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Found 83 results

  1. I am at my wits end with my living soil grow. i thought i had a good level of experience with different ways of growing but living soil has shown me how little i actually know. im using a 55l fabric pot i used the soil recipe as below: 16l sphagnum moss 15l pumice 15l worm castings 1l enriched bio char 1 cup kelp 1 cup neem 2 cups gypsum 4 cups basalt 2 cups oyster shell flour 1 tsp humic and fulvic acid 1 tsp endo mycorrhizal 2 cups malted barley powder i have tried compost teas with neem and kelp and molasses and leaf mold and espom salts and nothing seems to make any difference. i am just burning electricity watching them slowly die. temperatures are between 17C and 22C i dont know if i should just cut my loses and start again. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Durban Poison - Veg - Day 32

    From the album Durban Poison in Hydroponics

    Classic symptom of calcium deficiency (or boron).
  3. Can you help me with a bit of diagnosis please? I know I have introduced a lot of variables. It looks like a potassium deficiency to me but I am inexperienced and not certain. I am probably trying to do too much at once considering I have less than 10 grows under my belt, but hey, that's where I am at. If you can tell by the images what is likely to be wrong I would appreciate the help. I am watering / feeding again tomorrow and planning to give them a watering with the usual feed and supplemented with 1tbsp/Litre of bat guano tea to try to add some P & K in case that helps. I could alternately just increase the Biobizz Grow - which I am currently using at about 1/3rd strength to complement the supersoil / allmix in which the plants are growing. PLANTS 1 Chocolate Mint OG Auto with paler leaves than I am comfortable with, with more yellowing between lateral veins, quite stretched (very sparse seeming buds for 4 weeks). 1 Chocolate Mint OG Auto that is squat and forming reasonably chunky buds with some leaf tip yellowing and browning. 1 Sour Diesel Auto with pale leaves yellow tips and fringes and brown spots. WHERE WE ARE AT 4 weeks into flowering (after 4 weeks vegging) LIGHTING 20/4 Schedule (as recommended by HSO who produced the Chocolate Mint OG Auto Seeds) Kingbrite 320W 3000K dimmed 65% at 60cm from Canopy 2/22 UVA 60W at 60cm (1 hour start of day, 1 hour @4 hours before lights off) 1/23 Far red 60W (last hour of illumination) ENVIRONMENT 26C Air / 25C Leaf / 50% RH Air SUBSTRATE 2/3 Biobizz All-Mix mainly at the top of the pot : 1/3 Ecothrive with Charge mainly at the bottom of the Air Pots WATER / FEEDING Alternate days (when dried to top 3 cm soil) Water PH before additions ~7.5pH after additions ~6.5pH Total per plant: 1.75L Water with 1ml Biobizz Grow (Molasses & N), 1ml Biobizz Bloom (PK), 1ml CalMag (soft-water area - seems to help) Any clues would be appreciated.
  4. Hi All, so i guess i better start with a little back story to my current situation! Ive been growing for awhile and have used the same setup now for quite some time, MH for Veg and HPS for flower. I'd been considering upgrading to LED for awhile and have been following folks on here to see how they have been getting on. I decided to get a Scopex 900 when i sore they were available at just under 600 quid from DIYLED, a proper bargain by anyones terms! Now im in a 1.2m square tent (upgrading to 1.5m planned for my next round) so i new that the light was gunna be more than i needed for this round. So i decided to start things off the way i always do under a CFL to start,, then once potted and onto the wilma under a 250w MH. All was going well, ladies were topped and all 4 were looking grand, lush health new growth and no signs of anything but what was looking to be a outstanding round. So with everything running smoothly and the ladies looking in good shape (just shy of 7 weeks from seed) i decided to break out the LED and see what all the chat was about. This unfortunately this was the start of everything going very wonky and was just over two weeks ago now. First issue was temps, which i think may have cause a bit of shock as at one point they dipped to 19 for a short period. However i managed to get temps to sit between 23 and 29 with lights on and off for the following week or so then refined that range further. Second issue was the fact id been running a 24hr on veg, with MH this was ok but i think the 350w of LED was too much to run for 24hr straight so introduced a 20/4 cycle. Third issue was EC,, now at first i thought i had over fed cos i got what looked like burnt tips, EC was at 0.9 so i dropped it down a couple of points,, but very quickly realised that i had a falling EC ( and the ladies looked hungry) and upped my EC every day/every other as the RES EC just kept on falling after 12hrs or so,, this went on for 9 days, until i hit a RES EC of 1.9. By this time i thought it best to do a fresh RES as all this topping up is never a good idea for obvious reasons. So 4 days ago i did a fresh RES at 1.8 EC. And within 12hrs the opposite started to happen,,, the EC had risen 1.9! So over the last three days ive been going in revers,, every time checking the EC to find that it has climbed back up and then me lowing the EC by adding fresh RO,, until this morning when ive knocked it all the way down to 1.0. Suffice to say the ladies are not happy,, i dont know if one of them is