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  2. i thought the whole thing with alfie dingley was the oil he uses was the full spectrum with thc yet they say epidolex is thc free,, is that right?
  3. I think its the beeswax that gives it its firmness,, the emu oil soaks right into the skin taking all the goodies with it and can be a bit greasy but it does soak in quite quick
  4. Cant beat them, join them, grab a trolley walk at a brisk pace and don’t stop for no chav buying live laugh love wall decals, oh and aggressively kick the miracle grow soil as you pass it and promise to yourself you will never buy or use it
  5. Sex Pistols - Problems Sex Pistols - Submission
  6. Hi Marijuana Is Now Legal...ish in Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas State Legislature are learning that every action comes with a consequence. Their choice to legalize minimal THC cannabis — also called hemp — has become problematic for local law enforcement. The red state of Texas is known for treating cannabis cases similar to how it treats heroin or methamphetamine cases. Since hemp and marijuana are identical in look and smell, local law enforcement and county prosecutors are throwing out hundreds of weed-related cases and investigations. The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill removed hemp that contains less than 0.3% of THC from the Schedule I controlled substance list. Hemp is now considered an ordinary agricultural commodity, and it is legal to own CBD products derived from the hemp plant. Most counties in Texas have decided not to prosecute low-level cannabis cases in the wake of the new law. But there are other counties that have decided to ignore the actions of their neighbors and still pursue convictions in all their cannabis-related cases, even though they don’t have the equipment necessary to make sure the cannabis in question is not within the allowed THC amount. Maybe law enforcement will use the eyeball test or their current mood as a meter to decide who they will take to jail and who they will let drive home with their buds. The Texas Forensics Science Commission and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency have been spending a lot of time to come up with a method of testing that probably won’t be ready to implement before 2020. Tarrant County told the Texas Tribune that they could re-file their cannabis cases if they could get test results within the next two years. Sounds like they will just hoard unidentified seized cannabis in their evidence locker like they are distinguished wine collectors, only to return the dusty hemp back to its rightful owner once it eventually goes through their testing process. That sounds a bit obsessive. In June, the Texas District & County Attorneys Association released a bulletin that mentioned prosecutors across Texas may have to just sit back and wait until there is technology that is effective and cost-friendly before attempting to run their cannabis cases through the court system. Out of the 10 most populous counties in Texas, the district attorney in El Paso, Jaime Esparza, is the only prosecutor who publicly said he will continue to prosecute cannabis cases. Esparza told the Texas Tribune that there is usually enough circumstantial evidence to convict someone in a cannabis case, and used the example of police who find a joint in a car, or anything that could be smoked, is enough for them to prosecute. Esparza and the El Paso Police Department must have first-class cannabis connoisseur’s licenses if they can tell the difference between the hemp and marijuana plant. Maybe all of Texas’ counties should forward their cannabis cases to El Paso, since they're so smart. There is no way to get around probable cause for a search of a vehicle, because marijuana and hemp smell the same. Due to the similarities between the two plants, the Texas Highway Patrol Division has been told to not make arrests, but only hand out citations to drivers caught with cannabis. Many hemp distributors that ship their products through the mail send legal documentation along with their product. Keeping those papers in the car wouldn’t be a bad idea, and they could help with getting out of sticky situations, similar to driving with a medical card. One thing we know for sure is that change is inevitable. It doesn’t happen overnight and at times will go unnoticed. But amidst all the confusion and incidental decriminalization of marijuana, Texas has inched its way closer to the legalization of the marijuana cannabis plant. https://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/dallas-lorenzo-hotel-doesnt-want-to-be-tagged-in-womans-photo-shoot-11735262 Bongme
  7. Congrats winners and all involved in making it poss. well done
  8. hi NewsFlash Man in court after £300,000 worth of drugs seized CUSTOMS officials have seized cannabis with an estimated street value of £300,000 after stopping a UK-registered car which had arrived on the Condor Liberation from Poole. The male driver, who comes from Liverpool, has been charged with importing the drugs into Jersey and is due to appear in the Magistrate's Court on Friday. The seizure was made on Thursday. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2019/08/23/man-in-court-after-300000-worth-of-drugs-seized/ Bongme
  9. Well ard me. Shows in me music.
  10. That would be the same Dorset police who, in 2015 said Cannabis smokers and growers weren't a priority anymore. Bunch of petty, backwards shitcunts who revel in picking the lowest of hanging fruits.
