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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys, Looking to get set up in the loft at some point in the near future. I've cleared the first 2 hurdles of getting floorboards and power up there, so now I'm thinking more about layout, materials and equipment. I've drawn a provisional floorplan up, bit of a mess but should hopefully be clear enough. This is a standalone box that'll be separate from any of the walls/ beams. Storage/Access - 0.75m x 1.2m x 1.45m Veg area - 0.8m x 1.2m x 1.45m Flowering area - 0.8m x 1.6m x 1.45m I plan to use 50mm Celotex for the walls and wooden 50mmx50mm posts as the frame, lining the walls with mylar or equivalent. Not decided on the mechanism for the doors yet, but they will be 55cm wide. I reckon 50mm will be thick enough for the celotex, but let me know if you disagree... I live in lowland Scotland. The main thing that's bothering me is Air intake/Extraction. The red tubes in the pic above represent the airflow ( I forgot to include that I plan to bring air in from the bedroom below) - I feel like I read somewhere that pulling your air intake from your veg -> flower tent is ok, but I feel like this isn't ideal since I'll have less control over the environment in the flowering tent that way. Also might be totally making the whole thing up in my head... Would it make more sense to filter air into he storage area, treat it in there and then filter in to the flowering and veg areas from there seperately? Would that then also mean I'd need 2 separate extraction ducts? Could I connect these into one before leaving the attic? Since 2 extraction tubes isn't ideal. Finally, any suggestions on intake size/equipment suggestions to get it done? The duct from ceiling to box would likely be 6-10 feet. Any feedback on any of this is appreciated as always guys. Have a good one
  2. Hi all, At the moment i am running a 4" extraction system that draws about 250m3/h. I have found a good deal on a 6 inch fan that will double that up to 500m3/h. I am wondering if i would be able to run the 6 inch fan with my 4 inch carbon filter using a ducting redactor. With the carbon filter only being a 4" how much of the 500m3/h will i lose? Is it worth it or just invest a bit more and get a new 6" carbon filter. The only thing is my 4" filter is brand new so i feel like its a bit of a waste if i can put it to use. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Im upscaling my grow from a tent to a room. Im hoping to put 4 lights in, i already have 2x600w HPS.. but would my 8” 1008m3/h extraction be enough? I cant find a calculation. My room has a calculated volume of 12.6m3. More light = more heat ..weep tia
  4. Does anyone use an intake filter in there set up? Personally would like to know for a 4ft x 4ft Tent. If so would you recommend it as essential for every set up?
  5. DSC-1873-2022x1517.JPG

    From the album Venting

    Variable 4" intake fan fitted.
  6. Hi folks, my temps in grow tent are hittin 41 during the day (lights off period), i have had my extractor fan up full pelt to try and reduce the temps but they are still not at optimum temps for lights off period. I was browsing online and found a guy that used an ice chest with foam covering the top with a hole cut out for a normal typed fan to blow air from room into the chest then another hole at the other side for ducting going into the tent. Apparently it has worked wonders, if i was to do this i might use dry ice or those freezer bottle things you get with the cooler box. What are your opinions on this idea or have you given it a trial yourself?
  7. Stocking filter at 5 days near window opened 5mm.
  8. Air Intake Filter

    From the album KayDog's Follies

    Air Intake filter - and Why You Should Care!

