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Odd experiences recently ?

A few times, of late, with no changes in anything else (that we are aware of) something odd seems to have happened to MrsPage (who has 2ndary progressive MS).


Usual routine is to have a couple of spliffs before watching some TV, then finish off with a couple of small alcoholic drinks, and 4 spliffs before bed.


Usually MrsP is fine.


However a few times of late, after the first spliff before bed, she pretty quickly goes what I call "all over the place" :mellow:. Lolling about in her wheelchair (which was changed last week ??????) going all "mumbly" and generally having zero "umph". Usually she can happily wheel in and sort herself out for bed, but last 2 nights she has just sat there. I've had to wheel her in, transfer her and then lift her across into bed (****ing does my back in).


Now something similar happened a few weeks ago, and it turned out that Ibuprofen and Baclofen (which she is on) are a definite no-no together. So she stopped taking the Ibuprofen, and that was that.


I appreciate that like all substances, cannabis can affect individuals differently. However in this case, nothing has changed. I'm using the same batch from the same grow for about 2 months now. We're not consuming anymore (in fact after things go shit, we have some unsmoked spliffs).


The only thing I can think of that's explicitly changed is the wheelchair ??????? Which has a slightly different sitting position. But I really can't see that.


Just wondered if this makes sense, or sounds familiar to anyone ?


Wakes up in the morning right as rain - or as right as rain as someone with MS can be expected to be ?

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how long has she been on the Baclofen mate?

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24 minutes ago, Jimboo said:

how long has she been on the Baclofen mate?


Quite a while ... 3/4 years from my memory. She's having an afternoon nap now - I'll double check later.


But no change in meds - touch wood the MS is as stable as it can be.


There could be a weather/temperature thing. But if so, this didn't happen a couple of weeks ago when it was quite a bit hotter ?

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I was just wondering if she had started taking them recently,I was on lyrica for about 6 months before they started interacting with weed. but like you say cannabis can affect individuals differently


I had no idea what was happing to me mate I was sliding off the chair after 1 spliff It wasn't until I googled lyrica tramadol and cannabis, I found out there was a synergy between them for some people 

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