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2nd grow, hows my girl doing?

Hey people, so I'm on my 2nd grow, 1st was ok but made quite a few mistakes which I hope to correct this time round.


Just wondering how the more experienced folks think my girl is doing this time around. 


Shes "the quick one" from rqs. Shes just over 5 weeks old. Been watering daily on low nutes started off on .5/ltr and slowly increased it up to 1.0/ltr as of today.


Growing in coco/perlite mix. The top of the perlite started getting some algae I think but at the start I was watering twice daily but have now moved down to just once. I'm hoping as the plant branches out it will block any light reaching the perlite hopefully reducing the growth of any further algae.


So here she is large.20190811_112221_compress62.jpg

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She looks nice and healthy mate.

Its hard to tell from a vertical photo but is she showing signs of flowering like stretching or pistils?

at >5 weeks old I’d be expecting signs of the start of flowering or soon after.

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Nope not yet but to be honest I haven't had a real look because I didnt expect it to happen this early but my first grow was a photo so I'm not familiar with auto's yet :upside:


One thing I didnt mention earlier is I'm growing in a fabric pot 11l and I'm noticing roots starting to come out the sides and down the bottom. I'm not sure if this is bad or what I can even do about it 

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Here's some pics I took today. White pistols are popping up so I think shes getting close to start flowering. Do I need to trim any of these lower leaves or leave it be? large.20190819_173429_compress48.jpglarge.20190819_173414_compress32.jpg

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