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  2. Ok so no smoking before assembly, got it
  3. Good luck, bear.
  4. Oh go then one more of the DFG. Got to love the Gandalf Staff DFG
  5. Good luck at the hospital this week @bearukc.
  6. I have an assessment for minor surgical procedure this morning. That procedure is an endoscopy and another biopsy. Then they're going to admit me tomorrow evening for the actual surgery Thursday morning. They wanted me to attend at 7.30 Thursday morning but I said there's no way I'd make it. I'm not good before midday
  7. Bet you can't wait @Dirk_Diggler147 It's a bit of a head scratcher, every component is packaged separately but there are assembly videos on youtube to show how it all goes together, I'm just about to plug in and try it out!
  8. Ok cool, mine is arriving tomorrow. Hopefully when the missus is out...
  9. @Dirk_Diggler147 You don't have to but excess oil (vape honey) does have a negative effect on units.
  10. Today
  11. tokenroll

    Day Zero Flip to 12/12 let the fun begin

  12. i’ve been on the smoothies for around a year? eating my way through handfuls of trim every morning and i feel great
  13. Morning Plants are filling out a wee bit. I've topped 7 of the 9 at the 4th node. The remaining 2 are a little behind but should be done in the next few days. Bubblegummers are 6, 7, 8 and 9 (phone keypad) Before topping After topping Once they've recovered from the top I'll spread the pots out and will fire up the COB. Eagle eyed viewers may have noticed the new tent. I've gone for a green qube 2.4x1.2x2.2m, just using one half for now but I'm building up a new COB array for the other half for when we are ready to flip! Cheers Seb
  14. Dinafem - Orange Juice - goes 12/12 today lights off from 11am. I will bring the plant out of the cabinet at the weekend for some better photos. Toke...
  15. HSO - The New goes 12/12 today lights off from 11am. I will bring the plant out of the cabinet at the weekend for some better photos. Toke...
  16. Dinafem - Orange Juice - Day Zero 12/12

    From the album The White House

    Dinafem - Orange Juice - Day Zero 12/12
  17. Your time frame seems a bit off for me for an xmas harvest. Unless your in coco. My photos will have gone almost 7 months from tissue to harvest in compost You've got like 4 months max. Which is ok for autos. @Vega
  18. HSO - The New - Day Zero 12/12

    From the album The White House

    HSO - The New - Day Zero 12/12
  19. Lots of seeds with inherent hermie trait. Bin.
  20. Wait, you have to clean it...
  21. I've tried to read back through a bit but some of its above my head chaps so I'll just type what I was going to say. I have a Da Buddha vape and for the last year I've been vaping fresh,straight of the flushed plant flower chopped fine with scissors,loaded in the bowl at full power. I have extremely complex medical needs with a lot of severe pain,immuno disease, nerve issues,flash migraines blah blah blah. I take 12 meds a day at full whack including oxycontin for 14yrs now,am totally addicted but wont ever not take it. I find fresh works far better medically than dry cured standard bud. Pain levels can be non existent,nerve pain,headaches etc all subside, bowel problems settle right down and I just dont get the same effect from dry. The first few hits are the softest,most soothing thing you'll ever inhale and I believe until the heat builds effectively decarboxylating it to plain THC I'm inhaling THC-A and what ever terpene spectrum is in the strain. The wife finds it amazing for her "womens issues" but she also has back and bowel issues that are pretty much non existent whilst using it until I'm unwell and the plant conveyor gets out of sync for a while, and trust me it all comes back with a vengeance within a week,even with dried that does its job but it just doesn't do it in the same way. I've done a little reading but haven't found an explanation anymore than I've explained above. I know about lassi and the various other uses for fresh bud but have found pretty much zero info on inhalation of fresh. I'd like to add that once its vaped it's not entirely dry so I put it into jars once cooled, seal them and leave them to "cure" for several weeks and what comes out is almost hash like in it flavours and has a sit you on your arse hit but is really well balanced. Any ideas people? Anyone else tried or doing this? If not and your looking for relief (the non hand job type ) give it a go.
  22. I seen the pic and to me it is right near to pot side and more than likely been damaged and nothing to worry about, just crack on and stop worrying.
  23. photo not showing for me mate.
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