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Found 1 result

  1. I know this has come up countless times before but I'm looking for input from growers with actual experience in stealth growing. I need ideas on photo or auto strains which don't attract attention by stinking up the neighborhood. Breeders descriptions come across as a massive sales pitch and rarely seem to provide exactly the info I'm looking for. I need a strain that when flowering can't be identifiable as cannabis. I want to know that when someone walks down my garden path or enters my house they're not going to make any kind of connection between any potential odour and the fact that something naughty is going on in the house. Can't grow in the garden I'm afraid. I understand that most weed stinks but if all people smelled was fruit or flowers then that's ok. What I don't want is fruit/flowers with that sweet sickly cannabis smell ever present. And yes, I get that scents differ from pheno to pheno, and yes I'm equipped with a Rhino Pro CF, HEPA air purifier and Ona products on stand by. The usual qualities, such as high yielding, compact, good response to bending/training and high potency are desirable but odour is my primary area of concern. Through research I've discovered 'Blue Mystic, Papaya, Hybrid X and Northern Lights', although NL, even though generally considered low odour, emits a more generic cannabis smell. Well that's what I've read. Any suggestions are appreciated. Just started a Dutch Passion Starryder in the mean time and I hope it doesn't stink up the house. Anyone who has dabbled with this strain can feel free to chime in. I should also mention that I only grow one plant at a time with a 200W (actual power draw) LED. Thanks in advance.