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Found 4 results

  1. Here is a blog that we're especially proud of, being that we've created a downloadable cost calculator that allows you to input all the variables such as wattage, timer cycles and energy prices as they change. We initially had a beautifully presented equation, but alas, 'computer said no'. "How much does my light cost to run? With lights by far being the most energy consuming piece of equipment in your grow room, that’s a significant chunk off your monthly electricity bill. You can either go through our simple mathematical equation, or download our electricity cost calculator we’ve created to determine the cost of running any given light over a grow cycle and see how much you’ll save on electricity alone..........." https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/how-to-work-out-your-running-costs-with-calculator-download -Craig
  2. "When you purchase a high-intensity discharge (HID), also known as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting system, the assumption is that you’re going to be drawing the exact wattage at the wall, that the system references. For example, a 600w HPS will use 600 watts of electricity, a 315w CMH will use 315 watts. NOT TRUE. That number being used, refers to the bulb’s draw, not the system’s. So how much more?"...................................... Read the rest of our blog here, at https://diyleduk.com/blogs/news/hps-what-to-the-really-draw We hope you guys find some of the information we provide in these blogs, moving forward, helpful. We always appreciate constructive feedback! Craig
  3. Hello all! Just a quick couple of questions with regards to the daisychain option on my LED grow lights. They are nothing too expensive compared to some of the lights that are on the market but its my first grow and they seem to be doing OK for now. So firstly, I didn't plan on using more than one grow light. I started off small with a 2x2 tent and a MarsHydro II 400 lamp (173w from the wall)..after a few weeks I got the bug and had already decided that I was going to upgrade my tent for a bigger space. So I went out and got myself a 4x4... But obviously the MarsHydro lamp would not cover the new space. The new plan was to use the small tent and Mars for veg...then swap to the bigger tent and purchase a new light for flower. I wanted to stick with LEDs and stay cheap so this time I went for the Viparspectra 900w (405w from the wall)...so now I had two tents and two lights. But having the bug meant thay I couldn't stop there and was already wanting more light in my bigger tent..so I moved the MarsHydro into the 4x4 and this now meant I had two LEDs in this space, but no light in the 2x2. As such, I got another LED, this time the Viparspectra 300w (134w from the wall). Before I even set this up in the 2x2 I had already decided that I was temporarily going to put this in the 4x4 untill I had some seed to plant in the veg tent...no point it just being sat there eh!? So currently my 4x4 houses 3 LED grow lights: Viparspectra 900 (405w) Viparspectra 300 (134w) MarsHydro II 400 (173w) A total of 712w being drawn from the wall. My latest plan is to keep all three I. The 4x4 and get another Viparspectra 300 for the 2x2. At the min, they are all currently running off their own power cables and not daisychained. Sorry for the long winded story but now here's my questions: 1) The Viparspectra 900w being the biggest LED doesn't have the daisychain plug :-/ the smaller versions do...but the 900w doesn't - does anyone know why this is? 2) Both the MarsHydro II 400 and the Viparspectra 300w have the daisychain plug, am I able to link these two different branded LEDs? Or will I face problems? Is it safe? 3) If I can daisychain to two different branded LEDs. Does it matter if what order I start the chain in? For examples can I start at with the Viparspectra 300 with a wattage of 134 the link that to the MarsHydro? And if this is the case, is it safe to link all three lights together? So start low and work up to the biggest light? Thanks for any time given to help out a new grower!!
  4. I just want some feedback on wether you guys think I am okay to run my newly built veg box in my loft with the flower room I have. In my loft is 1 double socket, part of the same ring for my top floor. From that double socket, one socket is my big 4 way timer unit, which powers my 2 x 6oow ballasts and 1 x 6 inch fan that vents my air cooled lights. In the other socket I have a 4 way extension, and in that is my filter fan (6 inch), my intake fan (6 inch) and another extension lead that goes into my room On that extension is my oscillating fan and 2000w oil radiator. Would I get away with it if I used the spare socket on the extension outside my room to feed yet another extension lead to power the veg room, which consists of a 300w CFL, a 4 inch 15 watt extractor fan, a small 500w heater and maybe a little desk fan. I can always make a new socket off that socket. But that requires an electritian and its a job to get to, so my thought process is this.... A 6 way heavy duty power surge extension lead outside my room. Would this work given the load I already have up there. The 2000w oil radiator is the killer, but im hoping I wont need it soon. I only use it for winter. Theres not a lot of power required for the veg room, what do other people power off theyre sockets? Regards