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Green Dogg

Favourite Documentaries

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What's your favourite documentaries then guys? Be nice to find some new ones to check out.

I'll kick it off with this - The Secret History Of Hacking

Jonestown - The Life and Death of Peoples Temple


Also loved Cocaine Cowboys 1 and 2.
Vice guide to North Korea
The fabulous four (boxing)

Just to name a few off the top of my head :hippy: Edited by Abe Froman
to fix links-original vids were removed
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Michael Rupert - Collapse...one of my favs


Damn straight with the Rubicon.

Also, Wild Horse Redemption, about some people who get their lives turned around by mustangs :)

I'd watch a documentary any day, shame my girly loves fucking romcoms :(

All the best,


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Dark Days a doco about the community that live in the NYC subway system:


Swansea love story:


The King of Kong - Donkey Kong playing pro's, you couldn't write characters this good


Great idea for a thread, not necessarily my favourites just a few that come to mind.

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I wouldnt say my favourite,

But the recent history of the world- Andrew Marr has been an enlightenment :smokin:

still up on the iplayer

bests D1

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Sorry if the sounds a bit out of sync

The Taylor Brothers from Stockton bike racers and builders

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the private life of plants, attinburg lol

think it's the only doc i have on dvd

love watching quality timelapse plant growth and having a chuff


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I'm a fan of Adam Curtis. Not sure his stuff strictly counts as documentary, there's a lot of polemic to it, but it's always thought provoking. I think The Power of Nightmares was superb (but I reiterate, it perhaps wasn't strictly documentary - then again what is ? even the most 'factual' documentary is made from a certain viewpoint, with a certain bias, there's no such thing as an objective documentary).


Getting away from the political and into 'movie' documentaries then Crumb is absolutely superb, a portrait of the legendary underground comic artist Robert Crumb. Absolutely brilliant.

If you're of my generation and were at some point into skateboarding (or if you're into skateboarding now) then Dogtown and the Z Boys is a great documentary.

When We Were Kings is really good (about the Ali-Foreman 'Rumble in the Jungle').

Man on Wire is excellent.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few, I may remember them later :)

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oh one more I just remembered as a cricket fan. Fire in Babylon, a documentary about the ascension of the West Indies cricket team from entertainers to a phenomenal test side that struck fear into the heart of everyone they played. It's a bit lacking in cricket footage (I could just watch he likes of Viv Richards batting and Michael Holding - 'whispering death' the greatest sporting nickname ever IMHO - bowling for 2 hours an bollocks to the documentary lol ) but it's an enjoyable documentary :)

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Burden of Dreams is an outstanding documentary, about werner herzogs making of his 1982 film fitzcarraldo which was plagued with problem like actors getting ill, walking out, not turning up, budget problems, the logistic problms of moving a 20 ton boat up and over a mountain, legal issues with the locals, equipment being stolen by natives. you name it whatever could go wrong did go wrong and you can sense werner herzogs descent into madness, and its for real

For anyone with an interest in how films are made this is brilliant. unfortunately its not on youtube but you can download it on those sites like piratebay

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Michael Wadleigh's "Woodstock." is perhaps the archetypal music documentary, and contains all the Woodstock 'moments' that have become legendary.

So many great moments, but for me the highlight of the film is Santana's Soul Sacrifice, just for Michael Shrieve's fucking outstanding drum solo :) Posted it lots before, will post it lots again cos it's probably my favourite live drum solo :)


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The King of Kong - Donkey Kong playing pro's, you couldn't write characters this good

Watched this last week, was bloody brilliant!

Another great one I saw recently was called 'Jiro dreams of Sushi', a bit slow going but pretty much a masterpiece IMO

Few more for the list:

Cutting edge- the men who jump of buildings

William Eggleston in the real world

and of course all of the Louix Theoroux series'


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