gunna be recoverable and over the last 72hrs another one is looking proper sick. I think they have lock out,, but not sure what else i can do. I also think there is an underlying deficiency which is why i cant nail my EC. Ive suspected it was a MAG issue and have tried some foiler feeding a couple of times but to no effect. I havent wanted to introduce anything else feed wise into the RES as the rising/falling issue has not been solved. Sooooooooo, here are the details and some pics (taken 2 days ago) of my set up to provide a little more clarity to anyone reading. I will add close up pics from today as things are looking worse. This LED malarky has been a steep re-learning curve to say the least but with my environment now steady with temps between 23.5 and 28.5, EC @ 1.0 i dont know how else to combat the lock out/deficiency issue thats now causing havoc. Wilma 4 pot hybrid dripper + DWC. (decent roots in the res for all but the sickest looking lady) Drippers are on for 15mins 4 times during the light cycle. Advanced nuets A & B with RO water, system is chilled with water temps steadily between 20 & 21. A little silver bullet added to prevent pathogens. Scopex 900 running @ 360w hung at aprox 80cm above canopy in a 1.2m sq tent, 3 fans internally circulating the air + temp controlled extraction. Air temps are between 25-28 lights on and 23.5-26 lights off.
  5. Hi guys, My autoflowers (strain: Auto Ultimate from Dutch Passion) have been stretching and are the largest of them are now starting to take on a yellow colouring. I've been pouring over the deficiency charts that are readily available but can't home in on what the problems are. Especially confused as I'm seeing signs of both deficiency and excess (yellow tips) so unsure what the best course of action is. Here's some details of my grow: * Seeds geminated 1st September, so in week 7 of the grow at the moment. * Light schedule 18/6 * PH stable at 6.0 * RDWC system * Plants are drinking well * 2.4m x 1.2m tent * Under 3 x Telos 10 LED lights * RH constant at around 60% * Temperature 26 degrees (day) and 22 degrees (night) * Background EC of 0.7 (water is hard here) * Shogun Hydro Bloom A+B 1ml/L * Shogun Calmag 1ml/L * EC stable at 1.2 I'm way under the feed schedule suggested by Shogun - but I figured that since i'm still seeing nute burn (on new growth) then I shouldn't be adding more nutes. But then I'm seeing signs of what I think are nutrient deficiiencies in the yellowing leaves, so think I could be unwittingly starving them. I'm seeing this happening in leaves about mid-way up the plant and up. Lower growth doesn't seem to be affected. In a word.... stumped! Appreciate any thoughts that you can give!
  6. Hi, I wrote a few months ago as both plants - in my very restricted height microgrow (60cm from floor to ceiling) under an SF1000 light in compost and perlite, with pH adjusted water and Biobizz nutes - were losing leaves. Fast forward to this grow. I still can't do anything about the size of my chamber and it is kind of fun but... I upgraded to Biobizz All Mix with their nutrients and kept the light to 60% brightness max. Now I have got the 2 plants to week 7 without much in the way of leaf problems apart from a little brown on one or two leaves of ONE plant. The humidity in the grow room does vary between 35% - 55% which is a little low at worst, but there's little I can do apart from make sure I keep them watered and leave a moist sponge in there. I've been using Biobizz nutes (Grow, Bloom, Topmax & Calmag) at 1/4 strength since week 3 - no pH adjustment, water pH appears to be around 7.2. I noticed a little rusty brown on one leaf - looked like potassium deficiency to me. I guess could have been light stress, but only on one plant and in the middle of the plant? First 2 weeks, I only needed to water the plants once or twice, but have slowly increased this as they went into flower and now they are drinking 500ml a day. In the last week or so, a few leaves have got brown patches and a couple have started twisting. Seemingly random locations on the plant and the other plant has no leaf damage apart from a little yellow brown at the tips. A few days ago, I wondered if I'd let the soil get too dry, it was dry down to about 7cm (the pot is only 14cm high but wide, to maximise the little height I have) but no leaves were wilting, just this dry leaf twisting on one or two fans? So maybe the twisting is a knock-on from there? The nutes don't seem to have stopped the browning and the tips are yellow to brown, which I suspect means that even at 1/4 strength, I haven't watered the plants often enough that the soil is depleted enough to need nutes at even 1/4 strength? I am including photos of both plants, though note, apart from slightly yellow leaf tips, only a couple of leaves on one plant are affected currently and this has only occurred since week 2 of flowering. I could imagine even at 50%, the 100W SF1000 at 24cm (less than the 12 inches closest for flowering at 100% power) might cause a little heat or light stress, though my hand is comfortable at leaf-top height and I don't want to turn down the light too far or prematurely as these plants only have another 3 or 4 weeks flowering to go. I will turn them down if light is the likely culprit though. I felt it looked like a pot deficiency, hence continuing with the nutrients. Could you offer any indication of what the problem might be?
