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  2. can I just say, if you've got the space for a 1m x 1m x 2m tent then I'd be more inclined to get that instead of getting a 0.75m x 0.75m x 2m tent, also, I havent heard of the Hycienda make of ballast but incase you haven't seen it, Grow & Harvest do a 600w adjustable Maxibright ballast for £75 which has RF shielding & soft start technology built in, which is a good ballast to grow with.
  3. Do you mean the maxibright ballast @Unclebens or is it the reflector ?
  4. Some serious stretch on them littlens looking pretty though
  5. Looking good as always traing looking great
  6. Xstream cloner best thing ever 99.9% success rate for me no cutting gel just tap water and t5 over top.
  7. Sorry meant to add that was Saturday's newcasle v Leicester game no4 was waiting on Leicester.
  8. WATCH OUT CASH OUT INSHOP. I tried to write full story but was taking to long .. No4 won £1273 on Saturday .. 8 results for £5. No2 won £702.00 tonight 6 results for £10 .. Anyway no4 put coupon receipt into machine as he thought it was 2-2 just by luck I called him to tell Leicester had scored it was offering him £84.00 ... Beware Ladbrokes inshop machines £84.00 for a bet that paid £1273.00 .. 7/8 teams last night myself but did get a wee 20p treble up on irish lotto tonight myself returns £122.20 .. But once again beware ladbrokes inshop machines these machines should be up to speed that almost cost my son £1200.
  9. The Doors (jazz versions)
  10. Not sure of your set up but any seed your trying to start in the winter needs to be kept warm, they wont germinate in freezing cold soil.
  11. dude it was mentally expensive if you wanted it to be, like fecking hell expensive those slabs of chocolate where selling for around £40 200g - say £300per slab i think if not more i didnt buy any but i did get given some and it was amazing i was shitting my self i was going to break something somewhere and lived off coffee, pastries and fear mostly and was the only person in flipflops and camo shorts in the whole place thats for sure we ate street pizza (cheap and massive) and gelato when out, when back at freinds place cooked pasta, cold meats and bread cheese etc was do able its no different to centre London or any city really just abit more expensive really lovely place and people, mellow scenes all around flights where £40 to italy i think, then bussed it to lugano 1h30mins @ hundred feking italian miles an hour in a small coach cheers
  12. UGORGCookies 49 Days bloom(HPS) FromTheUndergroundWithLove, VRG.
  13. UGORGCookies Day 49

    From the album My Pics

  14. UGORGCookies Day 49

    From the album My Pics

  15. UGORGCookies Day 49

    From the album My Pics

  16. UGORGCookies Day 49

    From the album My Pics

  17. Yesterday
  18. Beautiful SG '61 reissue
  19. Dweezil ?
  20. The fun lovin' criminal
  21. Lovely tasty looking bud.
  22. Ive also found little pots of coco to be best. I put 2 in each bag under 1 tube in veg tent with a sheet of newspaper over the top to defuse more light. I find no difference using clonex so i dont use it now.
  23. "Man predicting the future in 1965 100% true" who is this man and what proof is there that this was said in 1965 ? when it first started playing i thought it was the new single from Baz Luhrmann
  24. Planted mine 7th September, still needs 3-4 weeks at least, another took 7 weeks to start, that's still 2-3 weeks off.
  25. https://www.rt.com/news/413020-pope-francis-devil-satan/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome
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