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  4. Even tho the 8" filter moves slightly less air than the longer 6" filter, the shorter length of the 8" filter is better suited in a cramped tent.
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  6. I'm not going to answer all those questions, but I'll pick a few. If you only want a few ozs a year go for the smaller tent. Even that's big for two O's. I'd go for led, they help spread heat so your fan could run lower/quieter. I'm not knocking auto's here as I've never grown one, but I would think photo's are generally more potent, heard it from others too.
  7. All looking good in here dude, great choice off strain’s you have coming up... Day 45 I was told is a good time for a good second defoliation, doesn’t affect bud formation then... Glad ur liking the look off Sugar Breath, it’s up there on my list off to do’s...
  8. Background I want to set up a small grow area. I’d like to think I have done a fair amount of reading of this forum and other places, but I still have a few questions. This will be in the attic in a tent. Maximising yield is not a top priority for me as around 2 ounces would probably satisfy me for an entire year and I am probably able to run 1 or 2 grows per year. So I’m hoping this requirement is low enough that I’d have to really mess up to not average 1 ounce per grow. The key for me is quality and to have some variety as well. My top priority is safety and stealth as I have a partner who isn’t that supportive of this endeavour although will tolerate it provided the house doesn’t smell or burn down and it’s not noisy overnight. I am also paranoid personally about burning down the house although realise this is probably unlikely. Grow I am intending to grow 2-3 autoflowers in the space in soil and do some LST. Equipment Tent – I am thinking somewhere between 60x60cm (these seem to normally be 140cm high) and 80x80cm tent (these seem to be normally 160cm high). I am favouring the 80x80 tent as these tend to have more height which I imagine will help avoid potential problems and I have the space for it. Lighting – I am thinking of having a single 250-watt HPS lamp for the full grow. Something like this: Extraction/Ventilation – I am thinking a 4”/100mm fan and carbon filter should be ok for this. Something like this: With a 4” Rhino hobby filter and some acoustic ducting. I was thinking of having a passive intake and an oscillating fan inside. I think I have everything else I need at home anyway. Safety I am buying an extension cable to run into the attic which will rest on a fireproof board along with the ballast. I will also purchase an automatic 1kg fire extinguisher to hang in the tent, a remote wifi thermometer that will alert me if the temperature gets too high and a fire alarm to put in the attic. Questions 1) Does the above setup look reasonable for producing the desired outcome? 2) Is there anything else I can do to enhance safety? 3) If I wrap the fan do you think it will still be loudly heard from the attic? Is there anything I can compare it to? I just know the extractor fan in my kitchen and bathrooms are all very loud and I know if it’s equivalent to the one in my cooker hood it could potentially be an issue. 4) Is hanging the fire extinguisher next to the light a risk at all? It requires a temperature of about 80C to be set off and I am just wondering if proximity to the light may accidently set it off? 5) Any recommendations for what size pots to use in this space for 2-3 plants? 6) Is running this all off of 1 extension cable from 1 socket sensible? Do I need any kind of special extension cable? Appreciate any help or advice on this
  9. If only I had the space to do that
  10. 3 lashes for not buying off the government.. Sentencing, a court judge told Michelle X today that “she should apply to the National Health Service to be considered for a licence for a cannabis-based medicine” keeping law and order / the money coming in
  11. stuff the fuka in a 20 litr watch it go.
  12. Around 6 weeks now defiantly been held back by the cold slightly still doing ok and not any major defs to worry about as of yet..temps stayed around 17/18c for a few days and only getting up to around 19c at best had a few lows of 15c although only for a matter of hours so iv had a fiddle and seems to be staying above 20 again now plus added 45w l.e.d light ... so far I like the look of the sugar breath most all round.. they all smell/look nice...the black dog looks closes to being done ..choc mint og looks, grows, smells classic og..one of the new looks slightly stunted/behind this may be because of cold her pots at the back and fans blowing on her shes growing a Xmas tree type bud structure where as the other new seems to have the large calyxs oval shape type structure to the buds... Iv been nipping a few leaves off every other day still a bit over grown but will keep thining it down as they mature ...
  13. I think the main drawback to planting seeds in big pots is that it will take a long time for the seedling to use up all that moisture and then the roots sit longer in oxygen poor soil. You want to strike a balance between the size of the growing rootball absorbing all the moisture and the size of the pot while they are young.
  14. Alright lads, just set up a diy 5 pot rdwc system (4 plants 1 control) about 200 to 250lt in total. I'm using a Jebao eco EFP 8000gph pump for the spray bars and I can hear the pump vibrating/buzzing outside of the grow area which is obviously a no no. I've tried all the obvious stuff, fitted a rubber collar between pump and outlet pipe, sitting the pump on a sponge inside the control tub and I've put carpet underlay under the control tub it doesn't make any difference tbh. I sent the pump back and got a replacement thinking it was the pump but it's still the same... So what make pump is everyone using in there systems and do they run quiet...
  15. Definitely water plants I'll just go......
  16. i usually water an hour after lights on it gives the plant all day long to process the ferts properly then,last grow i was watering each plant twice daily morning + night its all about plant health + environment.
  17. Water when the pots are light.
  18. theres not an answer to this !! it depends on environment / plant ability to supp from the pots !! so it pointless question imho i water as and when the dope needs it,usually daily when they get a root set some plants twice daily but i grow biggish plants in small pots. its all about getting the buggers supping is all i can say really,when they small less is more...but as they grow wet the fukas but dont overwater like i just did it really holds things back,also dont ever let them dry out to much + wilt that fuks them also for weeks to recover properly. good luck.
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