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Found 49 results

  1. How's it going everyone! Glad to be back for another season of madness! Nearly a year to the day since we started our first GG diary, we're back at it for round 2! Still a team of three, as our fourth is out of action for this season. Hopefully the gang will be all four of us for 2022! Regarding our plots - we're utilising some of our plots from last year (the best ones) and scrapping some old plots that didn't work. Additionally, we have two new sites (with multiple plots within) on the radar, but may only need to utilise one as we have quite a few main sites now, with many, many plots hidden throughout. For anyone who wasn't following last year, I would recommend checking the link in my signature, as this will show our current sites, which we're currently expanding and adding to. ________________________________ The plan - For the next two weeks, we're focussed on expanding the existing plots, turning over the soil and fert'ing. We have a plan to stick to, but i'm concerned that we may have only 3 weeks until plant-out on some plots, so does anyone know if 3 weeks for the chicken pellets will be sufficient to not burn them once we plant-out? I'm reading 4 weeks online but surely 3 will be ok? Thanks in advance to anyone who pitches in with their experience/2 cents! In addition to the above, we're also going to be moving on to our newest site, which again will have numerous plots within. We've been scouting this for a year now, testing different potential routes in as it's quite risky to get to, but looks very promising once you're in. We think we've solved the problem and found a viable route, but we'll update soon, once we've checked. ________________________________ The strains - This season, we're going all Real Gorilla Seeds once again, as we are all very impressed with last year's efforts. @panik & RGS staff are always great to deal with, the seeds speak for themselves and the delivery times are bang on. What more could you want!? We're running - 12x Purple Freeze BX1 12x Mighty Freeze BX1 12x Purkle #1 12x OPG (orange purple grapefruit) x Friesland 3x OPH (orange purple grapefruit) x Headbanger -- kindly given by Panik last year as testers, but got completely sidetracked and forgot til now! Regs so going to keep separate to the rest 12x Fast Lemon Drizzle 12x Freezland IBL S1 So that gives us 75x in total - want more, but need to be sensible (for once...) ...watch this space though ________________________________ Anyway, less talk, more flicks - One of our plots from last year, widened to improve airflow/decrease mould chances as much as possible. Will stick 8-10 here just like last year Some classic bramble tunnels. Spent the last day tunnelling these through, and they go on for fuckinnnnn ages. Love em Out of the tunnel and we arrive at the next, newest plot to start prepping... 30 mins later... Starting to realise buying the best tools you can get/afford, saves a lot of time, effort and pain! We grabbed some Spear & Jackson razor sharp tools and they're crazy-good. Would really recommend. (and no, I don't work for Spear & Jackson) Just a random shot of the surroundings! That pretty much wraps it up for the first update for this season! Stay tuned for loads of updates, pics, stories and more - it's going to be a wild one! Stay blazed, stay safe! G_B & TYHB
  2. Fast Zkittlez 31 August

    From the album 2021 RGS GG

    Fast Zkittlez plant #2 31 August nightshot, medium sized flowering along nicely
  3. From the album 2021 RGS GG

    2x Fast Zkittlez patch different angle 20 July
  4. 2x Fast Zkittlez - 20 July Nightshot

    From the album 2021 RGS GG

    2x Fast Zkittlez - 20 July Nightshot
  5. Fast Zkittlez - #1 20 July Nightshot

    From the album 2021 RGS GG

    Zkittlez #1 20 July Nightshot
  6. From the album 2021 RGS GG

    Exo Gold BX1 - #3 The Monster 20 July Nightshot
  7. Exo Gold BX1 -#2 20 July Nightshot

