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Found 35 results

  1. How's it going everyone! Glad to be back for another season of madness! Nearly a year to the day since we started our first GG diary, we're back at it for round 2! Still a team of three, as our fourth is out of action for this season. Hopefully the gang will be all four of us for 2022! Regarding our plots - we're utilising some of our plots from last year (the best ones) and scrapping some old plots that didn't work. Additionally, we have two new sites (with multiple plots within) on the radar, but may only need to utilise one as we have quite a few main sites now, with many, many plots hidden throughout. For anyone who wasn't following last year, I would recommend checking the link in my signature, as this will show our current sites, which we're currently expanding and adding to. ________________________________ The plan - For the next two weeks, we're focussed on expanding the existing plots, turning over the soil and fert'ing. We have a plan to stick to, but i'm concerned that we may have only 3 weeks until plant-out on some plots, so does anyone know if 3 weeks for the chicken pellets will be sufficient to not burn them once we plant-out? I'm reading 4 weeks online but surely 3 will be ok? Thanks in advance to anyone who pitches in with their experience/2 cents! In addition to the above, we're also going to be moving on to our newest site, which again will have numerous plots within. We've been scouting this for a year now, testing different potential routes in as it's quite risky to get to, but looks very promising once you're in. We think we've solved the problem and found a viable route, but we'll update soon, once we've checked. ________________________________ The strains - This season, we're going all Real Gorilla Seeds once again, as we are all very impressed with last year's efforts. @panik & RGS staff are always great to deal with, the seeds speak for themselves and the delivery times are bang on. What more could you want!? We're running - 12x Purple Freeze BX1 12x Mighty Freeze BX1 12x Purkle #1 12x OPG (orange purple grapefruit) x Friesland 3x OPH (orange purple grapefruit) x Headbanger -- kindly given by Panik last year as testers, but got completely sidetracked and forgot til now! Regs so going to keep separate to the rest 12x Fast Lemon Drizzle 12x Freezland IBL S1 So that gives us 75x in total - want more, but need to be sensible (for once...) ...watch this space though ________________________________ Anyway, less talk, more flicks - One of our plots from last year, widened to improve airflow/decrease mould chances as much as possible. Will stick 8-10 here just like last year Some classic bramble tunnels. Spent the last day tunnelling these through, and they go on for fuckinnnnn ages. Love em Out of the tunnel and we arrive at the next, newest plot to start prepping... 30 mins later... Starting to realise buying the best tools you can get/afford, saves a lot of time, effort and pain! We grabbed some Spear & Jackson razor sharp tools and they're crazy-good. Would really recommend. (and no, I don't work for Spear & Jackson) Just a random shot of the surroundings! That pretty much wraps it up for the first update for this season! Stay tuned for loads of updates, pics, stories and more - it's going to be a wild one! Stay blazed, stay safe! G_B & TYHB
  2. Right then guerrillas I’m back once again with my seasonal grow diary for all you green fingered outlaws. I hadn't planned on doing a diary this year , but I thought it would be fun to share the journey with everyone. For all the people who no me . I said goodbye to my dad at Christmas, he passed away from throat cancer. Last year I used various outdoor projects to distract me from watching my fathers impending death. I miss the old boat so much and it's been a tough few months adjusting to life with out him. I haven't quite felt the same since he passed away. Anyway , Enough of the that ! It looks like the forum has gained lots of new and enthusiastic guerrillas so hopefully this season will be a fruitful one for us all. Lots of new faces and few old ones are still here chugging away in the background. This May has been wet and abit cold, but have faith . This year I’m going to try a new approach. Instead of going balls deep into the diary. I'm going to attempt a more systematic explanation of the whole project lifecycle and explain some techniques I use to deliver a successful harvest year on a budget. Here’s a breakdown of how I’m going to do the diary this year Introduction Useful rules I've leant the hard way Last years work Seed selection Approach plan Equipment and Money saving techniques Plot hunting techniques (do’s and don’ts) Germination This years grow sites Plant out Maintenance Prepare for harvest and harvesting Drying and curing - Hash Making Smoke report Sign off I'll be back next week . Have a great weekend and wish everyone all the best for this season.
  3. Looking forward to the new Real Gorilla seeds strains coming soon. I should imagine most outdoor growers in the UK especially guerilla growers are waiting for this to drop too. If like me, the suspence is killing you. This thread is for you. If not, then why not. Every grower should have least a couple of RGS in there collection. I was hoping for some pure indicas, and maybe something with a bit of cbd in it for 2021. What you looking for?
  4. @panik i see a lot of people saying your the person to speak to about Real Gorilla Seeds, I have recently ordered Auto Mazar after speaking to one of the support team and them advising it was mould resistant with decent THC. what I'm looking for is do yous have your own nutes or do yous have any recommendations for auto Mazar Kind Regards Dutch.
  5. Well here it is, the official start of my Real Gorilla Seeds outdoor comp diary! Firstly a massive shout out to @panikand Real Gorilla Seeds for making this possible! So, as mentioned in the tags, I will be running a lovely mix of genetics - * Lemon Freeze * Purple Freeze * Fast Lemon Drizzle * Fast Diesel Really excited for what is hopefully a booming summer for all of us to take advantage of and produce some beautiful crops. (Wishing everybody the best of luck) Not sure on exact numbers just yet as the plot has potential to grow some monstrous sized bushes so I need to be mindful of overcrowding for sure. The plot has been vigorously turned over and fertilized with cow manure, compost, mycorrhizal fungi spores, fish blood, bone meal and chicken manure pellets. Bat guano is on standby for top dressing along with more bbm & biobizz bloom if needed. As some of you have already seen, I've scored very lucky with my plot location. Here's a peek for any who haven't. Need to get down in the next week to get fencing posts and rabbit wire up and then lay a thin top mulch of composted lawn cuttings and top off with straw until planting time! All ladies involved in this production will be started indoors and propagated under a kind led. They will be soaked for 24 hours and then set to germ, I don't have Rockwool so will be paper toweling it and kept in controlled temps and monitored. Once popped they will be planted into a blend of biobizz light mix and Westland multi compost to do them until plant out in mid May. Going to have a proper measure up to see what I can get away with space wise and obviously select numbers to suit. Germination will begin from next week! Thanks for dropping in! Be safe, be green... and don't be seen!! TT
  6. Year of the guerilla Will post plot pics asap.
  7. ESS1, WEEK 4.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    Real Gorilla Seeds, 2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition. EASY SATIVA x SKUNK #1, WEEK 4.
  8. DFG 2, WEEK 4.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    Real Gorilla Seeds, 2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition. DFG 2, WEEK 4.
  9. DFG 1, WEEK 4.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    Real Gorilla Seeds, 2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition. DFG 1, WEEK 4.
  10. GUY'S PATCH.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    Real Gorilla Seeds, 2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition. GUY'S PATCH, week 4.
  11. PATCH WEEK 4.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    Real Gorilla Seeds, 2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition. PATCH WEEK 4
  12. Hi all, lsst yes of bought a variety of seeds inc auto, fast(s) and ordinary timeframe varieties. I have down a rogue seed I had left over with no knowledge of what it is. I know it’s a decent seed as it’s from RGS. It’s about 4 nodes tall and if it’s anything other than an auto I want to top it, is there a way of telling early doors if it is an auto?
  13. Auto purple Alfie

