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Found 11 results

  1. I'm growing Auto Duck again this year, and also some Frisian Duck. Have to say props to Dutch Passion for bringing ducksfoot strains to the mass market. I have sought out specialist breeders too, but the two strains offered by DP are becoming mainstays of my outdoor grows due to their relative stealth and the fact they're feminised seeds - more convenient than regs. Anyway, after last year's polytunnel mouldfest I am going to try growing Auto Duck properly outdoors this summer. I have four seedlings in the veg cab just now, they'll be going outside in a couple of weeks. They're in the centre of the pic below. I've also been growing a single Frisian Duck by the window for just over a month, I topped her a couple of weeks ago and am rooting the top as a clone. I hope to make some more clones from her, she's acting as an outdoor mum for now, but will go outside eventually too. Don't have any recent pics of her or the cutting, will post again soon with an update. I really like the mutant cannabis strains, I imagine it must have been difficult to stabilise the ducksfoot traits when making these crosses. I've heard lots about the resilience of Frisian Duck in particular. I'm looking forward to seeing how these two strains perform outside at nearly 56ºN. If I get time, I might try to pollinate some of the girls with some specialist pollen from another ducksfoot strain, see what the results are. We'll see if I can manage that, hopefully. Anyway, more updates in a bit, with some extra pics.
  2. Hi, I've had my Frisian Duck outdoors, but in a pot, since May. First in a greenhouse, then the wilds and now back in a greenhouse since the start of October when the heavens opened. The pistils on her little purple buds have started going red/brown in earnest now. I'm not 100% sure when she will be absolutely finished and I am in no particular hurry. Information about her usual finishing time is vague, of course it always is, but never more so. Some sites say they start flowering at the start of October (I think they might mean finish). Some say they are ready mid-October and some at the End of November. Even the breeder - Dutch Passions own website is vague saying harvest is somewhere between the start and middle of Autumn, presumably meaning around the third week of October (2 weeks time). Quite a few leaves have yellowed and dropped off, but it is far from the majority, so I assume there are plenty of nutrients in the plant and in the soil. I am using Biobizz nutrients and have it reasonably dialled in I think. All that said, I was wondering if organic outdoor pot-based growers bother with a flush? If so, would you assume that there are about 2 weeks left and start to water without nutrients for the last couple of weeks? I am torn between carrying on with nutrients as I have been and going to water only for 'the last couple of weeks'. What do you think? Should I go to water only, carry on giving nutrients, get the microscope out and only go to water once I have the ambers coming on properly or Option X? Midge
  3. 20211006-162422s.jpg

    From the album Random Pics

  4. Frisian Duck triple node

    From the album Greenhouse 2021

  5. The autodog's first and second grows are posted on the Autoflowering pages and I loved seeing my project on the screen, meeting some top growers and sharing the joy of home cannabis growing. I'm grateful to uk420 for this and also to Dutch Passion for hosting what I hope will be my grow diary for late winter into spring These are the autoultimates above, shown at 7 days, now at 22 days Below, the auto night queen seeds going into coco/compost mix The auto nightqueens are showing their first pairs of leaves now. 4 autoultimates 4 auto night queens most excited about the ducklings These are fems and all three are popping up their heads. Above, my planting kit Hoping these babies will be growing in my garden and gorilla patch in april, cloned if we can get that far I ve wanted to grow these since I heard about the purple flowers and cunning ducks foot leaves which I believe should blend in with the shapes of the native plants round my garden. I ordered these and the autoultimates direct from DP and paid the extra for the uber courier service, swift efficient. The auto night queens were obtained local retail, cheaper Here is the grow room Autoultimates a few days ago, seedlings under mesh sun screen. Plenty of space for the autodog to sunbathe Good seein your comments and advice and any random stuff Thanks for lookin, talk soon dog
  6. Right....Been a long time lurker on this site. Invaluable place for information and advice over the years, so I thought I'd share this year's outdoor grow. Big fan of the Dutch Passion seed company, as they are my go to breeder. Always had great results from all their strains I've grown. This year I have 5 Frisian Duck fems and 3 Auto Ducks. Thought I'd give the ducks a try as I've been intrigued by the stealth aspect. I've grown Frisian Dew a few times with good results both indoor and outdoor. I'm not keeping all of them, some will be given to a friend in the next couple of weeks. I have my indoor grow, these are more for shits and giggles. Anything I get is purely a bonus. I'm using Bio Biz light mix and plagron bat mix for my growing medium and old timer organic nutrients. Just got to work out how to upload photos now ffs
  7. frisian duck

    From the album quack quack

    © skive

  8. patio duck

    From the album quack quack

    © skive

  9. frisian duck

    From the album quack quack

    © skive

  10. frisian duck

    From the album quack quack

    dutch passion. lat 51. patio stylee.

    © skive

  11. Hi Im growing some ducks under lights. Planning to veg them up to grow in the garden in the ground after last frost. The other plants in my indoor grow are in coco so it would suit me to veg the ducks in coco too. Im prepping outdoor compo at present, and planning to put 1 in prepped native soil 1 in a big cut down drum using soil or coco or whatever, about 50l , in my gg, water on site. 1 in a 10 or 15 litre bucket or trug . For the garden, not overlooked. This is the proposed mobile unit, to possibly force flower or take to the local WI flower show My question , is it ok to grow in coco during veg and then potting into soil later? Should be cool? Im preppin up compo this avo, how would you play it?