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Found 6 results

  1. Decided to pop some more female seeds , two WW xBB and two Chem Og .. They been placed into Canna prof coco watered in with half strength nitrozyme ph6 EC .6 same as tap ish .. They sat on wet clay balls on a heated tray till they show then under a Zeus lm301b board 3500k ... Packages WW X BB Chem Og Thats it for now till next time take it easy ....
  2. I agreed with the owner I would do a diary now I received the prizes after he contacted me to see what happened. Good of him to reach out... I decided to germ one Bubba Kush to see how it goes. It’s already up within three days , used my normal method of nitrozyme added to fish tank water ph 6. For now she under a Zeus xt lm301b panel. When bigger she go under the big Diyleduk scope 375. If you looking for led he’s a top guy. Bubba Kush Thats it for now till next time take it easy..
  3. Dinafem kindly sent me some orange juice to grow out .. They will be started in canna prof coco and watered in using Biosys and nitrozyme at ph 6. They are then placed on top of wet clay balls in a heated prop with no lid ..I now have a small veg tent 70x50x90 , for vegative growth I use a Zeus board using lm301b Samsung Diyleduk offers similar specs for similar money now , the flowering will be under a Diyleduk custom unit aka scope350 irc.. Three seeds popped in for this round leaving two for another run ... Orange Juice... Thats it for now till next time take it easy......
  4. Thought I start some seeds off for the next run seeing there three weeks or so left. The C99 X BB I doing at moment swayed me to try some other seedsman stuff I got in his sale last year, lots of freebies also . I have decided to germ three Narkush regs and three Orig Afghani 1regs along with three Cheese and three Girl Scout Crack which are fems... All being well I should end up with the usual eight plants I run in my space .. Me cupboard is a secret jardin one made before tents where made for growing , got it at the 2001 brick lane show , defiantly was a deal as I bought the set up from the show so hey not dismantle ...Filtration is mountain air and a five inch l1 rvk on a variac.. Lighting is now one Zeus 308 which uses Samsung lm301b diodes be interesting to see a full cycle with it .There also two 75w grow northern hs1 I will use .. I may veg early on with the Hans panels I have as they have good blue Cree diodes. I use canna prof coco which I add Charge to and make a water mix using Biosys and Velokelp seems to have worked well last time..I select the seeds using some very clever technology called whichever falls out packet first gets used. Bellow are the items used to prep coco , I ph to 6.0 .. btw the coco pic before its mixed in well .. I drop seeds into hole and cover only a few mm down then p,ace on clay balls damp in a heated propagator with no lid, I do this as my seeds stay in a box in fridge and is like an obvious temp change to help germination... That's only my opinion Seed selection.. Narkush. Reg Orig Afghani 1 .reg Cheese Fem...no pic of packet as it had a cat hair that looked like an old mans pube on it .. Girl Scout Crack fem... How they look in prop.. Thats it it for now till next time take it easy.....
  5. Hello comrades. I have been growing in coco with canna A+B and using granules/rootgrow or whatever mycos I have to hand based on a post by OT1 that said that basically myco's will do what they do and be beneficial to roots in this medium (not just compo). Now so far I have just been using normal pots and I have been suplementing the A+B with maxicrop seaweed and molasses o feed the fungi and it has been working very well (despite some fungus gnats) but I am about to make the jump to Hempy buckets and I'm worried that the "res" might go stinky with molasses if left too long. So question is - if I dont use molasses what will the mycos feed on ? is there any point in using mycos in coco (hempys) without molasses basically? Where u at @@uBercaMeL? presumably I'll be OK with the odd molasses watering as long as its followed by a straight A+B watering the next day to 30% run off to flush it all out and that way the fungus can get its feed? I am gonna pot up into the hempys tonight anyway I think and give em a dusting of rootgrow anyway but will hold off on the organix till one of the bigger lads has comes along to hold my hand. Peace out y'all MM Edit: also where do I drill the hole and how big? they are ten litre buckets but quite tall and slender less than 8 inches diameter at the base and about 11 at the top
  6. Hi folks decided to give growing in Coco and Hempy Buckets a little try. The following is what I have ordered some I already have . Using the following Cana Coco Professional Plus Canna AquaClay (for bottom of buckets) Canna Coco A&B Canna Pk13/14 Canna Boost Plant Magic MagNcal Ph Pen (cant afford Ec pen just atm) Phosphoric Acid PH Down Hempy Bucket (Size ?) Diy Scrog Net is Maxed at 3ftX3ft What im asking is there anything else that is essential and also what size of buckets would be best in the space available. Currently vegging 8 clones taken from mother plant they are rooting out in soil (will clean roots before putting into coco) and will veg them for 5 weeks or so depending how quick they get going and will bin what is not required. All tips/advice much appreciated.