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Natural scrog.

Has anybody ever built the scrog screen from the living plant?  I've two very tall plants.  Two quite short.  All are lanky. 


To maximise light penetration I might weave them into a living scrog.


This is not Sog.


They vary in height greatly.


Is this madness.  


If I do it the pots can't come out of my space.  Ill have to find a way to effectively water the rear plants.



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Never seen it done. Do it and see how it works out.


Id love to see it

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Hi mate @Pheonix I'd be worried about stems rubbing and/or strangling each other as they grew, causing damage and potential stem rot?  Would be a fucker trimming too i bet lol


I have put 5 or 6 unruley, varying height plants under a net befor. I'd vegged them all too long while waiting for a free tent, and one of them was up by the light befor flipping lol


I just put the net in, then added one plant at a time, bending, supercropping and snapping to fit, filling the net as i went. They soon bounced back. Trim as you go :yep: Tried to find a pic, but couldnt.



Nice one :guitar: 


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