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SPLINTER: the Herbal Convection Vape that screws right into a Mod battery!



video at: https://vimeo.com/280518304




Big rips, and clouds to match! The beautiful handmade Splinter pumps out overwhelming flavour from dry herbs, all powered by a standard Mod battery.

At last- what vapers have been looking for. A herbal vaporizer “tank” that can be screwed into any Mod and that delivers powerful and incredibly tasty rips of herbal vapour at the touch of a button. The Splinter is also incredibly efficient, as its pure convection heat system means the herbs are only heated when you push the button- so no wasted goodness!

The Splinter is handmade by RastaBuddhaTao, the creator of the beloved Milaana Vaporizer, with a hand-carved American Walnut wooden body that lends a natural and high-quality feel to this high-tech vaporizer. The purity of the vapour is enhanced thanks to the glass chamber, which features an 18mm German ground glass fitting and an all-glass mouthpiece.

Whether I’ve got it plugged into a big powerful Reuleaux mod for all-day vaping, or my little Dabstorm 2.0 mod for quick hits, the Splinter has never let me down. It’s super easy to use, easy to clean, and even easy to empty and reload on the go. There’s no learning involved and no bells or whistles, yet the vaping experience is honestly second to none! For newbies and seasoned vaporists, the Splinter really is something special.

Screws right on to your existing Mod battery
Unbeatable flavour
Massive rips

Requires a Mod battery
No real temp control- other than the mod’s wattage or voltage control
Can be hot and dry without cooling mouthpiece

What's in the box
1 x Splinter Vaporizer in Walnut
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Pack of Screens
1 x Mixing Stick

Battery Mod Sold Separately 

1 Year Warranty, not including internal glass.

PLEASE NOTE: the Splinter's mouthpiece fitting is NOT a standard 18.8mm male size. Using standard adapters puts undue pressure on the glass heater cover and can cause breakage. Only use Splinter-specific adapters and mouthpieces.



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Want!! That looks quality. I’m currently using the original solo, how would you rate it next to this? 

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that i have to say looks very very good ..man these vapes cme a long way since the weed world one and the glass ball 

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I wish I hadn't joined Ryan's (rastabuddhatao) international waitlist for one of these


It would have been quicker, cheaper and a lot less BS to have waited and bought from Vapefiend 


Will you guys be stocking 19/19 stems and adapters for RBT products?

I'm looking for an adapter with a 14mm male fitting to go with mine.




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Posted (edited)

@Growgreen It's a huge improvement on the original Solo in terms of density of vapour. It's more efficient too, as it's convection (heat on demand). The one drawback is it's a bit harsh because of the vapour desnity, but the cooling mouthpiece (a separate add-on) really helps with that.


@Hippie on hill I can totally understand your frustration, but we had our order in before RBT even announced the pre-order. It was doubtful he would be able to produce any units at all, unless we were able to pay for a large batch up front. Pretty sure RBT was open about this on Reddit and Instagram too? I'm biased of course, but I would say it's always worth supporting Vapefiend, your local tax-paying vaporizer store :wink_kiss: Yes we will have adapters in a few days. We already have the standard stems and cooling mouthpieces in stock.

Edited by vapefiend
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I'm not going to go on about it anymore, i stand by what I've said here and on FC and would much rather try to be positive about the future than whine on about what has passed.


I'm genuinely pleased for you and Ryan that you are handling EU supplies and wish you the very best of luck working with him.


Looking forward to seeing what accessories n stems you can find for the 19/19 fitting 

Fingers crossed they'll be compatible with the Stempod too 


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Enjoying mine so far :)


Currently tinknering with FunkyJunky's firmwares for his tubo, whipping it up* in cruise mode with TCR150 170C and 23W with excellent battery life from a 2 battery mod.

Or setting it to about 27W in power mode and riding the button when it starts to bite 

Either way I'm getting a super quick extraction given the size of the bowl, making tasty dense vapour throughout the whole bowl and nice even med-dark avb every time.


* My whip setup's a bit Heath Robinson atm, I've used silicone tubing as a reducer for more silicone tubing to fit in the end of the standard mouthpiece, which works really well tbqh altho a proper 19mm whip adapter or a 19-14 adapter and a 14mm whip adapter would look better. 









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I'm just about to quit the fags and get back into vaping again, one of these would be ideal for me....:yep:

The price seems a bit steep, but if it works well it'll be worth it....Me and mates have tried cheap and cheerful herb tanks but they're mostly shit, or good for a day then they break. 

Any idea when they'll be back in stock @vapefiend

Edited by Captain Bonglington

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