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Plant Magic production date..

I've just bought a, well what I thought fresh bottle of plant magic pk 9-18 and the white sticker on the side states it was made 05/07/18  (well I assume its the production date)

But in the small print on the bottle it states, it should be used within 2 years of the production date or 6 month once opened....



So is it safe to use? or, will it just be off by now? Or will it just be a weaker version of it's former self..?



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I'd take it back especially if you've paid full whack for it. 


He's probably ordered a load when it's been on offer through the wholesaler then not been able to shift it.

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Good shout, it was probably a cheap bulk buy.

I'll be taking it back, I didn't even realise until I got home and took everything out the bag,

Sort of not impressed tbh, I've used the same shop for years and they've always been really helpful.

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