    © UK420

  9. Hi guys, Currently using a 5" RVK for extraction but want to get the temps down a bit, especially during summer months. I'm currently using a wardrobe, the grow space under the refelctor is roughly 1.2m (H) x 70cm (L) x 50cm (W). I use a 250w. Was thinking of using a PC fan, but been looking at some inline fans for around £10-20. Seen some on the bay and amazon, but so many makes/suppliers to chose from. Anyone got any recommendations? Ta.
  10. Hey there, So I have a number of questions related to my enviroment which I will try and number to make it easier. Ok so my plan is a 1kw parabolc in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 metre tent (green qube). Using DWC ( 2 100litre coolers) and SMS Hybrid controller. Now my original plan was to get an 8" RVK L1 so I could upgrade in future if neccessary. However I have been advised that it is too big for tent my size even on controller. I read that a fan shouldnt be turned below 40% and was told that an 8" would be, especially in winter. This will cause it to burn out. So I have a number of options. There is a vent in the bedroom where the chimney was (fireplace was taken out recently as we got the whole house plastered and vent is now there instead). I can intake from the fireplace and extract into the room or else extract through the fireplace. This is a close family members house so I cant do anything major. Beneath the vent the hole is about 7 inches long and 3 to four inches high. Now this doesnt fit the 6" or 8" ducting. 1. Can I cut through this plasterboard to make it bigger (under the vent it is just plaster board and hasnt been skimmed over like the rest of the wall)? 2. Will intaking through the fireplace bring in nasties (even with bug catcher over it)? Will it be stale air? 3. I can extract through the chimney and intake from the room. Also I could possibly put black out lining on the window in the the room with net curtains in front of it fro summer. Cut a hole and attach spigot to the black out lining as a fresh air intake. Issue with this is I would prefer not to keep the window open all the time and im afraid that houses across the way (20 feet) might see that it doesnt look right. 4. Will extracting through the chimney cause lots of condensation in winter time due to hot air meeting cold. Im afraid of water streaming down the chimney as it isnt my house. Chimeny isnt shared with neighbours im pretty sure. I have heard people mentioning dryer vents not sure exactly what they are or how they work. Have found some on ebay i think but only 4". I think this might work. Its a condensation trap. (Description: 10mm, 125mm and 150mm Condensation Traps, for fitting in vertical rigid PVCu pipe ducting. Must be used where pipe ducts pass through unheated roof voids. Fitted with 20mm pipe connection for running off condensate. Not suitable for use with flexible ducting.) I know it says not useable for flex ducting but im sure i could fashion something. http://www.vent-axia.com/range/condensation-trap.html 4. What size extraction/intake is needed for a 1kw. I want to dial it down with a controller to make it alot more quiet. I was hoping a 6" RVK L1 (Ruck Rvk 150 - L1 = 715 m3) would be enough but have been advised it might not be enough to even properly extract the heat, never mind dial it down. So I can get an intake no problem. Should I get the 6 inch A1 (Ruck Rvk 150 - A1 = 470 m3) for intake? Would that be correct and would it be enough to dial it down but not be too much so that it will be dialled down too much during winter etc? I could get the 8" RVK (1000 cfm) but i wont have the height for it or the filter in the tent i reckon so id need to vent into the room im in. Think thats all for now anyway. Cheers for any replies. Ill like all comments too :-)
  11. I am planning my wardrobe project and have come across the intake options, and hoped I could get an answer here (if you would be so kind). My space will be 200cm H, 50cm D, 100cm W. In side will be a 250w hps under a 5"filter and fan. But when it comes to the intake i am a bit confused, passive did seem the way to go with, and I thought maybe 2 x 120mm vents at the bottom?, and a couple of pc fans inside. In order to move the air. But earlier i had a thought, maybe i could loose the passive intakes and just install 1 or 2 pc fans, either 120mm or 140mm instead. Could anyone help point me in the right direction, as I have so much to learn.
  12. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

    © ©

  13. Hi. First time poster/grower here, doing preliminary research before my venture into the wonderful world of home grown highs. In the process of building a growdrobe 3'x3'x7' and have exhaust and venting questions. The unit is in the front room of my house, which has an electric fire that's in the process of being removed. My question is; would the chimney be a suitable source of fresh air for the inline intake fan I plan to install? Or does the chimney have a more pull/suck attitude that could interfere with intake? Doing a search on chimney/intake lead to 'no don't...carbon monoxide/harmful gasses etc, but I would assume that's from used chimneys (I.e attic grows) Does anyone have experience in this? I originally had the chimney pegged as 'outtake' as it seemed obvious but fresh air is more important (or so I'm reading) Thanks
  14. Hi people, need some help or ideas to stop the swooshing noise that can be heard outside house at front. I only use acoustic ducting Air is pulled through airbrick 1.2x1.2x2m tent 1000w air cooled light 10" l1and 6"a1 rvk fans 2x 90l bubblers Outside> ducting> 6"a1 rvk > ducting > icarus king size 1000w air cooled reflc> ducting > reducer> 10" L1 rvk in grow room Noise only happens with 10 inch on at the same time with the 6" cant hear noise but temps go too high so will need the 10" on through out lights on Has/ does anyonw have the same problem? Any fixes? Thanks
  15. Intake box assembly

    From the album Killerskunk

  16. From the album Killerskunk

  17. Intake box under construction

    From the album Killerskunk

  18. Hi guys, It's my first grow and I'm in first week of veg, I think ha ha. Basically I'm trying to find out whether my airflow set-up is correct. So here's what I got..... 6 plants in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0m tent, growing in coco under a 600w hps. I have a 4" intake at 187m3/hr or 110cfm and a 5" outtake at 280m3/hr or 164cfm ( i think conversions are correct) Will the above fans provide with correct air exchanges? My temps are currently around 26/27 celsius, humidity is on the floor, the digital meter just has 2 horizontal lines on it which I assume means zero . Struggling to get my head around the airflow and the only examples I can find on the web are for completely different/more advanced set-ups. I've always been a believer that anybody can learn anything - if you can't understand something then it may be because somebody isn't explaining it in the right way. Can anybody give me a quick tutorial that is easy to understand......? Many thanks in advance