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  12. lovely stuff, cheers mate. the range though! the customers in that gaff are feral, it's all wild eye'd old dears with pikes for elbows if you get in their way when they're looking at cushions. i'll get a beta blocker down me and brave it, anything for my girls.
  13. It's great that many doctors are open to you trying the cbd oil. I asked my neurologist about treating epilepsy with hemp oil or cbd oil (not for myself, just out of general curiosity) and he showed zero interest. Though I have read on the website that it work great for reducing seizures
  14. Buy some activated charcoal from the range or somewhere similar for aquarium filters , it’s a few quid then make a wooden box with tights over it to stop the granules falling out then exhaust through it
  15. Here we go, straight into final pots , my first noodle grow. I have chosen Beef King size, I confess to eating the contents, I also confess to enjoying the contents. In my defense most things are edible by 9pm in my house Keeping things simple, straight into lightly fed Coco, pots 1/3rd full (taking notes from the 'King' ) TBC
  16. I’m not gunna lie it was a 20 quid eBay job just for fun but I usually use a mars hydro led for bigger space
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  19. Looks great @GrandaddyJabba! Width of the case is 205mm (8") so I think I could get a UFO light in there. What brand did you opt for? Not wanting to buy shite...
  20. Hi The Home Secretary handled things very quickly and very well, but the government did a bad job of managing expectations and there seemed to be very little joined-up thinking between the Home Office and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). The typical UK Government offices One-hand does not know what the other is doing! Sorry to hear how bad it been for these families BUT places like NICE care? NO THEY DONT its all about government funding not about cure and solutions and if a GW office or scientists did not invent it, it must be wrong All you can do is just keep fighting and keep positive like myself 20 years later over thousands of fights and thousands of research to disprove these idiots in power but here I am still the same today as I was the day I started, just ask long term members just keep battling Stay positive and keep close to your kids and then... Stay High By Brittany Howard (2019 Urban Soul, upcoming relese on September 20, 2019.) Bongme
  21. That voice, though.... surely he had his balls removed as a kid?!. Normally I'd frown upon that kind of thing, but that voice is pretty. heh.
  22. Dont have the photography skills but I'm really pleased with this white widow xxl bud
  23. i've had to get a dehumidifier cos the RH* by the coast is brutal. if you do get one make sure that it has a "re-start feature" it resets the machine to whatever state is was is before "the power cut". the higher end meacos and ebacs do. i went for one from the meaco "platinum range" in the end cos it only draws ~165w. so be on the look out, cos some of the machines, e.g. the ecoair dd3 draw up to 600w from the wall, and fuck that for a game of soldiers. here's a grab of my last 12 hour lights out. i'm starting the dehumidifer regime tonight, just as soon as i decypher the inkbird's manual - it's fucking crypic is what it is. and that's with a 6" and a 5" running at 80%, and it was even that "bad" of a night outside. we have been hitting the 90s round here on the regular. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- that's a lovely bit of kit that enviro, i was gutted earlier in the week as i had to cancel my order for one after finding out they can make RVKs hum. i can't justify swapping out my fans for ECs in the middle of my first ever grow! was mighty tempted mind, i think the fact my girls are all scrogged up played no small part in stopping me. sorry for this rambling mess of a post... meds not kicking in yet. *(6 weeks ago i'd never even heard of RH, how i think of little else. it's strange the way this growing lark can change a feller ain't it?)
  24. That's it. The blumats run on gravity, so res needs to be iirc 50cm above the drippers. The recirc pump is just any cheap small fish tank type pump just to keep the water moving and oxygenated. As a fail safe I made the the outlet for the drippers just above the height of which the pump intakes from so that if I ever forgot to top up the res then there is no chance of the pump running dry. The only thing with removing the carrots is you will upset the contact they have with the soil and may upset the settings. For example, if you put the carrot back in it may start dripping because it hasn't got the same water pressure acting against the ceramic cone as it did when it was taken out. It will all become apparent and they really are pretty easy to deal with. To set my levels I watered the pots, left them a day and then put my blumats in and adjusted to that moisture level. I found that when they are in full swing a mildy moist top of the soil was just right. If the spil was piss wet through on top it meant a dropper was getting away with itself. They'd sometimes do and need just dialing back one notch. Like I said. All this will make sense when they are in from of you and working. Good luck mate. Give us a shout when your up and running. As far as I know I haven't seen anyone else growing using this method yet other than me and I really do think it's the way forward for non organic soil growers and people with time constraints that don't have time to hand water or have immovable plants that are in a scrog.
  25. Damn! I thought it would be about a tenner! Last time I went it held my interest for about an hour! Not sure about going now!
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