  7. Hi, I'm seeking some advice for my friend, he's got a couple of plants under a 315 in 20ltr or thereabouts pots of Bigroot zsoil. He has a humidistat and humidifier in the tent and it's adequately ventilated so the temperature and VPD are good but his leaves are showing deficiencies and I'm hoping someone here can advise please. The soil claims "No nutrient needed just pH 6.0 water".....
  8. FA60831E-09D1-43E3-B32A-918FCEEBF5C5.jpeg

    From the album GDP bubblers

    2 GDP in bubblers with not recirculating res. Feed same from seed, but different deficiencies.
  9. So all 3 of my GC auto plants are now on day 52 and all now seem to be showing the same unhealthy signs. Is this perhaps a Calcium deficiency? I have a box of epsom salts in the cupboard, should I add some of this to the next watering? Below is an old fan leaf from the smallest of 3 plants, now beginning to show similar signs as the other 2 have shown. I think it will start yellowing like the other 2 have soon; And here is a leaf from one of the 2 larger plants where the issue is more developed and widespread.
  10. I was wondering if somebody can tell me what's wrong with my plants, I am on week 10 super lemon haze auto GHS strain. Been feeding advanced nutrients under 2 x 600 watt, 8 x 12L fabric pots and one 15L autopot (just trying it out) Soil. Past few weeks they have been getting Bloom A and B 1.5ml per litre and last week switched from Big bud to Overdrive 1.5ml per litre aswell. So they're on: Cal-Mag 2.5ml per litre B-52 1.5ml per litre Bloom A n B 1.5ml per litre Overdrive 1.5ml per litre 3 fans plus extractor fan so plenty of airflow. 16/8 light cycle 55% humidity 30 degrees Celsius day temps The leaves at the top have turned yellow and crispy but the buds look and smell absolutely fine. I just want to know why leaves have turned yellow and crispy? Will the buds be fine after harvest? How do I avoid/fix this issue? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  11. From the album Repotted to 8 litre

    Showing a progression of chlorosis over about to days in the 6th week of flowering. Possibly caused by overwatering, too often. 17.08.20
  12. Hi guys. So I'm 44 days from seed with a Zkittles Auto from Seedsman and it started showing some deficiency, I'm pretty sure its sulphur, anyway, I did the usual go to first off and checked the PH of the runoff. Now I'm very particular about my PH when watering and I always have it between 6.4 and 6.8, and its planted in Bio Bizz All Mix which as far as I understand is neutral at 7.0, and i was using Bio Bizz Grow and Bloom nutes which are pretty stable at around 6.5, which is their recommended anyway, so when I collected and check the runoff and found it was down at 5.2-5.3 I was seriously confused. Any ideas what would shift the PH that dramatically when I know 100% im OCD when it comes to these plants and watering? Cheers guys.
  13. auto white widow day 13 Plant magic plus supreme soil Watered with only 24hr stood tap water no nutes yet 250w HPS at 16inchs Circulation of air is good and has a small desk fan blowing on plant for stem strengthening Temps range 22 - 32 on average never lower but last two days have hit 35c max Rh usually between 30 - 50 I hope this is all the info needed to diagnose the marks on this girls leaves.
