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Rockwool Blocks

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I throw them in the bath. 4" 6" and slabs.. ph down pretty low. Swish about a bit and leave for an hour then drain. Refill bath, add grow, ph down then drain again. I dont squeeze either.

Maybe I'm just chicken :russian:

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I'm in the don't squeeze gang.... hold cube loosely in palm and fingers and sort of flick my wrist about 5 times to get the excess water out. Works a treat and keeps air in the cube.

One other thing is dry flowers green up solution in your pre soak, this stuff saves cuttings every time and keeps them looking green and happy.


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I really don`t get all this with rock wool I get 99 cuttings out of 100 and thats the one with the label in it

We need to make sure we have got the right blocks and keep them clean. take a look in the store room of your shop if its not as clean as the kitchen go to another

Culturally not Grodan, Grodan blocks/plugs are softer so the humidity in the block/plug will be to high.

The culturally block needs to be soaked in 17% hydrogen peroxide 1ml to 1lt at 20c for 30 sec to 1 min now shake out all the water thought the bottom of the block this should leave the top of the block almost dry 5% or less and the bottom of the plug about 90% we are looking for 85% humidity

CloneX and push the cutting into the block just untill you feel the cutting pushing into the block and stop the glass will cut into the steam so no need to cut at the internode

Every 24 hr you need to water with 17% hydrogen peroxide 1ml to 1lt at 20c from the bottom of the plug dont add any feed until you see root and don`t over water, keep the tops dry. most cutting die from drowning and damping off, if you do over water shake the water out the bottom of the block/plug be gentle the new root will got like this.

with root we are ready to put the plug into the block now add your feed at 50% dip the block into the feed 2/3 down untill you see the bottom of the block get wet, placing your hands flat on both side of the block push the bottom of the block in 5mm to 10mm no more now the block is ready to take the plug

dip the plug or small block in the feed and push into the block

as always hope it helps

Edited by DCRBob

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i soak rockwool in my normal feed. I pour or dunk the cube in the feed then leave it overnight. I squeeze excess nutes out before i place clones in. I have just put 4 Killerskink in a GT100. Over the 2 weeks rooting out the 4" grodans i did squeeze excess nutes out. Once or twice i have heard a "snap" when the plants are getting on. This is surely a root snapping within the cube. I saw no negative effects on the plants but it isnt a good thing. After 2 weeks i didnt need to get rid of excess nutrient, the plant would drink it. over the day.

I also use Formulex. Mist the clones 3-4 times a day and dont soak rockwool cubes at all. Let them dry. Plants take the nutes through the misting and root out the rockwool cubes.


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any idea why roots keep dying then coming back to life then dying then coming back

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any idea why roots keep dying then coming back to life then dying then coming back

I feel like this happens to me in rockwool too. Switching to coco, so bottom roots are always in water, and top roots always in air. Let the Osmosis handle it.

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