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  2. It’s ironic that many of the same people that campaigned for the end of government imposed prohibition seem to be asking for the authorities to impose restrictions on licensing to artificially inflate the price.
  3. @Reflektor lst is the key mate. Creating a flat even canopy with all branches receiving equal light. Page 20 something has a couple of training how to posts in my diary. You should be aiming for zero light making it to the floor
  4. More seeds being popped & clone hoarding could help. I can imagine most dispensaries sell all the same strains. Keep the good stuff with the passionate cannabis people. Those are the guys i want to see making the money. Not some whopper who only got into it now its legal & thought they can make money.
  5. Prohibition always set the price.
  6. Different elements in the nute solution are taken up at different ph levels, I would advise setting ph at 5.6 to begin and allow it to drift up to 6.2 before resetting. If you google ph charts you'll see what I mean, won't be long before you've sussed it bud, you're getting some sound advice on here...
  7. There is only one really and there shit and thats Secret Jardin Monkey Fan I've had loads and they always fuck up after a few weeks Best fans i have found are the 30w none oscillating one They do the best monkey fans but there oscillating one is poor
  8. Dunno, but I have been impressed with arctic pc case fans - they dont do large fans though I just checked. They have a seal oil filled bearing unit, but I can't seem to find this innovation on a larger fan either. Did you try a tower fan?
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    From the album test

  10. Got to agree with Rick. If you go into weed for profit then there are always risks involved and you have to accept them. Personally I produce to medicate chronic pain so the only economics I care about is how the government will spend the tax they recieve.
  11. @blackpoolbouncer Hello BB, I'm planning on following some of your training tips ony next grow - can I ask what you top tips are for getting maximum yeild? I haven't really tried any LST yet other than a bit of leaf tucking, so am tempted to have a go at training an even flat canopy this time around. Currently drawing somewhere around 0.3 to 0.4g per Watt so there's definitely room for improvement, but I don't expect miracles from my budget LED panels and minimal feeding routine.
  12. This would have no autoflowering trait then? The ruderalis gene is what makes autos "auto" or is this a photoperiod strain? I think memphisto only do autos? All the best Mark..
  13. I am using a new type piezo type pump on my water feed bubbling as it is the quietest of all the pumps I have. TUBE FOR AIR or WATER, use a SILICONE based NOT PVC as the plasticiser leeches toxic elements like Phthalates that come in several forms and are nor recommended for prolonged contact with fluids. USE a FOOD Grade silicone tube for AIR and WATER. I have to say that after a month of use, its not a silent as it first was... However, it is tiny, fits in the palm of your hand and I use it to bubble my feed mix to keep it agitated and oxygenated. I have a small hailea single pump and also a larger 4 port pump. I have gone through the accoustic mat, the bungee and nothing, I mean nothing has solved the issue of vibration noise... except this... (see picture) The wire is cable tied to a bungee which in turn hooked in to the carabiner so that if the pump is pulled, knocked or falls off from vibration, it will not come crashing in to your grow...! I have the same for the second light that has a USB fan that is only meant to help circulate warm air up faster to the extractor fan. Both instances were vibration issues that were resolved by that method. I tried the bungee chord and found that vibrations were transmitted more easily as the bungee chord vibrated in sympathy to the pumps vibrations and I could hear the vibrations at night UNTIL... the pump was placed where it is now. There are NANO pumps out there but I do not recommend you use them, they get very noisy after a few hundred hours and the amount of air output drops, While completely silent to start with, they will grow noisier for something that uses a minimal (or no moving parts) system, it does degrade quickly.
  14. @MicroDoser again thanks I really appreciate your time and help. I have fully drained the system and cleaned all the pots so they’re fully clean inside and out. Refilled the system to just over 1 inch below the net pots. My water is out the tap 0.4 EC I have adjusted system to 0.9. PH is naturally 7.0 I have adjusted to 6.0. Will keep you guys updated how they get on next few days. You’re right though I am taking everything with a pinch of salt everyone has different ways in growing but I think I will just keep using this site as much as I can to keep learning myself!
  15. As I don't do the breeding I can try to answer this to the best of my ability mate. As you know the auto gene or "Ruderalis" gene which mate the plants "auto" Now, depending on the strain we try to strip the shall we say "none desirable" traits leaving behind what we need the "auto gene" Some seed banks will strip the auto out very close to completely, with our White widow auto CBD we kept 50% of the Ruderalis trait as I believe with autos and high CBD strains this works in the favour of CBD Let me have a more in-depth chat with the breed team mate and I'll get a more detailed reply. It can get super confusing as if your using say 3 strains to create on you wouk d tbink it would be an equal 33.3% per strain represented in the offspring. Very interesting but confusing to me. So I'll get a better reply buddy All the best Mark..
  16. Without jumping into the debate too much, I do feel that if we could separate the actions of a government from a religious faith we could have a healthier debate regarding the actions of that government. Christ, you could have warned us it was a dick pick! Well played, with your innocent little whistle there
  17. Pump position

