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Ph organic feed

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13 hours ago, HazeHobby said:



What size are your final pots and how long did you veg the plants in those final pots before flowering?


I'm interested in this as I'm currently about to flower in batmix using bb nutes.

Ive got 10 plants in h&g bat special.

7 of them are killer skunk from seed


3 are in 6ltr pots the other 4 in 11s

the ones in 11s were potted up 2 weeks before going 12/12. All 7 started to show hunger the week before i potted up but potting up into 11s seemed to sort that up untill week 3 of flower when the ones in 11s started to turn again. At this point i asumed it was mg issue as we were at the point when ot reccomends a dose of epsom salts.

at this point nothing improved and they suddenly  over the next 2 weeks started to go bright yellow. Feed was upped to the point i got some slight nute burn but they never improved at all.


i also had cuttings from these seed plants that went straight from 1ltrs into 11s. Again in bat special. These plants were fine up to about a week ago when they too started to yellow, again these are now stedily getting worse. 

These plants are smaller as they were vegged for half the time and stayed healthy for much longer.

also have a few of these cutting in coco Absolutly fine with no problems at all.

only the compost plants have had a problem.


i will say though that originally when i put the cuttings in the bat special and coco, the BS ones grew faster and looked way better than the coco plants up until about week 4 of flower. Thats when the BS lot just took a turn for the worse.


so far ive checked temps which are fine

given epsom salts

tried upping the grow & bloom (biobizz) to the point of slight nute burn

and nothing has helped.

Only thing ive not touched is the ph. Going in its always been 5.5 ive even checked run off but thats coming out at 6.2 so now i dont really have anywhere else to go.


currently in week 6 flower and at the point now where theres verry few green leaves left on the seed plants and the buds have stopped getting bigger.

going to continue with OTs biobizz schedule untill my coco plants are finshed then take the lot down.

next time ill try a single plant with fishmix and see how that goes before doing a full organic grow again.  

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I don't know dude, as I said I'm only just into my first go at organic.


Be good if you posted some pics as it might help some of the more experienced people diagnose your issue........

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pics would help alot man. based on what youve said so far i would say mag def, if you uped the nutes with no effect, then its enviromental or mag def. if your sure its not the envoroment its magnisuim def - its the right time for it 3-4 weeks. how much mag did give them?

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mine is soft tap water while I was using cal/mag I saved all my egg shells, I put them in my oven on low heat for 1/2 hour then powdered them, I mixed it into my compost with Epsom salts and so far my plants are looking nice and healthy 16 days into flowering, this is my first grow using this method.

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Quick update

decided to use some mineral nutes as things were getting no better.

put them on 4ml Flora micro and bloom plus 0.5ml of calmg per ltr also phd it to 6.3.

things havent got better but theyve now stopped getting any worse and seem to have started flowering again


i also left the best 2 looking ones on the biobizz nutes but with a bit if calmg added and didnt ph the mix . Nothing changed with those they are still yellowing more and more everyday. 

Going to raise the ph of this mix to 6.3 and see what happens, if they stop yellowing then that confirms the ph problem.


all the coco plants look great


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How are they looking now mate?

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Posted (edited)

Wots  Tapwater EC ?

Dont ph ur feed in soil start causing problems... no need to test the run-off  you are causing more problems  Messing around  trust me I’ve been there done it

Edited by MrGreens
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Agree with above. You dont need to feed in batmix for 4 weeks so theres no way 2 weeks in they could be hungry..if you started feeding early then its possible lockout caused by overfeeding. Batmix has a shit hot buffer too so shouldnt really ever cause ph issues, unless its overfeeding and then further damage by using more chems to recitfy that.

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Posted (edited)

Hard to say without pics.

I have found with some vars that I have to up the N by quite bit with the bb nutes. 3ml/ltr grow can be quite common. Sometimes giving a blast of say 5 ml/ltr of fishmix maybe once every fortnight to stop progressive yellowing. 

If your water is soft you will need to add calmag every watering or yellowing will progress through the plant rapidly. 

Failing that nute lock out.... . 


Good luck, sometimes your head can hurt going around in circles. Just change one thing at a time and wait for results or lack of them!....




Edited by trance
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As said mate you shouldn't need to ph in soil. If your environment is ok, especially your root temps, all I can think of is watering. What is your watering regime like? I've not grown in coco but I know from the boards that it's difficult to overwater. Different matter in soil though. Also, how much Epsom salts did you give at 3 weeks in? Apparently, too much can cause other nutes to lock out. I haven't experienced this because I've never gone above 5ml/L with it and only feed it twice throughout the grow. These days I use Humboldt equilibrium instead at 1ml/L at the first signs of Mg def and then 0.5ml or 1ml/L every watering, depending on how greedy they are. Hope  you get on top of it. It could possibly be an overwatering problem. Pics would be great mate to get proper help :)

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I do have to watch pH; use vinegar (white) for down and baking soda for up. I think if you keep the feed at about 6.5 you'll not see these problems again. Many, many experienced growers will say this is rubbish blah blah...but, it works for me.

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Currenlty a week 8 they will be coming down this week.


the change to chem nutes and upping the ph stopped them getting any worse.

the 2 i left on organic nutes and the low ph just continued to get worse and worse, in the end i put them on the same as the others and again it stopped them getting worse.


none ever recovered and its definatly cost me some bud but im glad the nute swap got them to the end.


Got a couple of keepers in this run so next time will be doing them again.

next time im going to stick with coco as its what i know and what i get the best out of the plants with, but im going to stick a single organic in there too and have a go with some fishmix.


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Photos help a lot but it sounds like you have some issues to get on top of. I use Biobizz in soil, I did find that 11L pots really needed to be filled to the top, also topped them up once soil sank a bit as it does.


Maybe its the environment, cold soil can really cut back the yields plus plays havoc with nute uptake. Likewise, if there is not enough air exchange going on it will lead to lesser yields.


I know form experience that its easy to water soil badly. These days I always pre-water the soil with an old washing up liquid bottle. 1.2L into each pot helps to ensure even watering. Just find a GOOD rose for the watering can if your hand watering. The £1 ones you can buy dribble a lot and are pretty poor.


As for Biobizz, the feed chart is a guide only, I find a bit less is usually more and try to use wormcastings and now some batshit to give the soil a bit more life.


With 11L pots, people often have maybe 8L of soil in there. Better to move up to 18L pots and top up the pots when the soil compacts. You can often get another 3L of soil in there around week 3-4. The extra space helps the roots and you feed a lot less, not using nutes until week 4 or so. I have Plant Magic Mag-Cal on standby.


I have grown in every size pot from 10L to 100L bins. The bins barely needed a feed but were a pain in the backside to maintain.


I think 18L is about right for a soil grow indoors. Add 1L of wormcasting per every 9 of soil, more if you want. I use batshit to make up a nice tea for the plants. 2L soaked in 3L of warm water, then added to 50L or so of lukewarm water. I can skip a feed using this and always add some wormcastings also to make up a 'tea' for the plants.


As for temps I have a low of 70 and a high of 85 when the temps climb up.


Good luck with the next.

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