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compost decisions, need advice pls

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2 hours ago, smokie1 b c f c said:

hi , yeah get the worm castings good stuff, just mix it in. i have never used vermiculite i have used perlite, at a rate of about 5% to add some air into the pots. most soil has perlite mixed in already. personally i wouldnt use it if using grow shop soil . 

yes i am using allot of nutes in the flowering phase at the moment,as i have 4 gorilla hazes in there and they are hungry buggers, yellowing like mad on 2ml grow and 3ml bloom, into week 5 flower. 

some plants just love lots more food than others i find, more so in soil growing. its the sativa hybrids that eat the feed the most indoors i find. 

i have started giving the fish mix at 2ml per liter instead of the grow as they were still yellowing,eating up all the bottom growth/fan leafs like crazy. 

the kush hybrids i have are loving the 2ml grow, and 3ml bloom. i am in small 6.5 liter square pots tho. so the food in the soil was used up weeks ago,so i am adding more now there into week 5 of flower and are putting on the buds.:yinyang:

yes buddy i use grow and bloom together like you would if using bio bizz grow and bloom. 

i have heard that the p/m oldtimer bloom isnt the same as a few years ago. but unsure on that. you never needed grow in the old bottles of pm organic. but the newer stuff you do. 


their schedule still says only for first 2 weeks but that might explain the yellowing. i thought it was lockout. hmmmmmm. 

yeah, growing multiple strains like i do certainly can be a faff with diff feeds etc. 

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ok. grow shop didnt have enough 18L so i have 4x 18L square and 3x 15L round. oddly the round take up more room in the tent, grr. anway, the glue and 2 NLs will go into the 15L, rest in the 18s. the auto is staying in the 4L fabric pot as i think its gonna be a bonsai but i want that one culled first so its not an issue. then usually give me an oz or 2 a few weeks before the rest which can be helpful. 


for the pots i did this:


base of clay balls for some aeration and to stop wicking, the pots are also raised on cheapo kids building bricks to stop them sitting in any runoff. its not ideal they are a bit wobbly, might need a rethink lol. maybe glue them to the bottom? 

1L layer of all-mix ( i used a measuring jug to roughly scoop up about a litre, this kind of riddled it and helped me create an even layer )

1L layer of batmix HG (this was lighter so i could see how well i had created a layer)

handful of worm castings

sprinkle of vermiculite

rough hand mix - this helps me get any big bits that slipped through


after a few layers i added a sprinkle of TNG Micorr max (seems to be the cheapest of the fungi thingy products)

roughly mix with hand again

then repeated again for the 18L pots etc. 

then when transplanting i sprinkle TNG Micorr max under the roots and place plant, bring up the micorred soil up around the roots. 

ive not yet watered them, last time i gave them 24 hours to see if the roots would spread nicely. not sure if this is correct or not. ive been using PH- water from my hot tank and then added cold to cool to luke warm temp. maybe this isnt the best thing to do (i assumed it would de-chlorinate in the hot tank?). this time im going to just give them water thats been left to idle in the tent for a while, hopefully overnight but maybe before i go to bed. 


i think i need to turn this into my diary :hippy:

they are just going to get water tonight and maybe some superthrive, moonshine or catalyst to help the roots. with maybe some ph-. my tap is 7 so i usually add 0.5ml PH- to 10L from hot tap (it takes ages to run hot so 10L requires only 1-2L of cold)


also tempted to increase my light cycle from 18/6 to 21/3 or 20/4 to see if the added light benefits them now im using CMHs which run much cheaper, would also help with winter temps. i know i need a dark cycle for root growth and oxygenation but whats the sweet spot? am i wasting hours in darkness? 


sorry for ramble, enjoying some Pineapple Express to sooth my aching back. 

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also got 2 of those SJ monkey fans which seem to be the best clip on tent fans i have found. aiming slightly above canopy to give them some breeze


can i run 4 socket adaptor from my variac that i use for my extraction fan or will that fuck everything up? dont want to blow up my fan, those big SD silent ones arent cheap. but if i could run them at 50% like i do on my extraction i could aim them much better at the canopy. i do have one of those cheapy fan speed controllers too but the buzz annoys me. im trying to keep noise to a minimum. 

