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Hello all! Mech/Electronic engineer

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On 20/05/2020 at 7:46 PM, Laphroaig said:

Ahh how I envy you your skills.  I grabbed a few Arduino with a few ideas in mind but quickly got bogged down with the coding and at this point I've pretty much given up.  


I'm currently working on a smart dosing system with a four channel Sonoff switch and using its inching feature to deliver measured amounts of nutrients and phosphoric acid to my feed tank to maintain pH and EC.  Sadly I've not found a way to send telemetry so I'm relying on an ip camera to relay the readings from my Bluelab Guardian display.  It's woefully half-arsed but that's how I roll lol.


Welcome to the party.


Hey buddy,


coding seems to be like writing a language. You can write the jist of it without much help, but get a few tiny tiny bits wrong and the communication totally doesn't make sense. Sadly, it's the micro details that allows a programming language to work - which sucks!


Don't give up though! Just copy some code, edit it, and grow it. Easiest way and most the people I know do the same, even the pro's.


Get some photos up of your system and give me a tag! @3potheads and myself would love to see the system. Slowly and surely there is an automation community growing within this online forum!

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