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Found 11 results

  1. Hello folks , We are proud to announce that we will be running our very first Grow Diary Competition. We will be supplying seeds for as long as stock lasts. We will send each member a 4-pack. Growers can choose among the following strains: Critical Sour, Chem OG, Skunk Special, Bubblegummer, Ice, Blueberry Cheesecake and ICED Grapefruit, Maroc. Prizes: We will award the 3 prizes to the best grow diaries.  3rd prize: 50 seeds of your choice plus nutrients  2nd prize: 100 seeds of your choice plus nutrients  1st prize: 50 seeds + a Magnus ML350 LED, retail price: €1500! THE GRAND PRIZE DO YOU WANT TO ENTER AND WIN THESE AMAZING PRICES? Then please send a PM (private message) before August 1 to us and we will assess your profile to see if you are eligible to enter the competition. To be eligible: 1) Grower Must have over 50 posts and have been an active member for at least 2 months 2) Grower must have 1 completed diary (For any breeder). 3) All threads must start by the 1st week of September and finished by 20th of December max. 4) A weekly update of your grow. 5) A diary in a day type thread with pictures from varied stages of growth. 6) Open a thread with the following title "FEMALE SEEDS Grow Battle Competition” followed by the name of your chosen strain. If we select you please understand, we could potentially use your pictures. As it is the holiday season please understand that it might take longer for us to reply. Stay High , Yours truly, Mr B.
  2. 2017-07-02.Maroc.jpg

    From the album Peregrine's 2017 outdoor adventures

    1 month from seed
  3. Hi All Im after some advice please. I have 9 of the above out since about 01.06 and i have never done this strain before. All of my plants have only one single main stem there is next to no branches coming off of the main stem on all of them, they are about 5ft tall now and are a picture of health but is this normal for only a main stem...??.. Thanks Hyde
  4. Hi Guys, This is the second time grow as last years I starter way to late. This year I started with 4 x purple maroc ferm, 3 died and one has rocketed up. It is in a small plant pot *not in the ground* at the moment and it is around 9-10 inches tall. when should i change the pot or should i put it in the ground without the pot or can i grow it in a bigger pot all together? it is in a portable greenhouse in a good area for the sunlight *when are purple marocs ready to go outside without any shelter or greenhouse? * is it a good 9-10 inches tall the size of a 380ml lucozade bottle if that makes it easier* for the last 2 weeks it hasnt really grown alot its stopped? but growing at the top rather than stem, could this to be with that it needs a bigger pot for the roots to grow? anyone got any tips for purple maroc? and how to stop pests as i checked her recently and their was orange sploshes doted around the plant! started mid april also what fert can i use and when should i use it thankyou for your help guys
  5. HASH (various coffeeShops)

    From the album iBlazeDaily

  6. 0210purp

    From the album purple maroc 2014

  7. 0210purple

    From the album purple maroc 2014

  8. 021014

    From the album purple maroc 2014

  9. Hello all! First of all I can finally announce I've stopped being of of those people who would scour these forums for hours on end without making an account of my own, so I've finally over come the laziness! Let me give you a brief background story.. I've had some experience growing indoors with friends, this year I would like to attempt a solo GG grow as the ol' dibble always seem to be able to sniff me out wherever I go I'm back at my mums gaff anyway so any growing whatsoever is out of the window! I'm at lat 53N, been looking around for some decent plots and think I may have found the perfect place. (going to go out and check it after posting this topic) Strain wise, I've heard plenty of good things about early sativa, purple maroc and durban on here so I guess they would be a good starting strain. Might even chuck some auto's down for shits n' giggles until my proper harvest. If anyone has any experience with outdoor grapefruit I would appreciate your thoughts. Now here come the questions, I'll try keep them short and simple, and hopefully not barrage you with lots of them! After germination, would I be able to go to my plot, set up some grow bags, fill them up with my soil mix and sow them there and then? Or would I be better off sewing the seeds into smaller pots at the location then transplanting them to bigger grow bag? What problems am I most likely to face during this project? Especially being further up north, Im not too sure if this will have a huge negative effect on the operation? I've read that people say they are going to plant in late/mid april, what does this mean and how do you know the optimum time to sew? Thanks for reading and all feedback will be appreciated!
  10. Hi all this is my first time growing and I have decided to do it guerrilla style. I'm hoping to have 4 purple marocs as I have heard these are a fairly easy strain to start off with? I will have 2 in one spot and 2 in another. I'm going to mix multi purpose compost with the original soil and plant directly into holes in the ground. I will surround with copper tape and chicken wire at the bases of the plants. Any ideas of how to fend off insects etc? All advice is appreciated as I'm new to this Many thanks