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Keto diet

Seems popular, does it live up to the hype? I have switched from eating shit to what I consider good food. Lean meats, vegetables and brown rice or baked beans for carbs. I have lost weight but I want faster results lol . When I get back from my mates boat gonna really get the exercise routine. Just cycling 10 miles 3 times a week and weights couple times. Know I am due to lose more weight and honestly I ain't even fat. I just wanna get really lean before going on a clean bulk while hitting the gym.


anyway going on again ain't I lol anyone tried the keto diet? Heard ignore mentioned loads. Is it healthy long term? Are the results as quick as claimed online? Will either read more about it and prepare the food myself or be lazy and just keto ready meals to be delivered. Won't be for a month anyway at least as I just ordered months worth of food.

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I've done it twice, both times it has been very effective. This time I did it for ten weeks and lost around 2.5-3 stone (I didn't know initial weight when I started and had already been doing it two weeks before weighing myself). I'm veggie, so it's fucking hard work. Lots of eggs, cheese and cream. But you can eat small amounts of tomatoes and certain vegetables so I was making.lots of coconut milk curries eaten with cauliflower rice and marinara sauces. 

Quorn was super helpful as it's very low in carbs but super high in protein. But I guess that doesn't matter if you eat meat.


Everything about it is counter intuitive. Eat high fat to lose fat lol . It sounds like it will be really unhealthy (high fat, high protein, very low carbs) but was originally developed for diabetics. Athletes and body builders have been using it for a long time, some for very long periods, without any apparent major health issues. The medical profession seems to be coming round and changing their minds about it. Some research suggests it's really good for overweight and obese people. The jury is still out, but be careful of snake oil sales men saying it will cure all evils, it won't. I have found it an effective tool for losing weight and changing lifestyle.


It really sucks early on and you will suffer keto flu as your body fat adapts (using ketones instead of glucose). It effects people differently, I was super dizzy for two days whenever I stood up and lacked energy for around a week (as your body burns it's glycogen stores, if your cycling lots that will happen sooner). After that it gets easier.


Honestly, I never felt better. Skin looked good, full of energy (like ridiculous amounts), I was mentally very well I experienced a complete drop in background mental health issues i.e. anxiety and stress. I would break out in feelings of euphoria and happiness. I felt awesome. The weight slides off. Only negatives were lacking in things to eat and smelly wee and breath.  It is actually really tedious as well watching your carb intake, keeping below 20grams is essential and sneaky carbs are everywhere. Get used to counting obsessively and reading and learning what food ingredients are lol


I planned on doing it for six weeks. I did ten. I only stopped because I've been to a couple of festivals in the last few weeks and carrying on was difficult. I intend going back on it as I'm not quite where I want to be and I'm actually looking forward to it.


Advice. Watch for sneaky carbs and drink lots of water. But yeah, it's awesome imho. I went from roughly 17 stone down to 14.5. I've gone back up to 14.9 but that's mostly water weight (the initial weight loss you experience is water weight not fat). 


Hope that helps :yep: happy to answer any questions.


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Dr Eric Berg does a lot of videos on youtube about ketosis, intermittent fasting and other stuff - it's a really good resource. As far as losing weight, just keep goals realistic and sustainable, no point doing crazy diets/exercise routines for a few weeks, make small changes that you will sustain :yep:

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Thanks for the reply, I am going to give it ago I think and see how I feel after a month. I eat meat but sounds like it'll be hard for me as I hate eggs and can't eat cheese lol . Need to research it more of course and have a month to do so. I won't be on it for very long either I don't think, but we will see. Am just hoping can lose the weight and when I do put it back on it comes from healthy eating rather than processed junk. I won't bother with ordering the ready meals I don't think, only as I just ate some veg that came in a bag to be microwaved. Usually buy fresh but was feeling lazy and feel slightly bloat from it. Makes me wonder if they was bagged in an area which also bags gluten products. Rather just buy fresh and be sure. 


I won't ever go back to eating crap food I know that much. Will see how I do this month with the new food all ordered and a better exercise routine. I feel better for it, I just want quicker results.

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Keto helped me lifestyle change, particularly cutting out sweet stuff. I now drink tea and coffee without sugar or sweeteners, no cakes or sweet stuff, no crisps etc etc. 


It really is useful if done properly.

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If I can add my 2p, just be careful when you listen to Joe Rogan. He's smart, but not as smart as he thinks he is. He peddles a considerable amount of shit. I don't have an opinion on the keto diet, but I know that him and Ronda Patrick are making some pretty unsubstantiated claims about its effectiveness. Not that it doesn't work, just that it hasn't met the standard of proof.


