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Subbies pic thread

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11 minutes ago, Phoenix said:

Dry bud pics pending blah blah.  Pics or it didn't happen.....

Hiya buddy, and up your arse :)


I've just had two small bongs of this and I don't want another!


The majority of this hack in my last grow (contained 6 females of this cross) were wwxbb dominant, but not this girl; she leaned much more towards the chemdawg.


These are only lightly trimmed as I prefer to give them a thorough trim before I smoke it (makes harvest trimming that much easier). But here's a few buds and I'll post some plant pics shortly.








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Posted (edited)

This is her at day 89 after flip and I didn't chop for about another 10 days.

I don't whether it's due to running them at 13/11 or some sativa was dominating in my tent, but the majority of the grow were in excess of 10 weeks in flower. The exceptions were two of this cross that were some of the last to flower (due to immaturity) and the first to harvest. I even have two of these that I still haven't harvested yet and I flipped on April 12!!!!


This one was put into flowering at only about 3 weeks and thus her size and the fact that she is untopped!






I really should get off my arse and send Jules some of these seeds, but I still need to deseed a couple of ounces first.

Edited by GreengoStarr
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14 hours ago, crticalcontent said:

What’s the aromas coming from these buddy? I’ve got a pack in my fridge that might come out to play lol 


It's hard to put my finger on it properly, there are a few smells in there that I recognise but haven't been able to fully figure out yet. What I can say is that the above pheno was very sweet, but also has like a sour citrusy punch with it. I asked a few mates and they all agreed, but we couldn't quite figure out all of it. Something strong and similar to aniseed in there I think, and I'm confident saying lime is in there. Some people might think it smells a little too sweet, almost sickly. But my mates that've smelt the jars, their eyes have lit up and wanted to try some.....more than they usually do! All 8 have these sweet aromas but vary slightly.

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Last pic of the spiderberry before I smoke it all.


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Members of the forum, and especially new members thinking of subscribing and looking at the subbie seeds, I present to you the final bud shots of my Strawberry Amnesia X Double Durban, courtesy of @Black Venus.


These have the GreengoStarr fucking seal of approval!


I grew 3 females and each was very different, but all showed evidence of their grandaddy purps heritage as well as their Strawberry Cough heritage (*cough* *cough*) and each one is lovely. They have a rich, fruity smell and are dank as fuck! This is some of the best weed I've smoked in a very long time (more than 15 years) and I initially had them as cream of the last crop until I smoked my own hack, which I've detailed above. That just edges them into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place (out of 13 plants)!


Here is a bud from each plant.







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I must be high I thought the middle pick of the strawberry amnesia cross Was a hedgehog  lol 

heads gone :smokin:


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Those buds look like they could have come from three different plants. Do they all smoke differently?

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@Joolz my subbies payment should land your side by weekend pal order #505, can you put me down for a pack of psychosis x animal stomper plz 

Cheers :bong:


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@Vicfirth12 - Psycho Animal Stomper no1 on the left & no2 on the right. this are just going into flower and this run will determine which of these will be getting held back.


No 1 phenotype  produces the most trichome laden flowers with a sweet sweet grape ish type taste and aroma very nice and very moreish, the high is comfortable and relaxing and general euphoria , its very nice indeed !


No 2 phenotype is the Animal Cookies dom in regards to structure and coloring , they both fade to black but no 2 more so and the flower goes purple too ! this one is more accrid/sour in notes and again the effect is very similar to no1.




If you have these in the stash then get em cracked for your next run they really are smashing plants :yep:



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