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The bug strikes 10 years later..

Hi, Just thought id get around to saying Hi :smoke:

Been on here again a couple of days now browsing around, catching up and how things have changed.


So after a little break away from the scene I'm back again with the bug, 10 years older but with a little more grow space this time round, iv been in the house two years now and finally stumbled upon the loft for the very first time.

Apex roof with a small height 150cm but a good length of over 4000cm and width of around 2500cm, I was thinking of keeping it simple and sectioning it off into two to form a flower and veg room.

The veg room with T5's and the flower room with 1 or 2 air cooled 600hps ? Heat will definitely become a major problem in summer as the house is south facing and was getting readings of nearly 40 in the garden the last few weeks.

:rofl: before anyone suggests it I did have a couple strategically placed in the garden...… but the neighbour keeps popping her head over the fence to say hi and the bigger they got the more I worried she would look down and see them :rofl:


Anyway iv lost track of what i was actually writing so im heading off back to the grow room design section now for some more inspiration :book:


Catch you all around soon hopefully :)


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sounds like a good space mate ...  be ideal to  make a grow room in 

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Winter is coming.


You could smash one out quickly and temps would be great if you started off some beans right now by my reckoning.  All down to how fast you can set up the veg section.  By the time it is done it will be Christmas :D

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Hello mate, check out the link in my sig. 

1.5 metres is not a lot of headroom at all and I think you may want to look into vertical. 

Insulation is gonna be your friend and big extraction. 

good luck and welcome. 


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Welcome sir! You'll love it here & now you've got the bug you'll be going in no time :bong:

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Hey mate nice to hear your getting back into the swing of things. Temperatures are a nightmare in the loft but it is doable. Insulating your room using foil backed 50mm boards is a good way to go. You can get them on eBay as seconds because the corners are a bit bartered. I’d also look at the new ceramic metal halide lamps for heat control they are supposed to be amazing for both quality and yield,giving off a lot less heat than traditional hps. The best idea I saw for keeping roots warm in the winter was getting some corrugated plastic then laying out underfloor heating cables in the grooves and screwing another piece on top ,voila giant thermostat  controls heat mat which runs water off a treat. 

Theirs a few ideas buddy good luck, welcome to the forum

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Hello mate there are some real top builds some members have done on here


Definitely plenty of motivation and ideas


All the best

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Hi Jasonw. I started off it my loft, grow space was tight like you, not quite as small as yours. I used 600 w LED lights to keep the heat down, and since I started using LED lights 3 years ago I would now not use anything else. I had 2 roof windows added to my roof for around £600 and they have been a god send. I also set up a automatic watering system. Then when the plants got to big to get in and around without damaging them I could just flick a switch and water them. I have now designed and made my own larger outside grow house. So I do no longer need to use the loft space. But I do for 6 plants. Anyway, put a extraction filter in, and a couple of moving fans, add 2 x 600 led lights and you be off and running. But my only advise I would give you is go LED. It cuts down on heat big time and your electricity bill. :) . Good luck and happy growing.

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