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Found 2 results

  1. Please take the time to research geoengineering.. There is in my opinion no greater threat to our planet. The stratospheric spraying off Aluminium sub particulates using aircraft . Sounds insane? I know ..Highly Toxic and very real.
  2. Hi I felt the need to post about this subject as it concerns all of us our whole ecosystem and our children's futures. Please if you can spare 10 mins search Geoengineering. Largely ignored by mainstream media yet clearly visible almost daily in our skies. We are being sprayed with Aluminium sub particulates in an ill conceived attempt to block out the sun. To stay silent is to give your consent. I'm certain the good folk at uk420 do not consent to this. Please look at the skies and watch these planes ruin our blue sky with an aerosol toxic mist caused by long persistant trails. Thanks for reading if I was even 1% unsure that this is happening then I would never post this on here. Weather modification Insanity. As you can tell I have gone full rogue on this and will keep on getting the word out at every chance. Thank you uk420 I hope its not to off topic? Take care everyone.