    From the album Stuff

    On the first day of spring my true gorilla gave to me 2 auto Alfie
  14. RGS x6 DFG.jpg

    From the album 2020 RGS Diary

    2020 Outdoor Gorilla Competition Diary x6 DFG
  15. Hi all. Really chuffed about this one. Feels like such an honour being able to test these. Panik has kindly agreed to let me test his Strawberry Diesel X Gelato 41, a cross for me sounds like a match made in heaven. In case your not up to speed on these strains Strawberry Diesel really is a blinder, a Strawberry Cough cross I know and have grown, and its also the supposed Stud of the legend Bruce Banner #3. Then add Gelato 41 which I've been told is a little more Indica leaning than Gelato 33 and fruitier than other Gelato Genotypes... when Panik mentioned this cross I almost fell of me chair. So once again the seeds arrived quick and safe... They never got to see the inside of my fridge, they went straight into a light Seaweed soak. They took a good 48 hours for all the seeds to crack but crack they all did, 16 beans and all germinated perfect and are doing great. So atm as a test grow, germination was 100% spot on, and to add on this one the seeds were very well developed, sized, coloured and matured. They're in diddy pots of my fav, Plant Magic soil, and I'm keeping them on a little Seaweed until the weekend when they will go onto Rhizotonic for a week. These are reg's so hopefully given the 50/50 avg ratio I should get some nice plants in this grow. They'll be vegged under CMH and I'm planning to flower them under a mix of HPS and CMH. Many thanks once again @panik Hope everyone is well, take it easy. GV.
  16. From the album Green Gold (RGSC) 2019

