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How often should I be feeding in 22L fabric bags

Good evening, I’m trying to suss out my feeding schedule and hoping more experience people can help. 

I’m using an easy feed auto system, the system comes with different duration and frequency settings for when to feed. 

the option are for frequency is every 4 hours, 12, 24, 36, 48 & 72. 
duration options are 1 min, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25

I’m using 22L fabric pots, with 100% coco but I’m unsure how often I should be feeding. I’m relatively new to growing and can’t really tell if a plant is over/under-fed. 

If anyone can help I would be very thankful. 


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Absolutely impossible to tell mate, 


your plants could be tiny/2ft/4ft/6ft/trees etc etc 

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They were in Veg for 4 weeks, I’ve LST’ them so they’re not too tall. I didn’t pot up either and went straight into the final 22L fabric bag, if that helps. 

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Not very often if that young. You could easily water and leave for 3 - 4 days until the medium has dried out a bit.

But once roots fill out once a day. But at the stage, IMO, watering every day would not be a good idea.

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Loads of variables so it's hard to give a complete answer.


With coco you don't want the pots going dry as this will create problems. You don't need them saturated constantly either as that too can cause problems.


Ideally in a fully rooted pot you would be giving several short feeds per day.


22L is a big ass pot, nearly twice as big as I would personally recommend for an indoor percy grower.


First you need to ascertain how much water your system delivers over a set time period, take the dripper/s you would have in a single pot and place in a 1 or 2 litre jug and time how long it takes to fill. That will give you an idea of how much water is provided over a set time.


A full size plant, fully rooted in a 22L pot and in an ideal environment could drink as much as 4-5L every day.  


Every room is different and so is every plant (unless your growing from clones).


Loads of variables see.  Until you learn to read your plants and judge how much water your pots hold and how much water your system delivers etc etc..


Well it's anyone's guess tbh

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Looks like you'll have to hand water for a bit and see roughly what they like. 

I'd say go by the weight of the pot but i imagine it might damage the root ball (or your back). 

That is a very big pot! 

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I used to run 20L plastic pots and I used to feed them every 48 hours about 2-3L. 

When I bought the system they advised me to get the 22L but since joining here back in Feb, reading about pot size and seeing results people are getting in 12L pots I was going to downgrade and after seeing these comments cements that now. 

I roughly Veg for 3-4 weeks and It’s just not enough time given the pot I use.


Thank you all, appreciate the help. All the best 

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