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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone ! as promised @Seedstockers-Mark I wanted to share with you a new diary with 5 Seedstockers strains My setup : Cultivation in living soil veg: 60x70x100 3x LedTech Coverline lightbar 56cm 6500k Lientec 150w quantum board (flowering) 70x70x160 tent The classic strains : Amnesia & BCN Critical XXL And 3 strains from the collaboration with Humboldt company : Panty Punch, Mandarin Panties and Fruit Cake. At first, I thought I would keep the Amnesia as a Mother plant. Then I needed some space in the veg box, so I kept a clone and send the mother plant in flower. so the Amnesia' seed was in cotton pads The first November 2022 and the 4th : A month later, I decided to prepare the next flowering candidates : Panty Punch, Mandarin Panties and Fruit Cake so I started a Panty punch seed ; she had a little bickering with the shell then she made it ! Mandarin Panties : "damn! where's the surface!!!" Fruit Cake 18/6 - Veg, day 10 after ten days I transplanted them in a 1L pot. You could notice 4 plants in the 1L pots Mandarin Panties Panty Punch Fruit Cake and the last one......BCN Critical XXL ! to explain, I threw a seed of critical couple of days before the three others and after 3 days nothing happened but I kept it in the cotton pads in a box and after a week I checked before threw it away and noticed the miracle has happened so at the same time the Amnesia was already 4 weeks old and topped one time see you for the next stage
  2. The intro. So here we go again, onto the next seedstockers adventure. Mark and the team have very kindly sent me some very delicious sounding but rather amusing named new strains to try. Apollo black cherry, panty punch and mac & crack. After much debating, I’ll be running the panty punch fems on their own to start things off, but thankfully not in noodle pots this time. The set-up. • DR60 grow tent (60x60x180) • Lumatek Attis 200 (240w on full power) • AC infinity cloud line s4 (4”) • Mountain air (4”) • x2 air circulation fans (multiple brands) The plan. x4 panty punch (fem) - Pink Panties (Burmese Kush x Florida Kush) x Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple) Grown in clover mpc and fed with canna terra nutrients. This run the blumats are staying in the cupboard and il be doing a bit of topping and training. I need to get out of my lazy growing habits that I’ve seemed to acquire lately. The beginning. So I started the seeds off by putting them straight into pre-soaked jiffy pellets. Normally I put my beans into a shot glass of water overnight first, but I skipped this on this occasion and it hasn’t affected germination rates at all. 4/4 had popped their heads out of the dirt 3 days later. After a week, they were planted into little 1l pots and ready to go. Fed with tap water and rhizotonic at 4ml/l. Temps have been between 24-27c and humidity has sat around 55-60%. One of the plants grew twisted leaves on its first set but seems to have grown out of it after that. They’ll be repotted into 3.5l square pots within the next week or so and then the training begins. Atb, Tegs.
  3. Hi all, Recently received these fem testers from @Seedstockers-Mark in a tidy wee care package. thanks again mark! Never grown any fems before so interested to see what’s what. Fems were not in my plans at all but after seeing Marks posts and knowing that he has a good reputation here and has done for a long time I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to at least give them a try. . 3x Wedding cake (right side + pot noodle) 2x Cookies and cream (left side) Here is some pics of them at day 4 from sprouting I think, and day 2 for the late cookie. 4 popped straight up but 1 of the cookie jiffy had dried out somehow so I re-wet it and it popped straight up also but is a little behind the rest (front left) . The wedding cake off to a flying start already. I put one of the wedding cake in a pot noodle as there was a lot of talk about pot noodle comps at the time, good to be prepped! wedding cake cookies and cream Late cookie thanks for popping in Mcb
  4. Seedsman Fem. White Widow

