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Found 12 results

  1. Been a while since i been on here. Jacked my last outdoor plot as it wasnt properly planned. Been growing indoors since but decided to pop 4 beans for outdoor and start a journal. One nearly died but with a little help to break seed she made it ok. I was a little late starting these but with the whole summer to veg and 16L holes theyll be transplanted into..they'll make a good size im sure.
  2. hi,does anyone have any info on these so called fast versions of strains??I know the strain I am growing is pretty new but I'm currently at the start of week 8 and she is looking nowhere near ready. keeping the microscope at the ready and play it by ear.
  3. Hi all ! My 10th grow, with the aid of the forum, my 6th with Sweet Seeds goodies. I have upgraded my setup a little. There are now two lights in the tent, squeezed in with the carbon filter, the fan is now outside the tent, the air cooled hoods are identical and I have hooked it all up in one long line across the tent with jubilee clips and 6" ducting, I am also using yo-yos for easy rising and lowering of the lot. New bulbs also, identical, got two blue omega bulbs 600w and two red for flowering later. New airstone in each Wilma 4 pot and hooked up to a timer to blast out for 15m every 6h. Currently the plan is to grow just 8 plants, 4 Crystal Candy on the left Wilma, then 2 Killer Kush and one of both Green Poison and Sweet Cheese in the other Wilma. I am hoping to find a mother I can clone and keep for a few runs - we will see ! Almost all of the plants rose on Easter Monday, putting the plants at two weeks old tomorrow. They have just been rooting up in their little root riots and then in some coco in a small plant pot - Today I put them in their Wilma's, and the ones I am not going to keep are potted into fabric pots and in soil, destined for elsewhere later. Currently reservoirs have the following nutes in : 100ml Canna start 100ml A + B Canna Vega 100ml Atazyme Lights are on 20/4 cycle, water pump is on 24h.
  4. Ive been using feminized seeds for a while but,When i first did growing yr 2000. This is what i was told regarding regular seed. the seeded plant was an f1.its clone f2, which should be used as mother,and f3 the ones you finally smoke. So is this still true?, ever been true?,can the f1s and f2s not be smoked? or is it just the best way to find best clones for mothers, smoke the f1s and see which is best smoke and use the f2cutting in waiting as mother? therfore your f3s are off your best tasting plant. im thinking of doing regular seeds i want to try ugorg blues. or have i just thrashed everyones head as much as mine is?
  5. Cream Mandarine

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

    © Hazy Harry 2016

  6. This has been bothering me for a while . In the garden I ve always grown a few F1 veg varieties and it's served me well . I thought to try a few F1 weeds over the harsh winter grow . With the way the law is nowadays I ve gone over to feminized seed all the way through my weed growing . Can an F1 hybrid still display it's hybrid vigour if it's been feminized using the STS (thingy) method ? What does it become ? What happens to its characteristics geneticly ? I ve read a lot of stuff ...but it just aint sinking in . I cant do the math to know what a feminized F1 becomes . An F4 ?
  7. Hi All Well as you can probably tell I am growing 2 x Green poison and 2 x Cream Caramel F1 in my DR90, their being grown in 20ltr DWC bubblers using the Ionic nutrient range under HPS I normally veg between 4 to 6 weeks but just wondering what you guys think is the optimal veg time for these specific strains
  8. Day 24 #8

    From the album Autos in veg tent #1