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UK : Men jailed for operating Kent nursery cannabis factory


Men jailed for operating Kent nursery cannabis factory

17 - July - 2012


Christine Huggan, owner of Kingsgate & Kenver Nurseries in Broadstairs, had innocently rented to a man the large glasshouse in which the cannabis was subsequently grown. The man has since disappeared, but Andrew Bowen and Daniel Holloway were implicated in the scheme and have been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that the two men had been employees of the nursery, although Mrs Huggan would neither confirm nor deny that to DIY Week. Bowen claimed to have stumbled across the cannabis factory while working for the business as a handyman. A mystery man was then said to have paid him to guard the factory, with Bowen himself later hiring Holloway as security back-up.

Police investigators found large quantities of cannabis plants in the glasshouse, although they had been well concealed.

"They boarded the whole thing in, it was like a room in a greenhouse," Mrs Huggan told DIY Week. "We thought it was just a workshop. We used to hear sawing and banging. I thought they were plumbers."

The glasshouse was watched by CCTV cameras linked to a computer in an adjacent caravan, and electricity for the factory had been illegally siphoned off from the main supply.

The racket came to light when a passing police officer noticed the strong smell of the cannabis in the area, but Mrs Huggan said she was very unhappy with the way the police had handled the case and let the mastermind of the scheme escape.

"The police completely bungled the whole thing," she said, adding: "It's nothing to do with my business and it's losing me trade."



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anyone notice the ghost on the photo by the big bucket?

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Not all that surprised by this. I used to work in a tree nursery and there was a polly tunnel that was used as a spare for if one of the others needed work done and also used for storage. It was unfortunatly my job to go in every June and September to clear out all the weed plants before the shareholders came to visit. It was a job that was done every year that's how widespreed it was and it was only the site staff that has access to the site. Not quite as many as in the OP though.

Every year they would put them in and every year I would take them. If was on my own I would throw them over the fence in to the woods that was beside the nursery and come get them that night and plant them somewere else, but most times I would be with someone so they got composted. Boo.

Cheers tico.

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Nah its the pigs avin a smoke behind the camera. :rofl:

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lol.. i heard about this when it happened... Must of had tonnes of gear growing.. Theres a main road that goes along side where that nursery is and to smell that from the road it must have been quite large.. silly sods.. think i know who these 2 are aswell that got cuaght..


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