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First Time Outdoor Grow - Started Inside

Hi All,

First Of All, Thank You All For All The Information And Experiences Of You All Growing, It Is A Wealth Of Knowledge At My Fingertips!

I Have Been Lurking And Reading Nearly Every Post For The Last Few Months And Finally Decided To Kick Into Gear And Do My Own Grow.


So A Few Details;

Im Growing In Soil/Perlite (70/30) Mix Under A Controversial Led Light Of 480 Watts, Although Actual Draw Of Power Is 88 Watts.

I Germinated My 4 X Seeds (Auto Speed Bud Feminised Seeds) By Female Seeds, Late On The 28th Of June, Which Then All Germinated By The 1st Of July.

Originally In Soil Pellets Then Each Moved Into A 1.5 Liter Pot To Grow Under The Lights 20/4 (As Well As Under Some Hot Sun We Have Been Having)

Im London, Lattitude 51.


Specifics Of Strain (According To Website)

Female Seeds - Auto Speed Bud

A Selected Strain On Speed And Resinous Buds Out Of All The Automatic Strains On The Market Today. Low Leaf Production, With More Flowers Than Leaves. Average Stone/High...

Flowering Time: 35 Days
Height: 40 - 80 Cm
Seed To Harvest: 53 Days
Yield: Fast Bulky Crop
Taste / Smell: Soft Taste With A Diesel Undertone


Strain: Auto Speed Bud
Breeder: Female Seeds
Location: IndoorOutdoor
Type: Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Flowering: Automatic Flowering
~53 Days (From Seedling To Harvest.)
Only Female Seeds.


Having Originally Started With A Very Poor Choice Of Cheap Led Grow Light Of Only 18 Watts (Lol Looking Back) Before Any Research And I Just Got The "Bug".

This Was Replaced At Approx 12 Days Into The Grow To The Above Mentioned 480 Watt Light.


This Being The Case I Had Issues With My Seedlings Stretching, Although Not As Bad As I Have Seen In Other Posts. This Issue Has Seeming Been Fixed Through The Use Of A Fan Constantly Blowing On Them And The Increase In Light.


I Am Currently At Day 23 Of My Grow, And The Plants Are Looking Health To My Eye (Im A Keen Gardener, But Dont Have Anything To Relate This Particular Grow To).

The Rootball Does Not Appear To Have Reached The Bottom Of The Pot, So I Am Hoping It Wont Have Got Rootbound Yet.

I Am Aware You Are Supposedly Not Supposed To Pot Up Autos, But In This Case My Choices Were Limited; This Is More Of An Experiment And For Sh*Ts And Giggles, To See If It Possible To Do Properly Next Year.

My Investment Into This Is Only About £80 All In, Including Seeds, So I Am Not Particularly Worried; It Would Just Be Fun To Grow Something Of My Own Rather Than Give These Little Shits Alot Of Money For A Far Too Few Grams.

Considering Apparently 80% Of All Cannabis In The Uk Is Home Grown, Surely This Couldn't Be Too Difficult.


Apologies For Images, I Will Get Some Better Ones On Tonight Without The Light.


I Am Planning To Plant These Out In The Wild Tomorrow, A Friend And I Have Already Prepped The Site Some Weeks Ago, Digging Holes And Adding Nutes/Ferts Such And Fish B&B, Garden Lime Etc To The Soil As Well As New Compost Soil.

2 Plants Will Be Very Out In The Open, So Will Receive The Full Glare Of The Sun Throughout The Day, Whilst Two Are Somewhat More Secluded, Although Both Should Easily Get A Minimum Of 6-8 Hours A Day No Problem.


One Plant (Top Left In Image) Seems To Have Grown One Set Of Crinkled Leaves (No Stress) And Lst Itself, With Two Bud Sites Competing Against Eachother, Which Is Shorter But Somewhat More Bushy.

Should I Lst The Rest One They Are In The Ground, Or Should I Leave Them And Let Them Grow?


3 Of The Plants Are, I Believe Showing The Preflowering Phase, With Small White Pistols Appearing In A Few Sites.


We Are Only Planning To Visit The Site Every 2 Of Weeks, And It Would Appear We Will Get Enough Rain For This To Be Viable.


Ill Update Asap As Soon As There Is In The Ground; Any Advice Regarding How They Are For Their Age Would Be Great.


Thanks For Your Time.







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1 hour ago, shaggyp said:

Led Light Of 480 Watts, Although Actual Draw Of Power Is 88 Watts.

We've got another one here. lol I'm out. :ninja: Good luck with your grow.    


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You should've put these outside much sooner, I'm afraid you're not going to get much smoke from these. Autoflowers should be potted up only once into their final pots, preferably between 10-15 days.

Edited by muffintop
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I don't repot autos period, as soon as the tap root is long enough they go straight into their final pots.


I use 20L tubs with plenty of drainage holes in the bottom and they always seem happy.


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Good luck with the grow mate :yep:, the pots dont look like 20 litre to me, its says you put them into 1.5 litres so you will be transplanting? they will be flowering very soon bud, personally I would leave them where they are. They will never root out a 20 litre if they are already pre-flowering in a 1.5. Sorry for the negativity but just being honest. 

Edited by nudger36

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