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Squeezing plants in?

Hi All,


Please see below for my setup:




I had intended to only grow 5, but due to me effing up a few seedlings, and due to an over abundance of caution I have planted more than I need a further 5 as can be seen in the propagator), thinking I may eff up at least some of them again. However, they all seem to be fine so far, so now I'm left with more plants than holes.


You can see the top right guy doesn't look too good. I'm thinking he will get the bin, and then to squeeze 3 into the top right pot and then then other 2 into the top left, so the top left and right will have 3 rock wool plugs in them. I can then train them out of each others way as they grow.


I'm thinking that because its a hydro grow, it would be OK to squeeze them in like this, as the pot is not the rooting medium, in this case the rooting medium is the 5 pot hydro tub. Is that a valid thing to say? I know that growing multiple plants in the same soil pot wont work, but I'm thinking that the situation is different for hydro?


Has anyone tried this before? Appreciate any thoughts you guys might have on this?



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Yes its quite possible to put 2 plants in one netpot. 

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