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Found 37 results

  1. Gorilla Zkittlez 5 days after germinating

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Gorilla Zkittlez 5 days after germinating.
  2. Gorilla Zkittlez by Barneys Farm

    From the album QuessadillaTom’s 1.2 x 1.2

    Gorilla Zkittlez by Barneys Farm
  3. Hello all, I have recently prepared my coco for pots and instantly wished I had bought pre pepared coco coir. The hydrating process, rinsing and buffering and mixing with perlite took me hours of labour intensive work and it did make a rather large mess! I didn’t have time or space to leave the media to soak in a cal mag buffer solution for 8hrs per pot, I soaked it for probably half an hour per pot, constantly agitating. will this be enough and am I going to be ok. I have a sinking feeling in the back of my mind telling me I’m doomed. after much deliberation I decided to place my seedlings straight into their final pots (30l fabric pots) in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. Things are looking good so far and no sign of any calcium or magnesium deficiencies yet. it has been around 4 days and have been watered twice daily with ph 6.0 water at 21degrees c, with only cal mag, a wetting agent and some roots exelurator. growing under a Mars hydro tsw2000 light. it is my very first attempt so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. seedlings only have 1 pair of single point leaves and are around 3 inches tall. (About 11 days old)
  4. So i can only do one plant and i'm really stuck between options, i have a single 40x40x120cm tent with a hlg quantum board led, which i can run really cool with the driver mounted outside, which i would like to take advantage of with a vibrant strain and want a single photo strain to do that must grow like an indica for the whole height issue i personally think (Please correct me if i'm wrong) and must be high yielding (i know people throw this around too much but what i mean is a very high bud to leaf ratio, as it is the only plant i'm growing now and therefore i'm looking to yield the most from it.) I'm a heavy daily smoker and i know that i'm still gonna need to buy bud inbetween harvests, so i'm looking for a very heavy yielder aswell as a great tasting strain. I was looking at Barney's farm glookies which they boast offers 800m² yields (must be exaggerated) but after looking into it, it seems to be a pretty unstable plant as well as from my understanding, Barneys are more of a overhyped brand. I have however had good results with their lsd autos in little pc grows. I have since started looking into Humboldt also known as Hso, Dna genetics and Dinafem after seeing them on other forums being recommended. I'm just overwhelmed by all the choices and always end up finding a strain that i like which ends up not being a good yielder when looking at grow diaries for it. Please could somebody recommend a strain that will fit the bill nicely. I'm really into the usa connoisseur strain's and was considering hso's sugar breath at one point as well, but haven't been able to find much about it's yield online from diaries. I also should mention that i'm looking to spend no more than around £10 maximum per seed so in house genetics isn't really my go to right now as you have to spend a good 100 quid buying 10 seeds, and that i'm using attitude seedbank (https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/). The seeds also must of course be feminized as well. What would you guy's personally grow? Note: also must be stable genetics as i'm growing from seed everytime, and i will be lsting and topping
  5. Hello all, like to know if any1 is growing or have grown the new glookiez and or dos-si-dos33 from barneys thinking of picking some up for my next grow?
  6. TripleCheese

    From the album Misc.

  7. So here we go with my second attempt at growing.... anything.... ever! For anyone who hasn’t seen my last diary (there’s a link in my signature) my first attempt was a pretty good attempt if I do say so myself. 300g, dried, potent as hell and an amazing taste. The only problem was it took me almost 5 months and I encountered major heat issues towards the end. To try and rectify this I made a few changes to the tent for this grow. I swapped out my crappy reflector for a 6” cooltube connected to a 5” RVK fan by 6” ducting. Hopefully along with my 4” td extract fan and filter I should be able to keep the temps steadier. To try to cut down on the grow time I’m attempting to run 2 plants. My thinking is this should allow me to shorten the veg time but still fill the tent with buds come harvest. I’ve manage to germ 2 beans. 1x dinafem Critical + and 1x Barneys farm Critical kush. I germinated them using the wet paper towel method on Saturday then transferred them to coco jiffy pellets in biodegradable cups in my propagator on Monday. I’ve got it in the tent under 250mh. They popped their shells off this norning morning and just about standing straight up. I’ve presoaked 2 small pots filled with coco using ph5.9 water. I’ll transfer the jiffy pellets into these pots tomorrow evening and start them on formulex next week. I’ll be doing weekly updates along the way, with pictures to show my progress. As always feel free to chip in with any pointers, questions or just a general chat. Hopefully see some faces from my last grow
  8. blueberry.og.JPG

