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Auto pot advice ..soil?...fabric pots?

Posted (edited)

Hey everyone..not sure if correct section  as planning on using soil but seen other posting about autopots  in here so thought I'd do the same I'm sure someone can move it if in the incorrect place :)


So im planning on geting a autopots system but never used one before and could do with some advice ,wanted to use soil and organic nutes as think I read  they have a autopots system for organic nute ..  will this be ok has anyone done this?

Has anyone used the fabric pot system and is it any better? ..Iv read a few times now to put couple inches of pebbles in the bottom but will the fabric pots help even more to prevent root problems? ..Or do you just end up having to refill res more often because of evaporation and end up fighting humidity ?..

If I do use organic bottle nutes is it ok to just mix nutes as normally would when hand watering in soil put in res with a oxy stone  and good to go?

Any advice would be great  thanks :yinyang::skin_up:


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Ok ...change of question...who using autopots &have you got a diary I can see? What size pots have you tried ?...what  substrate and nutes have you tried and settle on?  Also what size yeild/plants did you get in them ?

Thanks :yinyang:

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