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    • Breezus
      Everything government does is aimed at controlling behaviour and making money. Cannabis is both the 'next great gravy train' and the biggest threat to their current incomes (special interest groups like GW etc).    Only after all the primary and secondary markets are tied up so politicians can profit will cannabis be promoted as a healthy option.    Makes me sick watching this over and over across the globe. 
    • monkeypig
      Strange one this. If I drink a volume of beer, if I decided to drink vodka instead, would I choose to drink the same volume as I would have in beer? Obviously not.    All stronger weed means is you don't need to smoke as much as you would weaker weed. (Is this not better for ones lungs?)   Or should we just ban spirits?
    • polo71
      As always looking stunning mate, love the size of them peas (hope there peas not beans!) not seen any anywhere as big as them biggest main peas I've seen this year is about 18in. More photos is what we need !  
    • bongme
      Hi   Am sorry if you have seen this time and time again wee have to get to the bottom this lie!    I Will give anyone £2000 if you show a photo of this super duper weed off the street    as these guys in UK420 will tell you by just looking at it!    Someone must have it as it's all over the streets of the UK according to these lies.   Let's have a look then as all the media articles over the 12 years have been saying this BUT NEVER shown any so if this is so how do they know it there is no one has seen it? just asking.     Bongme