    From the album Barneys Blueberry Og- Dinafem blue cheese - GHS Big Bang - Royal Queen Seeds critical

    Barneys blueberry og just into week 7 so i still got ten good days of bud developement yet too so she'll be as thick as a brick by then
  9. Barneys Farm - Liberty Haze

    From the album 2018 Harvest Pics

    Liberty Haze dried bud shot.
  10. From the album Barneys Blueberry Og- Dinafem blue cheese - GHS Big Bang - Royal Queen Seeds critical

    blueberry og top left, bottom left blue cheese, top and bottom centre bang,right top critical, the bang are around 5 days behind the rest, and the critical looks like a candidate for scrog
  11. blueberry og

    From the album Barneys Blueberry Og- Dinafem blue cheese - GHS Big Bang - Royal Queen Seeds critical

    This is the plant i was referring to regarding topping, i'm vegging under a 135w led for 3 weeks to keep my stature nice and tight then maybe 10 days veg under my 600w sodium to stretch her a bit so i can get some solid cuts
  12. Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush. flower 47

    From the album 19th September

    Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush. flower 47
  13. Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush, Flower 47

    From the album 19th September

    Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush. flower 47
  14. Just bought some Barneys farm seeds. Is anyone familiar with LSD, Critical Kush or Liberty Haze. Anyone grown these varieties?
  15. High guys! I am a complete newb here! I have only ever had one grow a few years ago, after moving to a new apartment I decided to build a stealth grow box, took me a couple of days to get all set up and planted, I started to lst at week 3. I am growing 2 sweet tooth auto's, using; Straight up coco, (never thought of a pertile mix until it was too late), 3 20w warm white CFL's ( these were added after pictures were taken), 1 85w daylight CFL, Not sure of pot size, 1 pc fan ( cool air intake), 1 small pc fan ( warm air exhaust). Please please leave any suggestions or ideas you think may help me out.
  16. KayDog's Return - New Seeds!

    From the album KayDog's Return

    Barney's Farm - Critical Kush - FEM Humboldt Seed Org - Purple Trainwreck - FEM CH9 - Super Haze - FEM DNA - Sour Cream - FEM DinaFem - Moby Dick - FEM

    © UK420

  17. Ok so not sure if this is the right place for this one. I bought 10 Barneys farm blue cheese about 6 weeks ago, but come from a company called [sPAM REMOVED], is anyone familiar with this set up? Also just noticed that 3 out of the 10 defo look like there flowering I mean they are flowering, is it possible for these to be autos ( I didn't order autos) would these company's send the correct seeds out (UK) and I've checked my order and there is no mention of f@cking autos I've emailed both company's to see who is at fault. Gutted Thanks, G123
  18. I fell for the hype before doing my research and grew out a Tangerine Dream and an Amnesia Lemon... Seeing as it was only my second "proper" attempt at a grow I stayed optimistic, but after a slow dry I would say Barney's Farm is definitely a no go.. The Tangerine smells like dirty old cucumbers, the ammy lemon is more like burnt tyres. they're both well up there with the worst weed i've ever smoked hahaha, and I've smoked some garbage I'm kind of ashamed to say I grew it but I thought I would put a few words of warning out there hopefully the cure will bring out some sort of something to make it smokeable at least! I'm not sure if its something I did wrong or if its the genetics, but my first grow didn't taste like shit so i'm hoping its that I've got higher hopes for my next grow now I've got some more knowledge, new equipment on order for pay day and a Seedism CheeseWreck seed ready to go, its all a learning curve! Has anyone else had a bad time with barneys farm? I've heard a lot of bad things online