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Fungus gnats

Know been a recent topic but that was with plants coming towards the end of flower. I have noticed some and got seedlings in the tent. Only young, some have popped up and still in the jiffy’s. I had a pot of moist coco still in the tent from a plant I ended up binning. Must of forgot about it but course binned that’s now. Also stuck up some of those yellow sticky pads. Should that be it sorted?

Am thinking if not then when I put the jiffy’s into the first pots. I should stick them in another room and hit the tent with one of those smoke bomb things? Hoping just getting rid of the pot of damp coco and the sticky traps is enough. Never had em before. 

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Generally come in with the coco from the grow shop, due to wholesalers storing them outside. 


A smoke bomb won't work, as you can't use them with the plants in the room and its the fungus gnat larvae that are the problem. 


Cover the top of the pots with perlite, horticultural sharp sand, grow stones, or pebbles to stop the transfer of adults in and out of the pot, hang sticky traps above and below the canopy (creating a barrier ontop of the pots with the traps, is good practice too). Get a bottle of a product called "Tanlin" or equivalent gnat killer, they'll be gone within a week or two. 

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They are only in jiffy’s at the moment they’ll be going into the first pots next couple of days. Coco I’ll be using hasn’t been opened yet. I binned the last bag of coco I used. Was only bit left wnd just thought just incase they are in that bin it. I’ll order some perlite and check out that tanlin. Never had them before but hopefully the little fuckers are gone soon enough.

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Another option is to get some nematodes from Dragonfli or similar :)






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