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Found 2 results

  1. I have been using a breathing technique for some years now called Buteyko (designed in the USSR for the space programme) for those who have breathing issues this is a life changer. I completely removed all drugs and was breathing fine until a recent anxiety attack (back under control now) for those that want peak fitness, it will get you further with less training. for those that want to be able to relax more, it will also help there too. this technique brings your breath under control by training your mind to implement a pause at the base of your breath. Its simple to do and is very effective. Over time this means you breath less which is the key to controlling non allergic asthma. Since practicing this technique I have become aware of other peoples breathing habits. especially when smoking MJ as that's when I am most in the company of others. What's this got to do with medicinal MJ ? I am working on a technique I am calling "conscious smoking". I have been looking, using my asthma severity as an indicator, to see if this can be used to aid the same breath pause you would get by practicing Buteyko 3 times a day, which is not hard but boring! it also means you get the most from your stash, surly a good thing. its widely known in the east that MJ has bronchodilator effects. (negated when mixed with baccy) so please don't think I am off my rocker trying to use smoking as a way of beating breathing issues, its been used for over 2000 years for this purpose its just not widely known about. the main concept is to hold your breath on the inhale, so when you smoke your are conscious of every toke. be it a J, bong, pipe, or even vapping. most people, smoke very unconsciously, especially those that enjoy tobacco with there green. this is dangerous. it leads to chronic over breathing in later life. I have personally witnessed the destructive powers of chronic over breathing through 15 years of a grandparent suffering (I know now was un-necessary) stronger and stronger drugs until eventually he had his own jetpack oxygen cylinder to carry around with him... yeah great fun ?!?! think of it like this. you take a toke, you hold your breath for as long as you can and then exhale in the slowest way you possibly can. this has to be done using your diaphragm, not your chest to breath. sit in a chair upright, with your lumber supported, shoulders back, take your toke. (your chest should not move, but your lower abdomen and back can) hold, hold..... hold some more....... breath out slowly using your diaphragm (belly not chest) this should be through your nose. and take 3 small breaths, using the relaxing properties of MJ to put a 4 or 5 second breath pause at the base of each breath. repeat if necessary. your sinuses will open, your chest will expand, your wheezing will disappear your breathing will fall inline with the natural rhythm you were born with and.............. you will get wasted quicker, if that's what you want. please note, in the Ukraine / Russia, Asthma is seen as the bodies indicator that you are not breathing correctly. its your body saying, change something !!!! just because you don't have this condition doesn't mean you don't over breath..... you maybe doing yourself harm and not even know about it. if nothing else, we owe it to ourselves to increase consciousness and this technique will help there too by bringing you into this moment. I hope it helps somebody. peace
  2. Has anyone ever thought of breathing on your plants to help them grow? as i have been doing this from the start and have been researching to see if it would actually benefit the plant much. In theory it makes sense, plants crave co2 to grow and survive, and we exhale co2. Just interested in finding out if someone else had had the same weird idea as i have found topics about it elsewhere. I have read something like the air we exhale is 5% co2 so i suggest we all get in that tent and breathe! CM *Breathing since 1991*