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  2. ffs done in a photo again
  3. You had me on the cuppa to be honest, never mind discounts! Send the wife round Morrisons while I treat myself to some lights, that sounds an ideal afternoon out.
  4. No worries mate. If you're not far you can always pop down to the premises for a brew and a chat about options. Nice discount for cash deals too
  5. Not holding my breathe until the elections at least tbh. Whatever laws they try bring out to keep their pockets full wouldn't bother me. I will be keeping it to myself and growing regardless. The joy growing brings I think everyone should do it.
  6. The tide has turned for some kind of legalisation or maybe a decriminalized fudge - nothing wrong with good fudge. Vicar's daughter May isn't going to be around forever and the Tory basket money men know a good opportunity when they see one. The cops having their hands full with actual criminals are increasingly turning a blind eye to cannabis users in parts of the UK as evidenced by falling prosecution numbers. As I've said previously, get a Royal prince or princess on the case and it'll be game over.
  7. @TwistedSaint Welcome
  8. I grew out agent orange a long time ago. was very orangey. I don’t remember much about the high, but as said was a long time ago. No negative memories of it and was a fairly decent yielder. Have some other tga to run in future. Pandora’s box, Jack the Ripper, Dairy Queen, Chernobyl and jilly bean. Will look out for your diary if you do one
  9. Hi Jimmy_two I use a DR60, 135ww V2 QB, 6 inch hyper, 6 inch rhino CF. A word of warning. I thought the same as you in regards to the fan/filter, but in reality I couldn't fit the fan, collar, and 300mm filter all inside the tent. (well, horizontally anyway) You might be able to squeeze it all in on the diagonal, but I'm pretty sure I tried that too. The Hyperfan does whine when running at low speeds, so I had to build a simple ply box outside of the tent and sound proofed it. Oh and don't buy the SJ monkey fan. They're noisy as fook!
  10. Just seen where your new address is, it’s only 10 minutes from my house! When my winter grow break is over i will be giving you a call in the spring, led lightbulbs are ok but nowhere near as sexy looking as a couple of strips, and i could do with gaining an extra few inches of height in my small cabinet.
  11. Welcome mate.
  12. Unlikely ... (although given the "quality" of government these past few years ...) In general it's not a good idea to create laws that can't be enforced. Quite aside from the fact that hemp seeds are used for a spectrum of legitimate uses, you'd end up in a bunfight over whether the seeds were actually cannabis, and whether they were viable. True, we could have a law making it illegal to sell viable seeds. But how would you prove viability ? And there's enough activists who'd simply go around with some decoy "seeds" just to piss the law off. Unless it becomes an offence to possess seeds that look like cannabis seeds .... etc, etc, etc .....
  13. As promised to @Dinafem-Mark here’s my second Dinafem diary. Previous diary was PAK, Bubbas Gift and Purps#1 which went really well, this time it’s 3 Quick Criticals bought from Attitude seed bank. Despite having grown Critical+2.0 I underestimated the vigour of these plants, they should have been flowered a week or two ago but the flower tent was full of DNA Holy Grail Kush and Kandy Kush. Even with LST they grew a bit tall so some bending of the taller branches was needed as can be seen in the photo. The three plants at the front in the photo are the Quick Criticals and the three at the back are Sweet seeds Green Poison Fast version. They’re currently around 7 weeks old in 15litre pots and about to be flipped in the next day or two when they’ve recovered a bit more from the bending. The last grow also showed a few signs of spider mites so I’ve hoovered and bleached both tents out and given all the plants a good drenching with harkers with two or three more treatments to come. It’s done the job in the past so let’s hope for the same this time.
  14. This Joe Rogan interview of Brittish Matthew Walker is a really insightful examination of sleep. Insomniacs, dreamers, non-dreamers, shift workers will all probably find watching this a benefit: I was looking for the Insomniac Thread link but I couldn't find it and I was getting frustrated with the '420 search timing restrictions
  15. Well the sooner that happens the better. We can all meet up and address each other by our user names lol. It would seem strange talking to you guys by using our real names lol. Just kidding. It would be amazing to put faces to all the user names on here. Feels like one big family at times. Roll on legalization uk. When the fuck that will be who knows....
  16. My tuppence worth on the matter; if / when rec use becomes legal, I think the governcunt will make trading seeds illegal, insisting if you want to grow we must buy their gov seeds ( shite ), thus creating a black market in seeds and clones
  17. Lemon skunk? Surely completely different to the psychosis inducing skunk we are apparently riddled with over here? Watch out Canada you’ll all be crazy soon
  18. Well a fool and his money ...
  19. oh she reacts well to led ..watch the resin just pile on ..and its a frosty strain anyway ..led just brings out the best in them
  20. Today
  21. Don't see why not. I can see it being a big selling point too if you can market the benefits of your product being grown in the soil of Andean mountains Arctic Kush edit: checked google and arctic kush is already a thing
  22. Pot size is about 18 ltr. I was a bit slow getting the seedlings from their little pots into them; about 2 weeks. Growing in John Innes dirt #2. The height is between 14 and 20 inches, loads of branches. I've stopped all feed. I noticed the tallest one has started to turn away from the light; since I started using 600w for about half of the light on cycle. Decided to move that one to the furthest corner of the tent, and raise the light a few inches. The rest of 'em seem to love it; but I'm keeping a daily watch on behavior. Just starting to feel as if I might be getting it right. If the advertised "from seed to flower in 9 weeks" is right; I'm half way there. Still trail and error right now though.
  23. Does cannabis have terroir ?
  24. Won't need a forum then mate. You'll be able to rock up to your local UK420 coffeeshop and sit down for a joint and some banter
  25. Really pretty is the B-Line Farmer G
  26. people will be mad to miss the offer of dream berry and sexbud ..seriously ..
  27. id gladly run sexbud again ..ill be free to run some autos after xmas for ya guys if needs be ..
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