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Help with forcing flower

Currently got three different autos on the go. One nearing chop , one a few weeks into flower and then the RGS GSC auto that's doing sod all. It's got a load of pre flowers but absolutely no bud or anything  that looks like its gonna bud .

It went in with the one that's a few weeks into flower and there's miles between them, and this ones in a much smaller pot than the other two so expected it to be well underway by now. Gone past week 6 now. 

Its the second one of these that I have tried and the other did the exact same thing. I ended up throwing the last one and now considering slinging this one. 

Only it's looking pretty healthy

I can not switch the lights off due to I'm growing in my garage and the lights are running 24/7 to maintain heat and environment.

Considered putting it in a black bag in the tent but that's not gonna be complete darkness? 

If it turns out to not be a auto I guess it wouldn't flower no matter what due to my lights being 24/7? 

Any suggestions

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Put it into a card board box or similar and should be fine - just remember to take it off and put it over again every 12 hrs - i do something similar when flowering males

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Ahh right , I can only go in the garage every few days so that's not possible.

Can autos sometimes just need the darkness to kick in or is more likely I have a fem seeds , maybe it's a mix up in pacaging. 

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Put the room on 18hr of light or even less for a 2 weeks. 

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Lights need to run 24/7 to keep my temps and humidity consistent.

Maybe just throwing it is for the best. Got some creme caramel seeds to use up 

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I had a kush that took over 16 weeks to finish and sat there for weeks with preflowers doing nothing, maybe just give it a bit longer 


good luck 



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