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Auto Mazar + Think Different

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nice enough dude enjoy some lovely looking bud there :bong:

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doing a bit of a hash run........

dry shake taken from the last trim of the dry buds. shaken through a screen until i got fed up. i'll do a bubble run on the shake too to see if i can squeeze a bit more out.

amazing how many hairs get through the screen.


gave it a clean and a hand press. its forms a very hard resin. smells devine. beautiful blonde colour.

this will get mixed with bubble bag and scissor hash, then given a good hand work before curing starts.



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just done an ice-olator run. first with fresh frozen trim, then a second run with the left overs from the dry sift. stirred with a wooden spoon for about 20mins each run.

its been drying for a few days on cardboard




this will go together with the finger hash - a bit dirty, mostly pistils. the grit in the oyster ~?


and the dry sift - very dry and dusty when broken


pile it all together


now to work it all together - maybe half an hour of hand rubbing and pressing. it is quite hard resin, needs a lot of pressure to work it over. pressing flat then folding back on to itself, rolling into ball etc.

fun fun fun.




i'll give this a few workings over in the next week or two, then lay it down for curing.

next summer's festy fuel ~?

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I loved seeing this diary couch, next time you fancy a tent full of auto's give me a shout. As you can imagine we have a few new varieties in the pipleine for the coming months

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Hello mate, that was a really nice grow. I am about to start growing 4 or 5 auto mazar in coco with Canna nutes. What about your feeding schedule? You were feeding them daily or day by day?

Can you explain me also how did you do scrog? I never tried that and i see the yield is much bigger with that technique.

I tried to sent you message but i couldnt as a new member.

Thank you in advance.

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hi growbari

i've been enjoying the smoke since harvest.

i fed everyday with coco, as you are supposed to keep the coco moist and you can't over water as any excess drains out of the bottom of the pot. i didn't really stay on top of the nutes with this grow but did ok.

with a scrog you basically train the plant under a net so that all the buds are pretty much the same distance from the light. with sodium lights the intensity of the light reduces significantly the further away from the bulb you get so a scrog means that all the buds get pretty much the same amount of light. you don't get sexy big colas but the bottom half of the plant's buds get much bigger. down sides are that once the plants in the net you can't move them or get in easily to check for bugs etc.

with the mazar you would probably get the same result by just tying down the main stem as it grows using low stress training (LST), and possibly a few of the side branches.

good luck

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Thanks for reply. Few more questions if you dont mind :)

Should i feed them from seedling or i should wait 1-2 weeks?

What about the distance from net to the top of the pot? I know that in normal strains (not autoflower) it should be something like 20 cm but what about autoflowers which stay lower in height?

Which is the easier way to put the net? I mean should i put it from the begining or i should wait until the plant reach the ideal height and then put it on?

Thank you again and sorry for my bad english :)

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i think the first few days you can give just water, then after use a weak feed, maybe 1/4 strength then build it up slowly. i would post a question on the forums here to see what other people think about when to start feeding - there are people here who know much more about using coco than me. i've gone back to using soil as its much easier and forgiving than hydro.

for the net about 20 cm sounds ok. you could start to train them into the net as soon as they are big enough, feeding the shoots through the net as they grow. its easy to do and you soon get the hang of it. it will probably be 3 or 4 weeks before they are big enough to start training.

your english is fine by the way. where are you from ~?

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I am from Greece my friend.

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καλή τύχη με σας να αυξηθεί

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Haven't started yet and i am thinking coco or soil? I know soil is easier but you cant feed as much as in coco. What do you think?

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hi gro

its a difficult call - if you're new to growing then i'd say go for soil as its much simpler and gives you more of a buffer against mistakes. with 6 or 11 litre pots you'll only have to water / feed every few days, and mixing up the feeds is really easy. if you're short of time you can just give them water. if you buy canna related compost and feeds there's not so much that can go wrong and you can concentrate on the plants a bit more. some say that the bud tastes and smells better with organic soil and feeds.

with coco you have to measure and adjust your EC and PH values for each feed and water every day. coco is more forgiving of mistakes than other hydro setups but can still go wrong fairy quickly if you're not on top of it. it took me lots more time to do coco than soil each day - depends how busy you are ~?

some say that you can get quicker veg growth with hydro, which i would mostly agree with, but most people here seem to think you get similar yields with soil or hydro as long as your environment is fairy stable (temps and good airflow mostly).

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Yo bro

I am not that new to growing. I have done 7 grows in soil and my last one was in coco. Unfortunatelly i couldnt finish that grow, i had to stop it about 1 month before harvest so i dont have oppinion on yield difference between soil and coco. My personal view from that last grow is that its prety hard-boring to feed daily in coco as i must wait 1 hour to drop the next nute in water before watering and measure the ec. You really need to be on top of it as you said. I think coco is much harder but i can handle it in order to take "much" bigger yield. I've read in many forums that the yield from coco is much bigger because of daily feed but i have no idea what's going on with autoflowers.

Btw i have nutes for soil (Advance Nutrients, organic Juice grow, organic Juice bloom, Big bud, Organic B1) and for coco i have the whole series of canna coco nutes.

As about pots i was using 20L pots in previus grows, they should be good for autos too right?

Edited by grobari

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why not give it a go then, you should be able to stay on top of things if you put a bit of time in every day. i ran a wilma auto pot system with coco for 3 crops last year and had pretty good results, filling the tank once a week and adjusting ph every few days. its much less daily work and it means you can go away for a few days too.

it'd be nice to see coco run alongside soil at the same time to see what the difference in yeild / taste etc. would make a good diary here ~?

i used 11 litre pots with coco but the roots didn't really fill out all the way through, i think autos might be good with airpots or root pouches as you can't really repot them up through different pots sizes. 20 would probably be too big and restrict the number of plants you can get in. you'd probably get away with 6 litre pots with coco too.

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