    Wicked herb! Over 1lbs weight!
  17. From the album whitey freeze auto

    a group shoot both greenhouse grown
  18. Purkle

    From the album whitey freeze auto

    Still no signs of pre flowers do hope she finishes
  19. Purkle

    From the album whitey freeze auto

    Feed consisting of 1 liter rain water and old timers grow mixed then a further 1 liter pure rain water leave now for 5 to 6 days
  20. Fire 99 tap root

    From the album whitey freeze auto

    72 hours after germ 100 percent success on germ
  21. Purkle

    From the album whitey freeze auto

    Purkle or even urkle purkle as she's known now on her second set of leaves I've introduced the heated prop a night time temps are still down to 14 15 in the green house. So diced to try and have a less drop by week day and night temps and have them hovering around 15 day and 20 night with the assistance of the heated prop
  22. RGS Strawberry Diesel x Gelato 41

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Test grow of Real Gorilla Seeds Strawberry Diesel x Gelato 41.
  23. about time I got this diary going.... @panik Plan is was to grow 6 (3 of each) in 1 x 200ltr no=till pot/bed but as there were 7(lucky omens everywhere) of the zkittzo's so.... I'm now gonna grow 7 plants - 4 x zkittzo's + 3 x lemonade og's in 1.2m2 ish my usual bean popping technique; soak beans in minimal amount of warm water for a couple of hours to bring up to temp after being stored in the fridge, and to soften them up a bit then straight into pellets which have been pre-soaked in warm water, aloe and a little TNC MycorrMax 1cm ish down. I always add the water that the seeds were pre-soaked in as I don't want to lose any of the enzymes that seeds produce/release at the moment of germination if that happened which it shouldn't have done yet in the couple of hours...blah blah blah.... and then labelled wrongly by my other half into a prop, lid on at 24c ish on Tuesday 24th April... 2 day's later Thursday 26th lid still on, just off for pics....6 stirrers DAY 1 DAY 2 100% germ only zkittzo #2 needed a little help with her cap....opened vents on prop.... DAY 4 lid off and lift off.... Put them under a t5 yesterday then 2x t5's today a 125cfl tomorrow to build up to planting them straight into their final 200ltr home under a 400mh on Friday ish any eagle eye's may have noticed a bubba's gift bean in the first pic...same treatment, still a no-show......i'll leave it at that for now... Plan is to veg under the 400mh for 6-8 weeks then flower under a 600hps but there is some cross over from other cmh lights in the groom
  24. Here we go again Just a few photo's and info to get the diary started. Seeds arrived 8th put them strait into a glass of warm water from the kettle and left them to soak over night and was happy to see them all at the bottom of the glass the next morning. Placed them in some 2.5 inch square pots ( I managed to pick up from wilko's) I half filled them with JAB multi purpose compost I managed to get 100% germ rate within 3 days although one is a little behind the rest as it seemed to get stuck in the pod (A gentle flick with my nail sorted that). They are currently under a 250w HPS in a dp90 with some other plants I have at various stages also have a 12in oscillating blowing the heat out of the passive vents temps sitting about 26/27c at the moment. I do have a 4" extraction/filter for the dp90 if temps start climbing but I try not to run it if possible never had a issue with smells from the dp90. As you can see I have topped 5 of the pots up with more compost just to give some support to the stems. I will post updates at each stage of potting on and then every 10 days or so in flower. I plan to flower in 5ltr final pots (I flower in a 1m under a 600 so normally try to have 9 plants in 5ltr pots) so should be 3/4 pot ups before 12/12 Bio Bizz is the nute range I plan on using. Just like to say again big thanks to @panik and all the people behind Real Gorilla Seeds for the chance to grow out some of their work and for the supper service that have provided, just hope I can do them justice.
  25. hi and welcome to my first uk420 diary thanks to @panik for the seeds hope to do them proud mate. fast diesel Strain Lineage: Sour Diesel x GG2 The sour Diesel clone was crossed to the early GG lines to bring down flowering times to 7 weeks , these plants grow fast have great bag appeal and structure with a fruity hint of citrus Diesel. zkittzo Strain Lineage: Zkittles X Skunk#1 Rgsc take on Zkittles ,..Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to produce this candy-flavoured cannabis bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This award-winning combination took 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and 1st Place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The chunky Colas explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavours. The effects of Zkittlez are surprisingly Uplifting for an indica, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day, now crossed to our Skunk#1 it brings even more pack to the punch and is still fruity as hell Genetics: Zkittles x Skunk Mostly Indica Dominant Indoors 9 Weeks Flowering Feminised this will be a simple soil grow setting three of each off and will keep updates short and sweet. seeds will be soaked overnight in a glass of water then straight into a small soil pot and put in a warm place until hopefully i have 6 new babies to show you all