    From the album Lux Room

  5. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  6. Welcome to my little part of the world, please do pull up a comfortable seat and sit back to enjoy my offerings for your viewing pleasure. Firstly, I must express my continued thanks and appreciation to the Sweet Seeds team, @Sweet Seeds-tommy, @Sweet Seeds -Jaypp, and all the rest of the gang who make the magic happen for the rest of us ! Last year, I was the lucky winner of the Sweet Seeds 2017 Best Video, I have the trophy in pride of place in my living room, can't for the life of me get a good photograph of it as its glass with white etching on it, will try again later.... This year I will be doing a timelapse of a Cream Devil, from seed to harvest. I have my fingers crossed for many shades of red towards the end of the video to give it that wow factor, we will see ! As I am mid project at the moment I will be starting my main grow for the competition around the 2nd week of December, this will be a wide variety of Sweet Seeds offerings : So, that is me committed, the ball is rolling, tomorrow I shall set up the 40 x 40 tent with a 125 CFL for the Devil Cream. Get the camera all set up, and hopefully next weekend I will have a little 20 second video to show you of her popping out of the soil Until then, keep safe and have sweet smokes
  7. Random. And not sure I’m in correct room. But here goes ... i was given a load of seeds. On the labels it’s stating ... CBN Critical xxl - medical no thc? BCN Powerplant - BCN? td I assume is tangerine dream and Afghan regular. Is that possibly males and females ? Also have some called kali+chocolate. Many question is. If you was to scrog any of these what would you use ? For a future idea. Im tying to plan ahead two grows. So I don’t mess up the cloning timing. I want to get it all sorted now really. Thanks for your help. Lots of love from a novice
  8. Day 1 Germ

    From the album Dinafem Quick Critcal+

    Day 1 of Germing in black coffee cup using water covering with foil
  9. I thought I’d do these ladies as a stand alone diary in the Sweet Seeds forum. I won these seeds months ago in the photographic competition (under my previous name - I think most people have worked out it’s me) I’ve got two more strains by SweetSeeds in the garden, both autos - trainwrecks and XL green poison, so to say I’m a big fan of Sweet Seeds would be telling no lies. I’m not sure what magic is sprinkled into their seeds before they post them out but I’ve never had a bad grow from them yet. Ok, the set up- Tent is a secret jardin Lodge 120 (120cmX90X145) the lamp is my old old LED (Apollo 12, drawing 420w +/-5% actual watts) Phresh Filter (massively over sized) and 8” black orchid extraction fan. Passive intakes. Soil - Jacks Magic, no amendments, Nutrients. - House & Garden Roots Excelurator BioBizz Fishmix Biobizz Bloom Vitalink Calmag Great white micorhizal fungi. the seeds were put straight into dampened soil and hatched under a T5 on the 16th June. They were all up on the 18th and repotted into these pots on the 24th. All with miccorhizal (I spell it many ways but hopefully you know what I mean) except the one at the centre back, indicated with the plant label. It’s considerably smaller than its co-stars, it might be its lack of friendly fungi, but as all were seeds and not cuts we’ll never know from this grow. Today they recieved 1.5ml/l of Biobizz Fishmix and .25L/L of root excelurator. The weather in the tent over the last week has had highs of 32.5C and lows of 22.8C (not happy with this large swing in temps but it’s summer and the tents still finding its happy place -so I’ll suck it up) the humidity - which I personally don’t give a hoot about until I’m in flower- has seen highs of 55% and lows of 33% RH. Im new to fish mix and biobizz in general so I’ll be seeing how I get on and possibly making the move permanently.... I do love a bit of snake oil though... Theres 6 girls in the tent, but only 4 will be flowered this time round, I’ll pick the lucky 4 nearer the time, the two remainders will be assigned to a life of being abused to practice new and old training/cloning techniques. Fingers crosses this will be a text book grow... who am I kidding?
  10. OG Kush 7w+2

