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  2. They looked pretty impressive mate from the last pics, glad you got them to the finish line Mine are coming out of the drying tent tonight after 7 days, still a little bounce in the stems
  3. Is he going to get dressed up as a Victorian chimney sweep and feature in a national marketing campaign?
  4. Shame about the bud rot, looks like you've still managed to get a reasonable return though. Well done matey.......... stu
  5. the bloke in the spunk stained wanking gown is cheerleading this product
  6. A special big up to @badbillybob for his constant encouragement and for giving me the RDWC 'bug' back again.....The improvements you inspired are savage and you should make the systems and sell them bro @Dinafem-Mark for putting up with my Cancer depression and unnecessary posts Everyone else who suffered my 'meltdown' and tried to help and not judge.......The universe will do something nice for you soon. Peace and much love to you and yours Zen - Ken
  7. water cure sounds good. never heard of it before! thanks
  8. It's not even snake oil, it's fucking snake water Snake piss
  9. this shit is diluted down to homeopathy levels
  10. This judge needs to have a really good look in the mirror then he'll see misguided, arsehole.
  11. I wonder how that assessment compares to many pharmaceutical products released every year with the full endorsement of government .... Oxycontin for example
  12. There has always been strong cannabis & reading this bollox as well as talking to people who come out with this super strong manufactured skunk is very irritating. Even some people that smoke weed believe this bollox. i tried to explain to my mate that weed is not genetically modified & there has always been very strong weed but going back 30-40 years hash was much more lucrative & easier to smuggle than weed, for s number of reasons. So basically we need to look at it from two perspectives- 1, Has the quality of weed in the uk improved since the early 80's? A, Yes it has because many people are growing here & the uk isn't being fobbed off with the dregs from other countries who naturally keep the best for themselves. Also hash, which used to be at least 95% of the market was crap bulked up with all sorts of nasties. 2, Has weed been genetically modified to be super strong? Absolutely not it's total bollox propaganda banded around by shit newspapers like the Daily fail & one of the most inept & corrupt nastier governments we have ever had.
  13. Where would you start trying to explain the reality of it (so called skunk) to someone like that?, I know he's doing what he believes to be the right thing but he is so mis-guided and probably has his mind made up already. Even others that want it legalised don't bother to learn about it properly, believing the Daily Fail bullshite and promoting it as a good thing. Yep, Twat.
  14. So decriminalized equals lower concern there Chief ! In you're own fucking words Growers self supply
  15. More bud rot but there down. Overall.... considering the problems I have put the girls through....I am impressed with this strain and would recommend it without hesitation. I would say not for a beginner.....but if a novice like me can get results then it cant be that difficult to master Nice cola's the size of my arm and as wide.....2 out the 4 really dense heavy set bud.....one is pure foxtail but the trich coverage is silly and she is by far the stinkiest Nice bud formation, great colours, fantastic yield.......shes a winner......lets see if I can now do her the justice she deserves Ill see you all hopefully in my 'redux" thread. Thank you.... all of you ......and I hope you join me on the next one....you are helping to save my life
  16. I'm a sparky at places were they have lots of big exhibitions, like the NEC and Excel, I've seen loads and loads of CBD and hemp stuff in the last 18 months, I did a vape show at the NEC not so long ago and every other stand had some thing to do with CBD, it's really being pushed by all of the brands involved, none of the bumf has any indication of strength or were it originates from and none of the staff have a clue about it,just that its the new in thing, and the ones that did, didn't like talking about it too much due to the low strength of it. Such a shame that something that could really help people is being sold so shoddily and putting people off. I know people here slate the H & B stuff but I had a bottle and it really helped my psoriasis, and thats the crap stuff, imagine what the good stuff can do!
  17. How very scientific now drugs are described as having a religious slant
  18. Today
  19. A few teams looking good. I fully expect Germany to finally show what they're made of later, and I'm looking forward to that one.
  20. Guess they have taken a nod from Billy`s mum
  21. 2mg of natural hemp extract. Wow,.. Jesus juice? Is that your 'mate' joolz...
  22. Belgium look really strong.....decisive display from them this afternoon.....they could win this I reckon
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