  14. Hello all. Need some advice if possible. Plants have been getting steadily yellower since my last cry for help. I was told to lay of the nutes a little turn the lamp down which I have. Majority of the top colas are now yellowing on the leaves. Does anyone know whats going on? Be a shame to fuck them up now were getting so close. Last week only feeding 3ml/l. This week giving 2 ml. And yellowing seems to be worsening. All trichomes are still clear if that makes any difference. Planning on flushing next week no matter what as it's supposed to be 55 day flower, but they look no where near. Cheers DPG
  15. Hi folks I was wondering if anyone could diagnose what is going on to the leaves in the pictures. The older lower and middle fan leaves are yellowing and have blotches on them, Magnesium Def?? Plant is a NL auto, at week 9, outdoor poly tunnel grow in soil. I've been feeding Biobizz nutes, Fish Mix and Bloom, slowly building the Bloom to 3ml per litre, Fish Mix at 1ml per litre throughout grow. I'm in Scotland so my temps aren't the best, has dropped quite low to around 8 degrees C during some nights. My PH going in has been between 6.4 and 6.8, and the run off seems to be the same, so I don't think it's a PH issue. Any help and advice welcome please. Thanks
  16. Hello all, Just found this red/yellowish spotting on some leaves on one of my four plants. No other plants have this, so not really sure what to think of it. Obviously the same environment and same feed. Made the mistake of adding a PK booster on top of my feed about a week ago. Temps are around 22-27, RH sits at around 50%. 4ml/l of Samurai Terra Bloom when dry. Looks like it could be calcium deficiency but i'm a noob so not too sure. Should I be worried? Are the rest of my plants going to be affected in the same way? What, if any, remedies would you recommend? Cheap as possible if possible.
  17. Hi, Can someone provide some advice for the plant in the photo please, seems to have started in the last 24 hours. Tent - 26-30c 50-60% Rh Nutrients - GHE Grow/Bloom/Micro Thanks
  18. Please can someone tell me what might be wrong with my plant, this is my first grow, the leaves are going discoloured, please see photo!! I have other plants of different strains that are perfectly healthy!!
  19. hello guys, this is my first time growing in coco and my first time I have actually needed help with an autoflower! So to start off I been using the following: marshydro ts1000 34" away from the plant. 2 6" clip on fans 2 4" extractors for intake and outtake humidifier and controller set to 45% humidity now lowered it to 40% temp controller and a heater been keeping the temps at 28c but at day 7 when I saw the plants looking like that lowered it to 26c Canna A & B Rhizotonic CalMag Vitalink to start I fed nothing but ph balanced tap water (5.8-6.0) for the first few days of the plants being in the coco. once they both had their first true leaves I gave them a batch of 10ml/gallon rhizotonic ph to 5.9 didnt use the whole lot only fed them 500ml at a time. at day 7 I fed them another 500ml of the rhizotonic mix and then just fed them ph tap water (5.8-6.0) up until day 12 where they started to look like this. I got a little concerned about them as they started to look unhealthy so I whipped up a batch the night before of 2ml calmag, 10ml rhizotonic, 2ml canna a, 2ml canna b ph at 6.1 thinking maybe this might fix it but since then the purple and the yellowing has got worse. I have been feeding once every other day but now I have read from someone else on another forum saying I should be feeding every day? I am just so confused so I found the canna chart and it says to mix 16ml per 7ltrs a and b so should I whip up a batch of 4ml a and b with 6ml rhizotonic? it doesn't feel like I am over-watering I have been making sure the coco has been drying out at least an inch below the coco. The image on the left is the auto gelato and the one on the right is auto blueberry the left pictures do not do the purpling justice but there is a lot of purple on the new growth in the centre of the plant and purple and brown spots all over the yellowing of the leaves and its starting to work its way up the plant. left picture is from day 10 and day 14 right picture plant is showing slight purpling on new growth and same with the yellowing no visible spots yet. the pictures on the right are of day 9 and day 14 also forgot to say the plant on the left is auto gelato and the plant on the right is blueberry auto better images
  20. Hey Guys. newbie here. I’m doing a small grow and I’ve hit the flowering stage. my leaves have started going very light green /yellow and started to turn downwards. im not sure if I have a deficiency or over watered. ive attached a couple pics. im using Dutch Pro Auto Flower Nutrients. I think I’ve left changing over from grow to bloom feeds too late. (they’ve only had 2 feeds of bloom) Now I know I over watered on during the veg stage but I thought I got back on track with it. One is considerably larger than the other but they’ve both started to bud. I'm using the Dutch Pro Auto Flower bloom at EC 1.6 any help advice ?