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2017 Bubble Gum test grow

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On 4/30/2017 at 8:37 AM, rabthegrower said:

Looks like a got 4 girls out 6 seeds :)

... @rabthegrower .. nice one Rab ... that's some good returns there matey ... buzzing for you ... hope that your backs better my friend ... thank the god of the green sticky stuff mines (*touches wood*) much better ... I'll pop back when you put up some pics of your lovely ladies ...

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Hello again :) I needed the veg tent to dry my last crop so I had to kick the bubble gum out the tent and they were just sitting in my bedroom for a few days, then they got put into 12/12 with my 24k gold on its last week and a bit of flowering, that's when things went all wrong lol I fed them 280ppm grow micro bloom and it seems like the ph has gone below what they been getting (just water) I gave them one light feed before this. I did pretty well out my 24k gold so i'm not in a hurry to flower my girls just yet ;) plan of attack is get the light on as long a possible, hard top them way back to them frazzled leaves , give them a few days to recover, soft top all the tops switch to flower :) Fingers crossed it happens, ah the way I set it up is all 4 are linked I'll be pumping out the nutrients rather than using gravity (plinths)



Just so much other stuff needed doing, i'm pretty sure it will be ok now its got my full attention ;) 

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@rabthegrower ... hope you get it all sorted ... you are a good grower and I know you listen to your girls .. good luck mate .. 

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I did what I said I would do, its working out ok, one more week in veg and then flip them to flower. ppm set at 420 (the sweet spot at this stage) PH 5.8. I've set the ballast from 400w to 600w.  




sweet nurse auto is going in the pots for a Rick Simpson's oil run I hope to do in the near future.

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Looking great !!

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thanks @Claude


10 days later, they did not like 420ppm after all and went dark green lol oops , back down to 280ppm and they should be fine. switched to cool shade as its getting hot again. fixed the shade to top of tent, lots of room for plants to grow into, it's looking no bad ;) 






will be adding some Epsom sails to this plant at the front left, it looks like its magnesium deficient, all the red in the stems and leaf veins, its just starting in the one behind it also but none in the other two. i'll keep an eye on it. 280ppm that's EC 0.4 PH 6.0


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Day 21 flowering update


I said I would do this diary for the seeds so i'll keep it going (just) I did almost chop them all down last week when I  noticed they were still re-vegging 2 weeks after I put them into flower. I've messed this one up something stupid. Lucky my girlfriend said give it a week ;) Now its a week later and I'm glad I  left it. they don't look any worse than my last grow  lol I'm not used to short/squat plants. I like when they double or triple size when you flip them ;) I must say I've never had such uniform growing plants. its like they are clones of each other (apart from the one I stripped of all its leaves). I've never tried heavy defoliation so why not give it a go on this one :) I wish I could say i'm not being lazy as fuck on this grow but that's my style these days lol I change the nutrients every 4 or 5 days and don't look in-between lol 


As you can see they did not stretch very much, i'll be moving the light down to the blue line today


you can see the mono and tri leafs in this picture


I'll still be getting some buds by the looks of it :)


Fingers crossed i'll pull my finger out this week and get back to checking my levels and shit lol take it easy rab ;)


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Day 36 update, Things are ticking along ok. ppm's are set at 280 PH 5.9, I know it will be ok for a day or 3. when i look a few days later the ppm,s are at zero and the ph is 4.9. rather than messing about trying to fix this I just change it all out, its easy and I can get it done in half an hour :) I'm running out of bloom, silica, cal-mag and i'm skint as usual lol with only one more weeks feeding to go I should just make it to the finishing line ;) 



 remember when I topped them way back, what I did not say was it was when I was doing the plant on the back right hand side, it was dark and could not see what I was doing at all. I did a FIM (fuck I missed) on this one and its gone mental. I'll add another picture to show it better. As you can see stripping the plant of all its leafs had pretty much the opposite effect to what I was looking for lol the other 3 plants look way better imo and that's all that matters ;) I knew this but thought I would try the shwazzing (ffs) bollocks for a laugh :) 


I though I should show how easy it is to change out the water ;) I use my nft tanks wee pump for this job, drop it in the bucket (front right) to empty it out and then re-fill like in the picture, easy as you like :) 


If only I had not fuck this one up at the start, it could have been so much better. not that its that bad, even with my total messing up flipping in and out of flower, its still looking ok. imagine I was not prone to messing things up like I am. lol... I'll upload that picture and be back for a second update

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Well Rab, sounds like it's been bit of a trial this grow...but you've pulled it round bud, and looking fine now. Know what you mean about short stout plants though. Much prefer something that puts some arms up to train. 


Anyways not long before you get to sample the delights by the look of it...look forward to that. Got some reputation to live up to...the strain that is not you!:skin_up:

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I think SS bubblegum is one of the best strains I've grown, set aside the arguments over bubblegum flavours it's just a name. It's a strong and delicious strain. You'll enjoy that Rab! 

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My computer crashed just as I hit the post button, phew! glad I don't need to start again, that happened last time and I never do the update as good as the first time around lol Thanks for the likes @cocopips think i'm in Coventry or something here lol I do like to stay under the radar ;) anyways back to my flowers, I've tried doing fim before and it never really worked. so I stopped trying it. but this time by accident I've done it right and this plant has responded to it by throwing out crazy looking buds (i'll get good pictures when I chop them down) a picture says a thousand words ;)


that thing in the middle of the picture is a top its like about 20-30 clusters of calyxes and its not just the two at the top that are strange shaps :) 


When they get good looking i'll post some more pictures ;) take it easy

I almost forgot to say I can smell bubble gum in the tent. its frigging honking of weed but there is a sweetness like bubble gum in alongside it 

@bobnudd aye mate my reputation is not good lol 


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Looks tasty mate u done a good job with them and hats off to serious too, with all these new fancy strains coming from america, serious old school strains still look rock solid. Look forward to the smoke report rab

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Hi Rab,


Your garden is coming nice!!



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thanks for dropping in @Claude you know who to contact for future tests ;) @cocopips I'm just looking forward to a nice smoke, not worried if its like bubble gum or not, the stone is the main thing for me ;) 


what's been happening with me is my camera broke and I was trying to use another one but it was crap I did manage to get one picture off it last week




The 3 buds with the circles developed bud rot. The plant at the back right (FIM) looked riddled with it so I thought fuck it chop it down. when I broke it all down it was not as bad as I thought it would be, I've lost maybe half an oz in total out the 3 plants that got bud rot. Its been hot and wet, fuck all I can do about the humidity. when I chopped the first bud  with rot out I had a look under my microscope and was surprised at how many cloudy and amber trichomes I seen (its the end of week 7 going by the second time I flipped them) but it looks more like week 8 or 9 ?????????? maybe they stayed in flower and my re-veg done nothing lol what i'm saying is they are coming down very soon. so a last few pictures before the chop :) 


what its like right now









A bit of re-arranging




That was a lot of pictures lol For plants that are only one meter tall in my dwc tubs they produced a lot of nice size buds. I was surprised by how much that first plant filled my closet drying space ;) I'll e lucky if I can get it all in :) don't think I've ever done a smoke report but i'll be giving it a try on this one, my normal one is yip it gets me stoned and I like the taste or not lol i'll keep them all separate and see if any taste like bubble gum (to me) :) a new memory card fixed my camera ;)


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taking a few final shots as I chop them down. Ideally I would let them go another week maybe even two, but I know how fast bud rot can rip through a grow. better to get something than nothing at the end of the day. I always have problems when the buds are just too frigging fat lol no worries i'm a happy man :) can't wait to get the next grow started ;) more to come




take it easy

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