    From the album 2021 RGS GG

    Exo Gold BX1 - #2 Nightshot
  8. Exo Gold BX1 - #1 20 July Night shot

    From the album 2021 RGS GG

    Exo Gold BX1 - #1 20 July Night shot
  9. I've been reading up on maize as a feed crop for anaerobic digestion (AD) - harvesting may take place a little later than for animal feed. There's little (no) wilderness around where I am so after reading a diary about growing in a maize crop I plan to find fields growing it for a AD plant a few miles away. My search for the diary also brought up @tescoturnip's plan to do the same with a few of his beans in this competition. As mentioned in the diary I will look for gaps where the seed drill has missed a chunk of field and pop a couple in perhaps three or more fields, depending on what I find. To make my search for bare spots easier I'll fly my 'buzzard' drone with a camera looking down and review the footage at home. Several 'excuses' ready for anyone too interested in why I'm flying over the fields. Real and fake Good luck everyone
  10. Thanks panik. Seed dropped today, off to collect now. I'll only have space to flower four maximum. 8 will go into seedpots tonight and I'll veg them for around six weeks ( my tent will become free around then). The strongest looking females will then go into flower. Hoping they'll be ready around start of June. I'll probably put another plant in with them , most likely a cut of (orig release) ugorg noname. (Not found another like it in the "new" version pack) . Veg - crappy CFLs(around 60w) Flower - sunlight led ( from diyleduk) 230w ( turned down to about 150) in 60x60 space. It'll be the second cycle for the new light. I'm in the middle of the first try with this light , and although the plants are doing well, the cooler temps caught me out after a switch from hps and this has slightly slowed the plants . I think I've got it sorted now though, but I hope that by the time these trial seeds are flowering the weather will be warmer and I'll be able to give you a good idea what these seeds can produce in this setup. If anyone knows anything about the mother plant ( or plants of the same progeny I'd love to know any info at all) Cheers people
  11. Good evening to my fellow guerrilla brethren and sistren. It's that time of year when we get to put our best laid plans to action. The days are getting longer and green shoots are appearing on the tree’s . This can only mean one thing: Summer is on its way and its 2020 grow season. Firstly , massive thanks our seed sponsor @panik for his generosity. I for one really appreciate the last minute change of mind which led him to running the RGS competition. This year i’ll be testing out Lemon drizzle. This year things are going to be a little different. I relocated to southern Portugal at the end of last year. So I'm in a new country , with new weather , different territory. And a whole new set of complications. The most difficult factor is going to be dealing with is watering my plot in the heat of the day. Winter temperatures are already reaching the 20’ 21 mark so this summer is going to be scorcio. July and August especially !! But I'm ready , I love this shit , bring it on ! I have a few successful GG under my belt now so I am ready for a new challenge. My plan is to plant out in late May and harvest in September or October. I’m a lone wolf so this could be interesting and it will be a learning curve no matter what happens. Let the games begin !
  12. NORTH WALES DANK 420 x REAL GORILLA SEEDS HILLSIDE OK 2018 Well ladies and gents, ive been lurking on this forum for about 6 years now and still learning something new everyday. Been a member for 4 years now. I'm about to embark upon my 2nd outdoor grow. The first was done in 2014, and frankly it was rushed, done out of excitement and not very well executed. That being said, from the 6 plants i started with i cropped 4 at the beginning of October. Fast forward a few years and this time I have planned and prepared meticulously. I scoured Google maps for my spot. Visited multiple times and varying times of day, not a human soul for miles. I've dug, prepped, caged, ordered, planned, prepped some more and finally... I'm ready. This year im running Real Gorilla Seeds gear exclusively. I chose 5 strains and received a 3 pack of Easy Sat x Skunk #1 which im extremely excited about. But my line up of choice is as follows: 6 x Mighty Gold 6 x DFG 6 x Fire 99 6 x GreenGold 6 x Royal Mazar I know, I'm excited too!! I've seen and heard nothing but good things about RGS gear. This year is going to be an absolute belter i can feel it. Just wanted to kick my diary off anyway. In the process of uploading pictures of progress and steps so far. I'll definitely update the diary weekly but more than likely a few times a week. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all do this year. Good luck Gorillas!
  13. I'm looking for Outdoor Indicas but as most seed companies label 60/40s indica dominant strains as "Mostly Indica" its hard to know which one is the best. You can get really racy 60/40 indica dominant strains and get more indica effects from slightly sativa dominant strains. So, Ideally what i'm looking for is a selection of RGS top 3 pure Indica strains, or Indica strains that are ideally at least 80%+ Indica. Any ideas? Much love x
  14. Hello and welcome to another season on the UK420 forum . This year I will be growing in one plot not uses before so it's a all or nothing type of deal go big or go home. There's a bed for 6 with space for pots aswell if needs be. It was around 5 to 8 inches of soil before hitting more heavy clay based material so I turned over what was there and added some seaweed and a box of FEB. And added some garden off cuts leaves and flowers,guinee pigs sawdust chicken pellets and gentle agitated it into the top with the aim to raise the bed . I had a 70l bale of coco arrive unexpectedly so off that went and I sawed it into thin sheets and played it out evenenly gently pressed into the top of the bed. I will post pics as and when for the time being I'm waiting on a E27 light cable and sun master then I will crack on and make a veg box in around 2 weeks. Till then adios amigo's
  15. Sweeet fellas first time gorilla grow! have some purple maroc, DFG and cream Carmel F1 from RGS really want to do the best job that I can do, should I Plant straight into slightly sandy soft soil or make my own? What should I feed the plants and how many times?
  16. RGS x6 DFG.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition Diary x6 DFG