    From the album pump

    Place pump on light, affix a bungee to prevent vibrations over time or the pump being knocked or pulled off the lam. Bobs your uncle ... ( and most likely your father too..! )
  18. This would seem to me to be a big part of your issues. One bit of advice is to not take too much advice. If you do take advice, stick to just one person. More than one person advising you on your grow, especially people who are not looking at the plants with knowledge of what has happened to them recently and how they reacted to that, will give you conflicting advice and will mess up your grow even with the best intentions. @Owderb is right about the foil, apart from only reflecting 75% of the light (white paint can do over 90%) it can focus the light and burn leaves. @stu914 is also right, if your EC is at least 1.0 and your leaves are pale then something in your environment is stopping your plants absorbing the nutrients. Fix that instead of just adding more nutrients. If your car is backfiring and putting out black smoke you don't just up the fuel flow and add a larger turbo, you fix the problem... Keep posting images here, keep asking questions here, we will sort you out and soon you will be advising your expert friends
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  20. Bet you got some good cuttings, looks great and healthy
  21. I've gone in on the Karma gear. Currently got Headbanger re-vegging. White OG v2. Polar Bear. Sour Jack. Sssdh x Jack and Sour Diesel x Mandarina pon the go. Should be something sick in that lot.
  22. fluming is virtually free of cost and will not add heat to your res. unlike wave makers I would go with flooms.
  23. give them a feed, and some warmth, they look cold. set your fed to 0.6/0.8 EC with grow nutrients/ set ph to 5.8 and it should help matters, feed till you get 10-20% run off. keep your feed at room temp. before feeding them. should help
  24. If you veg for 3 months and then flower you could have done 2 grows in that time. Yield per plant is almost irrelevant. It's filling the room that's important. If a up a can be done in ten weeks what are you achieveing by adding an extra 3 months to the job other than a massive waste of time and electric. I'm all for new ideas but sometimes they need thinkin through as to what they achieve and whether there is a better alternative
  25. If you read his posts mate he tells you that there were roots Owd
  26. Silver Haze from the Church coffeeshop in around '95 made me slide down my chair - I looked like I was doing a good impression of Stephen Hawkings. 2008 LSD that I grew hydro and didn't flush properly coz I didn't know what the fuck I was doing then stopped me getting to sleep. I'd been smoking it for about 4 days and a mate pointed out that I had started to look like Lord of the rings Smeagol. Quaze or Grinspoon whatever it's called was very headswimmy/ rushy type high - not entirely pleasant though. I really don't like proper Amnesia - it just clouds my head and stops me being able to think. It's also got this generic taste. I can call it out as soon as I smoke it these days. If that's the case, I decline the smoke. Mango Tango gives me some mad weed hangover which takes as long as a full blown alcohol hangover albeit more pleasant a hangover than an alcohol hangover but absolutely dire if you have to operate machinery the next day. Last year Ghost Train Haze no.1 was probably the strongest. Thing is I had tastier and more interesting weed which I preferred in Chocolope, Huckleberry, Cherry OG and Oldtimes. The Oldtimes was great last year. I had half a pack from a few years a go that I decidee to use to make up plant numbers. The first half of the pack was pretty unmemorable apart from a fast finishing, short, berry pheno which I was surprised at because it didn't fit all the descriptions I 'd read from people that had grown but the second half of the pack yielded up this lanky specimen which was among the best sativa type highs I've had particularly after a cure. It rivals another of my faves. The pink pistilled pheno of Panama from Ace seeds which I totally got lucky with. That was different but comparable to to the Oldtimes. Different in taste but similar in complexity of the highs and the ability to function at a high level on the effects. This year I have to say Karma's Headbanger gives you different highs the longer it cures. Initially, without a proper cure, there is about 15 minutes of very headswimming high which mellows out to a really nice stone. A bit further in to cure it settles in to just a nice stone with that sour/sweet taste. But his White OG is hands down the best sort of honey monster/bear hugging type weed with and excellent taste and good long high that I had to buy a second pack. It feels like you just put on a fur lined coat, but not that irritating fur that makes you itch, the fur that makes you feel super duper, pimp my ride special. That shit is deep! I only grow bio or as close to these days as I have to function in the world and plus I like to remember shit.
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