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Clones growing... but no roots?!

Hi 420. 


Yeah so, as the title says. Clones growing..... but no roots! 


Took cuttings from 9 lemon haze plants, took 14 altogether. I cut them at a 45 degree angle then placed them in clonex bottle, dripping a little in the holes of the root riots.


I then placed them in the propagator 10” under my 300 watt cfl.... 


I originally had the propagator plugged in for the first 3 days, but the temps were going up to around 30 - 33 c so I unplugged it and they went down to 23 - 28 c.  


12 days later there’s still no roots showing, although they are growing/stretching??


anyone have any idea why they’re not taking? I’ve done them previously using exactly the same method  and had roots showing after 7 - 10 days?


any feedback appreciated.



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as long as they are still looking OK then just wait a bit longer mate and they should still root, it can take up to 3-4 weeks(sometimes longer) for roots to show depending on the conditions they're getting cloned in....

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17 hours ago, Greenhaus said:

then placed them in clonex bottle,

You may end up contaminating the clonex. Pour some clonex into a clean receptacal and dip cuttings in that.

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Thanks for the replies guys.


Il make sure I dip in a seperate container next time, so clonex doesn’t become contaminated..


I noticed the riot cubes were really saturated, I gave them a good squeeze and just left them moist, not soaking wet. This might of been the problem?!


I’m going to wait an extra week, maybe another 10 days... I have a new setup and I’m eager to get these girls goin!! 


Also, I have 5 super lemon haze seeds & 5 amnesia haze seeds sitting in the fridge.... so I can’t help but think I could be cracking on with getting them started, instead of waiting for these to root, that’s even if they do!! But Sod’s law, I’d start the beans and the clones will root! lol 


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wait another week to see if they sprout & try to not over water the root riots as this an fuck up seedlings & clones.



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Heavily saturated riot cubes will keep those roots inside as long as possible getting that even moist level is key in my opinion.


Also i allow 21 days before i start panicking if no roots are visible , cloning when i learned was always like a 3 week window so yea its been 12 days wait until 20 !



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Thanks for the advice. I’m a bit rusty with growing. I haven’t done 1 in a couple of years. 


Like you have said il jus wait until it’s been at least 21 days, just keep my eye on the moisture and temps.


I think Ive been a little impatient and eager to get them into my new setup. Aswell as wrestling with the idea of starting my seeds.


Good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes.


Il keep you posted guys





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