    From the album Random

  11. Hey guys. I'm just about all set up with my grow space, ready for my second indoor grow (first at this new place). I'm growing from seed in coco, but ideally, I want to end up with a mother I've selected after flowering them all, that I can reveg and then take cuttings from, to then grow those genetics exclusively. Now at the same time, I want to maximise my currently very limited space of 1.2mx1.2m, by applying the ScrOG method. My question is: would it be best to get myself some feminised seeds that I can ScrOG almost immediately and keep the best mother to reveg (or clone in advance if a scrogged mum would be problematic), or is there a way for me to grow 2x the amount of regular plants that I can sex and remove males from, while still simultaneously scrogging them all? I'm thinking it would be best to just do a preparatory grow by cracking as many regular seeds as possible, remove males and let the females grow untrained, just to maximise my chances of dankness with a sizable initial genetic pool from regular subs and UGORG seeds. But with 4-5 months between each harvest, I'd like to get a mother going in as few stages as possible. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks! SVS
  12. Hi all ! My 10th grow, with the aid of the forum, my 6th with Sweet Seeds goodies. I have upgraded my setup a little. There are now two lights in the tent, squeezed in with the carbon filter, the fan is now outside the tent, the air cooled hoods are identical and I have hooked it all up in one long line across the tent with jubilee clips and 6" ducting, I am also using yo-yos for easy rising and lowering of the lot. New bulbs also, identical, got two blue omega bulbs 600w and two red for flowering later. New airstone in each Wilma 4 pot and hooked up to a timer to blast out for 15m every 6h. Currently the plan is to grow just 8 plants, 4 Crystal Candy on the left Wilma, then 2 Killer Kush and one of both Green Poison and Sweet Cheese in the other Wilma. I am hoping to find a mother I can clone and keep for a few runs - we will see ! Almost all of the plants rose on Easter Monday, putting the plants at two weeks old tomorrow. They have just been rooting up in their little root riots and then in some coco in a small plant pot - Today I put them in their Wilma's, and the ones I am not going to keep are potted into fabric pots and in soil, destined for elsewhere later. Currently reservoirs have the following nutes in : 100ml Canna start 100ml A + B Canna Vega 100ml Atazyme Lights are on 20/4 cycle, water pump is on 24h.
  13. 4 In The Box

    From the album a simple drobe grow

  14. Out Of The robe

    From the album a simple drobe grow

  15. 4 In The Box

    From the album a simple drobe grow

  16. Seedsman test running

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

    #led 200w #autoflowering #lowryder2 #easyryder - 2 Liter pots Day 61 from seed #hps 600w #feminised #cbdcriticalmass #earlyskunk #cbdsharkshock #whitewidow- 6 liter pots Day 35 to 12/12 #CFL 125w #secret #strain - 1 Liter pots Day 30 waiting to harvest #automatics (led room)

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  18. Welcome to my new diary. I have started early instead of in the New Year. I have nuked the grow room and setup everything so making an early start ! The four Sweet Seeds plants will be sharing the tent with some subbie seeds I got from these forums, Oldtimes bx, so one 4 pot wilma for the Bigfoot & Cream47, and subbie seeds in the 2nd wilma. I have two seeds of each gifted to me by Sweet Seeds Tommy earlier this year at the festival in Peterborough. The Green Poison which were part of the gift pack will need to wait for the next grow, I may even add them to my guerilla project, we will see. Canna Start & Atazyme will be the nutes to begin with and will move onto Canna Aqua Vega/Flores in due course. The 1100w dimmable ballast is ready with its blue bulb at 400w, with the rhino pro 6" fan and carbon filter inside the tent (170cm long, 60cm deep, 180cm high), plus I have an 8" Fan and Filter in the room outside the tent I run - no smell is the goal. The seeds have opened, hence the start of the diary. I have been soaking the rockwool cubes in ph6 water with the tiniest drop of Canna Start, the seeds are now in the rockwool - These will be transplanted into the clay pebbles later. Updates as things happen. Quick pic, note how the Sweet Seeds are moving whilst the subbie seeds are still working out they are gonna need to open :
  19. Hi. My question is that if somebody use CFL Dual Spec (6400K/2700K) than what king of seed would the best? I mean autos need 20/4 hours of lightning and with a dual spec bulb i dont have to change the Kelvin specialized bulb (6400veg/2700flow) and dont have to worry that the plant doesnt start to flowering. But somebody say that dual cfls works great with feminised seeds too, just switch time in right way. What type of seed would you recommend for a 250w Dual Spec CFl + E40 reflector? (+4x40w cheap E27 cfl from wallmart or etc.)