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Synergistic Effects of Essential Oils & Cannabinoids

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In addition to THC and CBD, there are more than 100 cannabinoids—many of which have been found to have potential medical benefits. While these cannabinoids play some role in the effects of different strains, according to Russo, chemicals other than cannabinoids are responsible for you sitting on your ass watching television when you’ve had one too many hits (aka “couch lock”). Russo argues that the couch-lock effect may be the result of the terpenoid “myrcene,” a recognized sedative and painkiller also found in hops and used in sleep aids.

However, Vandrey expressed some doubt about Russo's myrcene hypothesis. “There is really, really limited science on that,” he said.

24a8b85da167b183feac.pngMyrcene: May be the leading cause of “couchlock”

Reports from Test Lab Amsterdam, a cannabis testing laboratory in the Netherlands, complicate matters further. They largely agree with Russo that myrcene plays a role in the high, but hypothesize it may be the cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG) in combination with THC and myrcene that creates couch lock.

Test Lab Amsterdam Lab Manager Pars Manas Akdag agrees that you shouldn’t pay attention just to strains, but feels the classifications aren’t completely bogus, either. “All of the indica strains contain higher amounts of CBG in comparison to the sativa strains,” Akdag told me, saying that this may explain “the sedation/deactivation and couch-lock effect of the indica strains.”

So, is there something to the folklore that indicas and sativas are different? Without hard evidence to back up these claims, we just don't know.

Sativa vs. Indica: Fact or Fiction


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I have experimented with vaporizing different aromatic herbs mixed with cannabis to test the effects of terpenes combined with cannabinoids. Lemon thyme made the colors more vivid and bright and was the most pleasant. Smoking cannabis while burning high grade frankincense makes the stone more meditative. Frankincense even has cannabinoid type properties.

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interesting about the cannabis antidote's

lemon, pine nuts, black pepper and calamus? root

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Terpene and cannabinoid profile for a Nanda Devi female:
THC: 10.87%
CBD: 1.05%
CBN: 0.08%
Beta-caryophyllene: 0.42mg/mL
Alpha-pinene: 0.15mg/mL
Beta-pinene: 0.17mg/mL
Myrcene: 0.17mg/mL
Limonene: 0.07mg/mL
Geraniol: 1.56mg/mL
Terpenolene: 0.15mg/mL
Humulene: 1.27mg/mL
Nerolidol-1: 0.23mg/mL

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i have been doing my own tests with mono terpenes .


i have alpha pinene, beta pinene, ,eucalyptol,

eugenol,linalool, terpineol and citral.


ive made some wax and i warmed it up i added 2 drops of citral to a gram of wax .


i had a dab yesterday and oh my word its tastes of oringina/orange opal fruits/ starburst.


wow is all i can say i mixed some beta pinene and cital now thats a mood enhancer

im waiting on some other new mono`s coming next week .

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