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Captain Bonglington

Some things I've made from wood.

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Круто, молодцы!

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I knocked this up today, chilling in the shed in the sunshine. :)

It's a bit of Beech, from the same tree as the other Beech bits and bobs I've posted. I couldn't think of anything else i could make with this other than a tea light holder. lol

It's interesting this bit, as it's beyond spalting....The wood itself is sound, but it's on the cusp of rot, i cut some soft bits off the ends, but it gives this lovely effect. :yep:









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wow  that wood looks fantastic ....  i wish i could find wood like that stuff  as i make knives  and  that  would look ferkin amazing as a handle ....

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Some lovely pieces of work Captain! Im a keen woodworker myself, I may have to do a thread with some of my work as i don't want to just jump into yours!


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@Captain Bonglington hi mate, hope life's good.


Did you ever knock up an extractor for your shed? Did the RVK work? I need extraction for my workshop. It's getting silly now and i feel bad for my cat lol




Are you up to much in your shed? Winter's drawing in. I'm wanting to hunker down already but my outdoor grow and bits to do on my land have kept me going.





I'm gonna stick this up befor i take it any further, my first little treat project to myself..





Pleased so far. My chisels needed alot of care after living outside for years. They were pitted to feck. But i'ts getting there. It should look quite different when i'm done, that's why i thought i'd get it up now :yep: Will hopfully have a glass top, fancy forged steel legs and stand, with leaves and vines. But i havn't built my forge yet, so that's a way off lol




@j.o.i.n.t I read a post of your's asking about tools. A good set of chisels goes a long way. Making a mallet is a fun exercise too. Then it's just down to pratice and imagination.


A good carpentry axe opens up alot of possibilites and working with green wood is cool.  lol  Then you'll want a draw knife too, although i've never got on with them. I prefer an axe for most things like that.


I was always too quick to get my sanding stuff out. Should always be seen as a last resort, if not, always last step.


Not sure what sort of things you want to do but that ^^ was nearly all with a simple 1/4" straight edge chisel, and the same size paring chisel.


I do love my angle grinder. It's such a versatile tool. I used to use it alot on wood, especially for sanding, but then realised you end up spending a lot of time getting rid of the deep marks/sratches it leaves. I still use it for shaping. I mainly use it for metal work now.


I used one on the ends of these bits of Ash, then a palm sander, then finished by hand. Worked down to 800 grit. They look like bone, and feel like silk :yep:




Nice one :guitar:

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