 At my old job, I once had a rather lengthy discussion with a university sports science professor, about Rogan and Dr Ronda Patrick He made a great point about Rogan being quite biased in some aspects, especially as he's rather selective with who he brings on....i.e. people he already agrees with. The way he bows down to Ronda Patrick like she's some god, while also never bringing in anyone to challenge her on air is cringeworthy. A lot of people have started the keto diet because of listening to Rogan and her. One of my mates was actually hospitalised recently because of his keytone levels. No one's the same, but I'd recommend speaking to a dietician before you do anything drastic like the keto diet.

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I have cut out sugar from my coffee, and past few days cut out coffee all together anyway. Never been one to have loads of cups but found it was bloating me. Switched to almond milk and it still was and read online about chance of it containing gluten so yeah knocked it on the head.


Haven't heard Joe Rogan speak about it. More hear it pop up on forums to do with healthy eating that I've been looking at since trying to go gluten free. I am confident what I'm eating now will see me lose weight, it has done. It's what I would go back to after losing weight from keto anyway. Eating nothing but lean meat and vegetables with fruit for snacks. The carbs I'm eating are from what is considered "good carbs" Brown rice and oats and not having loads of them either. I just really want to speed things up.


From what I saw with the keto meals delivered, they contain diary which I can't have. So will have to look at doing it myself and finding a plan which doesn't contain gluten or dairy. I should lose weight quicker this month just by adding more exercise. Been doing days here and there but want to get a routine so it's easier to stick to it.

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So to day begins a new keto adventure, i've chosen a bad day as i'm meeting friends in the pub later, so no beer for me, but if i don't start when i have the motivation i'll keep putting it off.


So breakfast has just been two large mugs of coffee with unroasted unsweetened almond milk (best milk alternative i've found, much prefer it to roasted and soya milk, plus almond milk is a little more sustainable).


2 large eggs scrambled: 1.92g carbs, 12g protein, 13.2g fat

2 Linda Mcartney sausages 6.9g carbs, 16.4g protein, 5g fat.


lunch will probably be 

2 quorn chicken fillets: 2g carbs, 13.4g protein, 1.6g fat

30g iceberg lettuce: 0.8g carbohydrates, 0.2g protein, 0g fat

30g cucumber: 1.2g carbs, 0.3g protein, 0g fat

30g radish: 1.02g carbs, 0.7g protein, 0g fat.


and dinner will be:

30g quorn chicken pieces: 0.57g carbs, 3.75 protein, 0.48g fat.

30g red pepper: 1.8g carbs, 0.3g protein, 0g fat

1 clove garlic: 1g carbs, 1.89g protein, 0g fat

1 gram ginger: 0.18g carbs, 0.018g protein, 0g fat

30 grams kale: 2.7 carbs, 1.29g protein, 0g fat

1/4 can of coconut milk: 6g carbs, 2.3g protein, 24g fat.


totals = 26.09 carbs.


so i'm about 6 grams carbs over ideal, not a great start but i can shave a few off here and there, probably should have only had one sausage. thinking about it, probably best if i skip the curry for tea tonight and have an omelette instead, or have the omelette for lunch and the curry for tea. ether way, gonna feel like shit for the next week. sorry if i'm a grumpy cunt lol 


definitely need to increase fat intake, so omelette is going to be a good option actually, and i think i'll make some fat bombs to get it up.

Edited by Cursed
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@Cursed how you getting on? Still tempted by it but going to look up the meals and see if it's stuff I could bring myself to eat lol . If not then I'm going to be better at cutting body fat anyway as I have been reading and watching loads more. Just want to try get body fat down as much as I can. Purely to start going gym in the new year and be bulking with a strict diet. 


Been trying to read and seems even though eating healthy meals my macros have been quite off. Going to get that sorted and give it a go. Seems online many say to split it 50c/30p/20f for bulking. Course with a calorie surplus. Then in a defict to cut try 40/40/20 with dropping few more carbs depending on how body is reacting. Know everyone's body is different but honestly looking forward to seeing what works. Never hit the gym and proper took the dieting serious lol stupid I know. 

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I think you're looking too much into it... just eat food.. but not often and very few carbs if any at all. The rest will come with time and research and patience.


Eat Clean. 


Quitting grains and cardboard box / packet foods was the best thing i've ever done. 

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