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  2. Phillips master greenpower for me.
  3. I’m not good with phones at all I’m trying to upload an image but it’s to big?
  4. Yeah he just priced the Slurricane at $60 to undermine the hype for In House's release.
  5. Morning all, just a quick question, am I right to be thinking this a nitrogen diff? I have feed her thinking that’s what this is. It’s been a long time since I posted, cheers guys
  6. Regs bro
  7. Thas why my cups are only half full to begin with,then if they get leggy the pots can be topped up giving the little ones some support. I only use a propagator for cuttings. Tenchie.
  8. Week 8. Week 1 completed of 12/12. Temps were a concern with the lights being off from 8am until 8pm but the tubular heater has done me proud and kept things at a toasty 16-18 degrees at floor level. I have just fed all of the ladies and left them alone, no trimming at all. Fishmix & Bloom, nothing else. The lights have been moved up six inches or so as everything is now well into their upwards stretch, although still looking nice and compact overall. Here is this weeks time lapse. 20 fps so 1 second of video is 1 hour real time. The 12 hour dark periods have been removed. Photos tomorrow I guess, feeling particularly lazy today
  9. There's not even 12 hours light a day at the moment and glass reduces light penetration. I sow my seeds half an inch down in John Innes Seed/No. 1, put them in a propagator and under the light as soon as they show.
  10. Windowsill or a table lamp is fine to give them some light when they first emerge, but watch in case they stretch too much. If they do, then re-pot deeper so that the stem gets some good support. Then get them under bright light as soon as you can.
  11. Really? Because all his other dosido crosses are similarly priced to in house. Seems everybody selling Cali flavours is in the 150-250 range (no price fixing or anything )
  12. Today
  13. Sorry, but it grates me when I see posts complaining over the price of a seed, implying as if it's the seed that you're paying for. You're paying for everything that happened before the seed. I would hesitate a guess, but you'd expect established breeder would be doing a much longer breeding program to obtain the gene's they seek in order to produce the right strain, rather than just chucking some pollen at a female branch and calling the seeds a new strain. I'd think maybe that same process, multiplied by a few hundred, repeated several times to find the correct traits. This is where your money goes to, the time spent making the strain what it is, not the physical cost of the seed. I've seen flavor (argh yank spelling) chasers listed on a few other reseller sites, listed at the same price @panik has them at - RGS are not charging muchos dollar for seeds, they are just passing the price on from an expensive breeder, it is still up to the customers where they take their cash.
  14. @Serpent Yea they are really pushing out loads of colours, am enjoying the uniqueness of them very much.
  15. I find with dual spec you get more leaves in the kolas and not much else, yield, health and vigour pretty much the same as straight sodium. I also use 250w MH for vegging, and change up to a 400w MH for the last couple of weeks once they are big enough to justify it, otherwise 250w is fine. I also use the 400w for the first few weeks of flowering, it reduces stretching. I've used Sunmaster and Omega sodiums, I think they are pretty much of a muchness, I usually go for Osram Vialox Son T Plus. Not sure if they are significantly better than others but the next sodium I buy will be Osram.
  16. Hi mate, just out of interest what ratio would you mix coco or perlite to light mix?
  17. 1550913831664823.jpg

    From the album Odds n sods

  18. 1550913831230984.jpg

    From the album Odds n sods

  19. 1550913830684343.jpg

    From the album Odds n sods

  20. Personally I put mine in 200ml party cups filled 3 quarters with medium,then wet the medium so it sinks to around half full pots. Then make a small indentation where the seeds are going.Around 3-5 mm deep,drop seed in and cover with some fresh medium. Then they go under m bed,dark and warm! They stay there for 5-8 days. When they show they then go under my light. Tenchie.
  21. Blue Fire @ 2 weeks flower She's had a good week, developing nicely. I think she's looking a bit sad as she'd just woken up. Normally I would tie down the leading tops to the outside of the cage at this point, but she's so tough already it'll be a pliers job to supercrop her. I'll wait another week until she's stopped stretching and see if I want to risk it then. She seems to be making her own space with that stretch anyway. I thought I'd try something a bit different from my norm. I've pinched out all growth tips from under the cage, but left all fan leaves to die off naturally. Once she's stopped stretching i'll remove the fan leaves pointing inwards to create an open central column for airflow. A bit of merch for scale. Quite long node spacing, maybe one to watch out for if you've got limited headroom Last weeks feed: 3ml Bloom / 2ml Traces / 2ml Root Tonic = E.C. 1.3 / PH 6.5 The Top Doing very well since potting up to the 1ltr. Everything above those manky bottom fans is new growth this week She's been on First feed @5ml so far. Time to give her some Grow. OGKZ @ 2weeks above soil Not a great deal going on above ground here. I suspect that's due to me skipping the 0.5ltr stage and potting up into 1ltr from the Jiffy. Hopefully she's busy rooting out that 1ltr... She'll also be on grow this week Thanks for stopping by, until next time... Zabz
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