest fires.  Plants are doing amazing they are in deep soil by the side of a stream. I have about 20 auto-early photos most will be done in september some in just a week.  Also have some experimental stuff its different strains crossed with Maverick, a stable september finisher up to lat59. None are flowering yet. But the jack herer x maverick I cant reach the top of them!
    • bigbadbudboi
      My first go at auto's this year, definitely won't be my last! Fantastic flavours, full on effects and 5 jars full by August, can't be bad! Here's a couple of photos of each of the 5 strains I ran, all lovely in their own ways   
    • Nath90
      Sorry forgot pic... Heres one couple days ago. Are better than that now. I'll get recent one tonight.