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On 12/3/2017 at 8:06 AM, Bird said:

I like the H&G batmix the best once they are over 4 weeks old, although to be fair I have never tried allmix.

added some on your recommendation, if it fucks up its all your fault! ;)lol  


On 12/3/2017 at 4:36 AM, smokie1 b c f c said:

hi, welcome back . 

what i do is mix my own soil. il buy either bio bizz all mix, prefered. or plagron light mix, both good, but a/mix is the best and has a good amount of feed in for early veg. 

il mix say 80% soil, with 20% canna co co, and a good 3 scoops of bat guano per 11 liter square pot. 

i find that gives the perfect amount of nutes to the plants all through. i just use bio bizz grow/fish mix ,seaweed extract, and plant magic organic oldtimer bloom at 3ml per liter. 

i found the above to be a perfect mix for me. i grow soil/organic also. you dont need the co co, you can just use bat guano into the soil, mix it up well at the last pot up before flowering.

best slow release organic indoor flowering feed i have found so far, but they reck the bats habitat tho to produce the guano.i use vintage bat guano, thats from new zealand i think. they are supposed to just lightly scrape the dryed guano of the floor in the most humane way not to wreck the bats habitat. :unsure:

unsure on that tho. but its good shit anyhow. :yinyang:


i opted for bat HG compost with worm castings too as that seemed best of both worlds. :) 


On 12/3/2017 at 6:06 PM, B0bbyBuds said:

Nice grow man, would love to see the stages of manifolding and how the plants react. What strains ou running? 


From what I understand layering should be good, I plan to do the same. Would be nice too see what other people think 

pics should be in my sig now dude, hopefully i shared my gallery right. shame the pics are mainly shite! :( will get camera back from ex wife. hard to get in as its quite dense at the moment. im trying plant bends too. the blueberry has gone purple as fuck already, think from the cold snap last week but hopefully its much more dialled in now in there. 

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im attempting to follow this guide now. minimal nutes & additives. from OT, hope its still valid!?!


The BioBizz chart is for rooted cuttings not seedlings.

The optimum ph of the compost for maintaining health and growth is 6 to 6.8. It is much harder for the compost to buffer up than to buffer down.

I don't know how many time I have to say this, if you do ph down not below 6! You will mess up the micro flora and if not very careful ruin the compost..

In answer to your Q's Mr Dragon your programme vis 3 inch to 6 inch to 11 litre is fine. But for the 3 inch pots use half and half allmix and perlite.

As soon as the rootball is netted with fine roots move them to your 6 inch pots and neat allmix.

Same story for the move to the final pots. Once in the final pots let them root out the soil ball before flowering, as a general rule of thumb once all the plants are showing roots at the drainage holes. Go to 12/12.

You should not need any feed right through these stages. Once you are on 12/12 start feeding 1 ml of both grow and bloom to a litre of water.

At about week 2 of flowering change the mix to 1 ml grow and 2 ml bloom per litre.

At week 3 [21 days] a one off feed of a heaped table spoon of epsom salts per 10 litres add to that 1 ml of grow and 2 ml of bloom.

Round the 4 week mark, the mix is 1ml gr and 3 ml bl.

Once you start to see browning of pistils change to 2 ml gr and 1 ml bl keep with that till the end.

All you really need is grow and bloom + a little epsom salts.

Does this make sense?

An added point, if you see the tissue between the veins on the lower leaves turning a lighter green at any point its likly the first signs of Mg shortage starting an addition of a little epsom salts to the next feed should keep things right. Don’t over do this or else you can lock out other nutrients.

Edited by KanedAndUnable
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well, last night before bed i gave them a nice weak nute feed.

approx 12L - 6ml moonshine, 15ml fishmix, 6ml catalyst and 4 drops superthrive. basically trying to encourage root growth, in another day i will extend the lights to 21/3 to see if i can give them as much light as they can handle before i flip em in a week or so. some are being flipped early and some will be given longer to beef up. likely the fast northern lights will be flipped early, 1 maybe 2 as 1 looks runty still, thin leaves, lighter green, not like the usual heavy indica at all. 


on a plus side the blueberry still should have 8 heads, 1 sprang from nowhere lol, i didnt think i would get it as there is a leaf missing on that node, but im not complaining. 


i also soft green wired one of the plants down but they are still too stocky really so will leave them a week or so to stretch. 


im vegging under my 2x 315 CMH but using the agro lights, not got the cash to buy 2 new veg bulbs for 2 weeks tops and i dont mind a little stretch with this manifold setup anyway. the CMHs seem to have great light penetration and give buds all the way down much better than HPS seemed to. i am still going to semi lollipop them as i dont want anything lower down. just big fat colas

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